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Page 6, PGA C.A.N.!                                                   June 2019                                                                                                                                                     June 2019

      Solid Waste Authority

       Of Palm Beach County News

      This Small Business Week,                            • The Women Business Enterprise National Council’s   Legislature in 1975. Since then, the SWA has developed an
      Register To Do Business                           South Florida Business Opportunities Event on May 31. The   award-winning integrated solid waste management system to
                                                                                                           handle the county’s waste and recyclables. We call ourselves
                                                        SWA Equal Business Opportunity office will be in attendance
      With The SWA                                      to network and connect.                            AWAY: whether you throw it, recycle it or flush it AWAY, we
                                                           • SWA and FDOT Construction Management Development   put your waste to work. Each year, we:
         Small business owners                          Program with dates in June. The SWA is co-hosting a four-     • Process almost 90,000 tons of recyclables
      – get ready to do business                        day business development training course for small/minority/     • Burn approximately 1.8 million tons of trash to generate
      with  the  Solid  Waste                           women business enterprises to receive assistance with state   electricity at renewable energy facilities
      Authority of Palm Beach                           certification, bid matching, financing and more.      • Produce enough electricity to power approximately
      County (SWA)!                                        • SWA Business PowerNet on June 26. This event offers   74,000 homes
         In June of last year, the                      small, local, minority and women-owned businesses an      • Recycle more than 150,000 tons of wastewater treatment
      SWA Governing Board                               opportunity to meet key decision makers regarding doing   residuals (sludge from flushes) into environmentally-friendly
      adopted the Economic                              business with four Palm Beach County governmental   fertilizer
      Inclusion Policy and                              agencies. Businesses will learn more about steps to do      • Safely dispose of more than 4.2 million pounds of home
      Procedures, designed to                           business, registering as a vendor, becoming certified and   hazards
      promote  equitable  bid                           upcoming bid opportunities. All businesses are encouraged      • Collect water off of the roofs of Renewable Energy
      opportunities for small,                          to attend.                                         Facility 2 and store it in a 2 million gallon cistern, which is
      local,  minority  and  women-owned  businesses  (S/M/     More information about these events and the SWA’s Equal   used as part of the energy making process
      WBEs) and to eliminate barriers to their participation in   Business Opportunity office, including recordings of previous      With the recent changes to the SWA’s website, anyone can
      SWA contracts.                                    meetings, is available online at (https://swa.  now sign up to receive SWA news, calendar updates, jobs, or
         “As a governmental agency, we strive to ensure that   org/ebo).                                   other Web postings of interest by signing up online at http://
      all businesses, including S/M/WBEs, have an equitable   About The SWA                       Should you sign up online to receive
      opportunity to participate in the procurement process      The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County is a   SWA’s news releases, we can remove you from this distribution
      and prime contract and subcontract opportunities,” said   dependent special district that was created by the Florida   by sending a REMOVE reply to this email.
      Colleen Robbs, director, SWA Equal Business Opportunity
      Office. “We encourage all small businesses to register as
      a vendor with the SWA, so they will be ready when bid                                       “Service is our number one priority”
      opportunities arise.”
         Vendor registration is free and provides businesses with                                               561-743-0070
      bid notifications on upcoming purchasing opportunities.
      Businesses simply visit                                        
      EBMS and click “Apply for Registration.” If already a
      registered vendor, businesses will need to ensure that
      vendor information is up-to-date. The SWA recognizes
      SBE or M/WBE certifications from all State of Florida
      governmental entities.
         “From professional services, to engineering partnerships,
      to office supplies and promotional materials, the SWA
      purchases a wide variety of goods and services each year,”
      Robbs said. “We hope that these purchases represent
      opportunities to businesses of all sizes.”
         The SWA posts millions of dollars in bid opportunities
      each year. All current SWA contract opportunities can be
      viewed at, and businesses
      can sign up to receive text or email bid notifications.
         Small businesses can jumpstart their relationship with the                                                                 Expires 6/30/19.
      SWA by attending any of these upcoming events:
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