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      Three Ways To Unlock Potential In Children With ADHD

      By Jim Forgan, Ph.D.,                              You may have heard the names of famous people who   executive functioning. We want your child to have the
      School Psychologist                                have channeled their ADHD to their advantage including   necessary skills to do things independently, predictably,
        Children with ADHD are                           Michael Phelps, Ty Pennington, Wendy Davis, Adam   and consistently. My book has a survey you take to
      full of energy, enthusiasm,                        Levine, and Howie Mandel.                         identify your child’s weaker areas that could prevent
      and life.  While these are                           The first thing you can do to help unlock the potential   your child from maximizing the natural strengths you
      fun qualities, at times they                       of your child with ADHD is to understand that your child   identified in the multiple intelligence profile.
      create challenges. Many                            is intelligent. Sometimes schools define intelligence by     Now that you know your child’s top intelligences and
      children with ADHD do not                          a single IQ score but intelligence is much broader than   which areas need strengthening, the third thing to do is
      conform to the “inside the                         that. I subscribe to the theory of multiple intelligences   give your child opportunities and experiences to enhance
      box” educational system                            that was created by psychologist and Professor Howard   the strengths. Since some children with ADHD don’t
      as their movement, energy,                         Gardner. He identified eight types of intelligences which   excel in academics, they need other areas where they can
      and need for support stretch                       include:  visual-spatial,  bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic,   be successful and feel good about themselves. I suggest
      a teacher’s resources. It takes an understanding and   interpersonal, logical, musical, intrapersonal, and   you consider your child’s top three intelligences and any
      intentional teacher or parent to help unlock the potential   naturalistic. In my book,  The ADHD  Empowerment   weaker personal traits and engage in activities to build
      in a child with ADHD.                              Guide: Identifying Your Child’s Strengths and Unlocking   them. My book matches specific activities to each area.
        Children with ADHD are often outside the box     Potential, I have a short survey you can take to determine     Your intentionality will help position your child for
      thinkers, movers, and shakers who have enormous    your child’s top three intelligences.             success. I can be reached at
      amounts of creativity and energy and once properly     The second way to help a child with ADHD is to
      channeled, this energy can result in enormous success.   shore up any weaknesses in personal characteristics or

      YMCA Of The Palm Beaches Teed Up from page 1       or background has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.
                                                         With a focus on youth development, healthy living, and social
      About The YMCA Of The Palm Beaches                 responsibility, The Y has a goal of never turning away an
        Since 1917, YMCA of the Palm Beaches has served Palm   individual or family from a needed program or service due
      Beach County, working side-by-side with local families and   to their inability to pay. Thanks to the generous support of
      neighbors to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, income   those in the community, the YMCA of the Palm Beaches is
                                                         able to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial
                                                         assistance each year.

                                                                                                           Gary Marrow, Brad Miller, Carol Garvy, Bob Garvy

      Colin Holloway, Adam Doner, Steve Walsh, Larry Marble

                                                         Matthew Tavolacci, Scott Perry, Keith Hedrick, Jason Guari  Charlie Sieving, Chuck Bennett, David Cleary, David Lee

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                                                                 members that want to refer business to you!

                                                                                 Where:  Abacoa Golf Club
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      Jim Jenkins, Jimmy Scroggins, Tim Leuliette, Scott Strickland
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                                                               The Palm Beach’s premier exclusive networking
        Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing                                                           
        Palm Beach County and is a privately                   organization for extraordinary business owners.
        owned and managed company.
        Captain’s is committed to providing
        dependable, reliable and professional
        ground transportation to and from all                                                     “Service is our number one priority”
        South Florida Airports and Seaports.  PBCVH212
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