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June 2019                                                                  June 2019                                                    PGA C.A.N.!, Page 7

      Global Athletic Foundation For                                                                              Reminder From

      Youth To Visit Local Foster Children                                                                   Palm Beach Gardens

         Celebrating  18  years  of  service  in  2019,  Place  of   and  self-defense  classes,  to  yoga  and  weightlifting,   Police Department
      Hope is a state-licensed children’s organization offering   this  comprehensive  approach  to  fitness  ensures  client
      services designed to end the cycle of abuse, neglect and   engagement, measurable results and improved self-image,”   Adopt These Habits To
      poverty. They are the largest, most diverse, residential   said Charles L. Bender, III, founding CEO, Place of Hope.
      children’s organization in Palm Beach County and the      This Friday, May 17, their youth will have an exciting   Prevent Vehicle Burglaries
      Treasure Coast and aim to help children, youth and   opportunity to meet 22 former and current NCAA athletes      • Please lock your vehicle doors every time – even
      families find healing and restoration.            from the Global Athletic Foundation for Youth. This will   for a quick stop or at home.
         An important aspect of Place of Hope is teaching   take place at their Gray Fitness Center located at Place      • Never leave items of any kind inside your vehicle.
      youth to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, which   of Hope Paxson Campus from 5 p.m to 6:30 p.m. Players   Hiding items doesn’t work!
      is why they have created enrichment programs through   from Clemson’s football team will be in attendance along      • At a minimum, if you must leave items, place
      their Berlin and Lane family Enrichment Centers and   with a few former NFL players. The athletes will help host   them in your trunk.
      Gray Fitness Center.  These programs help empower   a basketball game, hang out with the youth and answer      • Cell phone/iPod power cords, GPS holders and
      their residents and families by equipping them with the   any questions!                              other key sets act as neon signs.
      knowledge and training necessary to excel in a variety of      This is a great opportunity for the kids to meet and      •  Park  in  well-lit  areas,  stay  alert  and  call  in
      physical fitness activities, as well as improve their holistic   learn more about being an athlete, college and life after   any suspicious activities to the police department
      health and wellness.                              sports.                                             nonemergency number: 799-4445.
         “The Gray Fitness Center is so much more than a gym;      Place of Hope has offices in Martin, St. Lucie, Indian
      it is an avenue through which our children and young   River and Palm Beach counties. For more information,
      adults learn the value of health, nutrition, athleticism   please  call  (561)  775-7195  or  visit  online  at  www.
      and  teamwork.  From  sports-specific  conditioning


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