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      Martin Health For You: Five Facts To Know

      About Parkinson’s Disease

      By Shira McMahan, D.O.                               2. One risk factor is age. Parkinson’s usually develops     4. There is no lab test for Parkinson’s. That means it
        Nearly a million people                          at about age 60. But up to 10 percent of those with it have   can be difficult to diagnose. Doctors use a person’s medical
      in the United States are                           early-onset Parkinson’s, which begins before age 50 and is   history and a neurological exam to identify it. A dopamine
      living with Parkinson’s                            often inherited. Parkinson’s also affects about 50 percent   transporter (DAT) scan can determine if levels of dopamine
      disease – a disorder that                          more men than women.                              in the brain are low or normal. Low levels are consistent
      affects movement and gets                            3. Symptoms begin gradually. Often, Parkinson’s   with a Parkinsonian disorder.
      worse over time. Here are                          symptoms start on one side of the body and then later     5.  While there’s no cure, treatment can help.
      five key facts to know about                       affect both sides. Symptoms include:              It’s common to take a variety of medicines to manage
      this all-too-common illness.                         • Tremor of the legs, hands, arms, jaw and face.  symptoms, including ones that increase levels of dopamine
        1. Parkinson’s is a brain                          • Stiffness of the arms, legs and trunk.        in the brain. Surgical options such as deep brain stimulation
      disorder. It occurs when                             • Slowed movements.                             (DBS) can also help in severe cases. With DBS, doctors
      nerve cells in the brain that                        • Poor balance and coordination.                implant electrodes in the brain, which stimulate the parts
      produce a chemical called                            As symptoms get worse, Parkinson’s may make     of the brain that control movement.
      dopamine either don’t work properly or die. As a result,   it difficult to walk, talk or accomplish simple tasks.     Finding the right neurologist to help manage a brain
      the cells make less dopamine, which helps coordinate   People with the disease may also experience depression,   disorder is crucial in the management of the illness. To
      movement. That decrease in dopamine hinders the ability to   sleep problems, constipation, and trouble chewing or   learn more, or to find a neurologist near you, visit www.
      control movement. Scientists still don’t know what causes   swallowing. Some people also have problems with
      these cells to stop working or die.                memory.
      Chief’s Corner

      Dear Resident,                                     ensure your home does not become a target for a residential     • Ask a neighbor you trust to keep an eye on your home.
        The summer months have                           burglary:                                           • Contact the Jupiter Police Department to set up an extra
      arrived, the kids are out of                         • Leave a light on inside and outside of your home.  patrol watch for your home and neighborhood.
      school, and the busy travel                          • Remember to activate the security alarm if you have one.    The Jupiter Police Department wants you to feel confident
      season  has  begun.  While                           • Lock all of your exterior doors.              that your home is protected while you enjoy your summer
      preparing for that long-                             • Do not leave a garage door opener inside of a vehicle left   vacation with family and friends.
      awaited out of town vacation,                      in your driveway.                                   Please continue to visit us on our website at www.jupiter.
      it is important to protect your                      • Contact the post office to hold your mail so your mailbox and on our Facebook page to learn about new and
      home and your valuables                            does not appear to be overflowing with mail or have a neighbor   happening events within the Town of Jupiter.
      while you are away for an                          collect your mail while you are away.                                                    Sincerely,
      extended period of time. The                         • Contact the newspaper company to hold your newspapers                            Daniel J. Kerr,
      following safety tips will help                    so they do not stack up in your driveway.                                            Chief of Police

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