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      Flumes In PGA

         Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District
      (“Northern”) owns and maintains the major roadways
      within the PGA National Community. Northern is also
      responsible for the overall storm water management system
      in the PGA National development. In addition to the three
      storm water pump stations within the development, an
      integral part of the drainage system are concrete flumes
      and gutters located along the main roads and, in some
      instances, in the grass swales. These concrete flumes and
      gutters provide an efficient conduit for the water to travel
      to the appropriate catch basins and improve the overall
      function of the storm water management system.
         These concrete flumes and gutters however, are not
      designed for pedestrian traffic. They are designed to
      convey water. People should not use them as walkways.
      The flumes and gutters can be slippery, particularly when
      they are wet. Whether they are wet or dry, they are not
      intended for pedestrian traffic and Northern respectfully
      requests  that  pedestrians  use  the  many  sidewalks  and
      pathways that are available within PGA National to walk
      on, not the concrete drainage flumes.

         Reminder From                                                        PGA Residents Of Mellowing Years

          The POA/ARC                                       A single phone number may help you to live confidently and gracefully in your own home.

                                                            Now there is a volunteer senior ambassador within PGA community who is well-schooled in
           POA documents require that all residents apply for   resources available to help with problems of elders. The Alpert family and Children’s Services
        POA and HOA approval prior to making any changes   has been helping seniors do just that for many years.
        to the exterior of your home, including but not
        limited to tree removal or planting, new landscaping,     •  You have questions? We may have answers.
        painting, roofing, additions or construction, fencing,     •  You don’t know where to go? We can guide you.
        hurricane  shutters,  impact  glass,  play  equipment,     •  You don’t know what you need? We’re well-versed in that problem.
        garage door replacement or any other change, you     •  Do you know a neighbor who needs help?
        must contact the PGA POA Architectural Review
        Committee for approval. Information and forms are     Don’t wait. Call now. Dorothy Weiss, 624-4035. Let’s keep connected with each other as a
        available at under the “Documents   community. All you need is the desire to live comfortably in your own home.
        & Forms” heading or call 627-2800.
                                          Thank you,
                                        Jack Hughes,
                                 Chairman, POA ARC

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                                                           •  New Roofs / Roof Replacements
                                                           •  Roof Repairs / Roof Leaks
                                                           •  Gutter Installation / Cleaning
                                                           •  Damaged / Missing Roof Tiles
                                                           •  Fascia / Soffit Repair
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              Palm Beach County                            Find us on:                                             Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
                                                                                                                      3804 Burns Road, Suite D
            Improvement District                           Ask us about the Ygrene Federally                      P: 561.935.4979 / F: 561.935.9337

                                                           sponsored finance program that                      E: / W:
          Why do some yards flood after large              enables you to re-roof and pay over
                                                                                                                        Florida State Certified
        quantities  of  rain?  The  simple  answer  is     time with very low interest rates!                       Building & Roofing Contractors
        according to most approved drainage designs,                                                                CBC 1254723 / CCC 1328402
        some water is meant to be temporarily stored
        in public recreational areas, yard swale and                       Florida owner and         see whAt our Clients hAve to sAy:
        streets. The excess surface water slowly drains                     local resident for        “We love the tiles! They really help this poor old
        to community lakes or on-site ponds via street                       over 20 years            house! Thanks for the upgrade and all your hard
        and yard drainage grates and/or via swales,                                                   work.” - Toni & Jim, WPB
        ditches and canals. The more complex answer
        is that each yard is different. Some yards have        Frank Leo                              “The #1 roofer in Palm Beach County.”
        drainage swale areas. These are areas that are                                                                     - Michael, Jupiter
        sloped to catch water and filter out pollutants as                 Call today for a free estimate! 561-935-4979
        water is absorbed into the ground. Some yards                                       Major Credit Cards Accepted
        direct water to the community drainage system
        as run-off with very little water retained in the                  State Roofing License #CCC1328402 • State Builder License #CBC1254723
        yard. Familiarize yourself with how your yard                               
        was built to determine how water drains from      Roofing • Roof Repairs • Remodeling • New Construction • Additions • Insurance Work • Mold Remediation
        your home.                                               Stucco • Painting • Windows • Custom Cabinetry • Granite & Marble • Carpentry • Flooring
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