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June 2019                                                                  June 2019                                                    PGA C.A.N.!, Page 5

      Property Matters

      Dear Friends,                                      to pay your property tax in one lump sum. View or pay
         June is National Safety                         your installment bill at
      Month and the perfect time to
      think about conducting a car                      Tax Collector’s Office
      safety check before you hit
      the road this summer. Follow                      Recognized For Excellence
      us on Twitter and Instagram
      @TAXPBC  throughout                               In Communications And
      the month of June as we                           Marketing
      highlight safe driving tips
      and a car safety checklist.                          This spring the Tax Collector’s Office was recognized
         Hurricane season begins                        for excellence in communications and marketing by two
      June 1. I am pleased to offer our annual Hurricane Guide   local organizations. The Palm Beach chapter of the Public   comprehensive list of supplies to keep in your hurricane
      to help you prepare your home and family ahead of a storm.   Relations Society of America (PRSA) recognized the   kit. Visit our website to download your copy: www.
      Learn how you can get your copy of our handy guide below.  agency with three prestigious Palm Awards: Best Newsletter
         Happy Father’s Day to all dads and guardians. I hope   for Tax Talk, Best Multicultural Campaign for the agency’s
      you have the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy your   multilingual client surveys and Best Special Event for the  Renew Your Local Business
      special day. You are appreciated!                 agency’s celebration of Employee Appreciation Day.  Tax Receipt Online
                                           Best regards,     During April, the Tax Collector’s Office earned a
                                                  Anne  Bernays Award for excellence in internal communications   Beginning July 1
      June Installment Payment                          from the Gold Coast PR Council, South Florida’s largest      Our office mails local business tax renewal notices in late
                                                        independent group of public relations, marketing and
      Due                                               communications professionals.                      June. Business owners can renew local business tax receipts
                                                           “These awards showcase the excellent work we are doing   from July 1 through Sept. 30. Avoid crowded offices, renew
         Are you participating in our 2019 property tax   communicating with our clients and our employees,” said   your local business tax receipt on our website at www.
      installment payment plan?  Watch your mailbox for   Tax Collector Gannon. “I am also proud to be recognized
      your  first  quarterly  bill.  You  must  make  this  first   for listening to our clients by gathering their feedback in      Here are a few helpful tips for business owners:
      payment by June 30. If you miss the deadline, you will   three languages.”                              • Sale of Business – If you sell your business, you can
      automatically be removed from the plan and will have                                                 transfer the local business tax receipt to the new owner.
                                                        Prepare For Hurricane Season                       You must provide a bill of sale, pay the transfer fee and
                                                        With Our Handy Guide                               surrender the current original receipt.
                                                                                                             • Out of Business – If you close your business, please

                                                                                                           notify  us  immediately  by  emailing  ClientAdvocate@
                                                           Living in South Florida, we know how destructive or you can complete and sign the “out
                                                        and unpredictable hurricanes can be which is why it is   of business” portion of your payment stub. Mail the stub
                                                        critically important to plan ahead.                to: Palm Beach County Tax Collector, P.O. Box 3353, West
                                                           Our  handy,  pocket-sized  guide  contains  practical   Palm Beach, FL 33402-3353.
                                                        information to help you plan, prepare and protect      • Relocate Business – If you relocate your business,
                                                        yourself, others and your property in advance of storm   you may transfer your local business tax receipt. You must
                                                        season.  The  pocket-sized  guide  contains  important   complete a new local business tax receipt application and
                                                        phone numbers, a time line for storm preparations and a   provide proof of zoning approval (if required).

        West Palm Beach Mayor Keith

        James Awards His First Key To The                                                                       Wanted

        City To Ibis Charities Foundation                                                                         People are vandalizing
                                                                                                                   golf courses after play
                                                                                                                hours. Sand traps, greens
        Mayor Attends Annual                                “You  continue  to  have  a  significant  impact  on  our   and fairways are being
                                                                                                                    damaged. If you see
        Breakfast Awarding Grants                       community and are helping to make our city a better      anyone on courses after
                                                        place,” said Mayor James. “West Palm Beach residents
        Totaling $320,000                               are better off thanks to you  and  your  financial support    hours, please call
                                                        of  nonprofits  that  provide  family  and  social  services,
                                                        health and wellness programs, education programs, art   POA Security at 627-1600
            At the Ibis Charities Foundation’s annual breakfast  and culture  opportunities,  and address environmental   or Resort Security,
        held in April at The Club at Ibis, Mayor Keith A. James  concerns.  Contributions  to  nonprofits  have  helped  so   627-2000.
        personally thanked the members of the club’s foundation  many of our residents and, as a result, their well-being
        for their contributions to the community, and particularly  and quality of life have greatly benefited.”                       Thank you.
        to the City of West Palm Beach. Mayor James was guest     Ibis Charities Foundation has donated $1.1 million
        speaker at the breakfast when the foundation awarded  to local charities to date. In 2018, the Palm Beach County
        grants totaling $320,000 to local nonprofit organizations.  Chapter of the Association of Professional Fundraisers
        As a special token of his appreciation for Ibis Charities’  named Ibis  Charities Foundation the Outstanding
        longstanding philanthropic support of the City of West  Philanthropic Foundation of the Year.            Best Bin Caddy#
        Palm Beach, Mayor James awarded the ceremonial Key     For more information about Ibis Charities Foundation,
        to the City to the Ibis Charities Foundation. The key was  please visit:  NEW!
        accepted by Rick Carpenter, vice president of the Board
        of Directors of the Ibis Charities Foundation.

                                                                                                                                           On sale
                                                                                                                                           $ 69    95
                                                                                                                                              Tax Inc.

                                                                                                                     Recycling Bin Caddy

                                                                                                                       Made in the USA
                                                                                                              Using Heavy Duty PVC and All Terrain Wheels.
                                                                                                             Easy To Use Design. Arrives Fully Assembled With
                                                                                                                   Free Local Delivery. (Bins not included.)
                                                                                                                         Call 561.354.8169
                                                     Paid                                                                   To Order Today
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