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                                                              Our Village Voice

        VOL. 30 NO. 6                                                                                 JUNE 2019

      Northern Notes                                                                                         Bill’s Box

      Be Prepared For All Types Of                       near your property, use irrigation, allow for open space,

      Natural Disasters                                  plant fire-resistant landscaping, and plan evacuation routes   By Bill Thompson
                                                         from home and work.
                                                                                                             Robo Calls Redux
                                                         Thunderstorms And Lightning                           Bill’s Box in the May
      By O’Neal Bardin Jr.,                                Lightning is a leading cause of injury and death from   issue of Our Village Voice
      Executive Director,                                weather-related hazards. Although most lightning victims   included  a  CNN  link  to
      Northern Palm Beach                                survive, people struck by lightning often report a variety   find help to stop robo
      County Improvement                                 of long-term, debilitating symptoms. Thunderstorms are   calls: https://www.cnn.
      District                                           dangerous storms that include lightning and can include   com/2019/03/29/tech/how-
      Get  The Facts: Know                               powerful winds over 50 miles per hour; create hail; and   to-stop-robocalls/index.
      Your Risk                                          cause flash flooding and tornadoes.                 html. In response, Shores homeowner Jim Cambier sent
        Hurricane season starts                            Prepare now by signing up for your community’s    a Letter-to-the-Editor that is printed in this June edition.
      June 1 in our area, and                            warning system. Information on AlertPBC, Palm Beach   Jim provided another link to Xfinity for help: https://
      for many, that is the time                         County’s Emergency Notification System, can be found I suggest
      that  residents  begin  to                         on the Palm Beach County Public Safety Division of   you read Jim’s note and the link therein. Between the
      prepare for weather-related                        Emergency Management:   sources mentioned here, maybe we can understand what
      emergencies. But all types                         publicsafety/dem/Pages/default.aspx.                we can do to stop unwanted nuisance calls and especially
      of natural disasters can affect us at any time of year.     Cut down or trim trees that may be in danger of falling   those that are the scammer’s way to get into our lives.
      Knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency   on your home. Consider buying surge protectors, lightning   Fragrances
      is a critical part of being prepared and may make all the   rods or a lightning protection system to protect your home,     Years ago, it was recognized by businesses, health
      difference when seconds count. See below for information   appliances, and electronic devices.         service  agencies, the  medical  profession and  the
      about potential emergencies that can happen and how to     When thunder roars, go indoors! Pay attention to   population at large that many people are allergic to
      prepare for and respond to them.                   weather reports and warnings of thunderstorms. Be ready   fragrances. Polices were put into place banning those
      Wildfires                                          to change plans, if necessary, to be near shelter. A sturdy   scents from public places and work places.
        Wildfires can occur at any time throughout the year   building is the safest place to be during a thunderstorm. If     Dawn is among untold numbers who are sickened by
      and anywhere in the country. These events are usually   necessary, take shelter in a car with a metal top and sides.   many fragrances. These are not mere annoyances. They
      triggered by lightning or accidents and often begin   Do not touch anything metal. If boating or swimming,   are severe reactions, such as migraine headache and
      unnoticed. The destruction caused by wildfires depends   get to land and find a sturdy, grounded shelter or vehicle   nausea, lasting for extended times after being exposed.
      on the size of the fire, the landscape, the amount of fuel   immediately.                                Now here is the rub. Try to find products such as dry
      in the path of the fire, and the direction and intensity of   Tornadoes                                skin lotions that are fragrance free. The manufacture’s
      the wind. Fires spread quickly igniting brush, trees and     About 1,200 tornadoes hit the United States every year,   websites and advertisements claim to make both with
      homes. Each year many homes are destroyed by a major   and every state is at risk. Tornadoes can strike in any   and without. Try to find the one without. That applies
      wildfire. Homes that survive almost always do so because   season, but most often occur in the spring and summer   to the leading chain stores. Finally, you start following
      the homeowners were prepared. Before a wildfire strikes                                                leads, such as Walmart. That’s off my beaten path, but
      your area, prepare an emergency kit; reduce sources of fuel   Northern Notes on page 2                 we do what we must. But how can purveyors of product
                                                                                                             refuse to meet clear health needs of consumers? Surely
                                                                                                             at some level in the marketing arms of manufacturers are
         Chief’s Corner                                                                                      knowledgeable management people who are interested
                                                                                                             in sales. Where is Dudley Do-Right when you need him?
                                                                                                             The Great Ant Wars
        Dear Resident,                                   vehicle left in your driveway.                        I am a mass murderer but not a very effective one. If
          The summer months                                • Contact the post office to hold your mail so your   sugar ants were enemy soldiers, we would be in danger
        have arrived, the kids are                       mailbox does not appear to be overflowing with mail or   of extinction. None of the old natural poisons work
        out of school, and the                           have a neighbor collect your mail while you are away.  anymore. If you spray vinegar on a bunch directly,
        busy travel season has                             •  Contact  the  newspaper  company  to  hold  your   those die. But they don’t take the poison back to a nest
        begun. While  preparing                          newspapers so they do not stack up in your driveway.  to kill more. And my efforts seem to just encourage and
        for that long-awaited out                          • Ask a neighbor you trust to keep an eye on your home.
        of town vacation, it is                            • Contact the Jupiter Police Department to set up an   Bill’s Box on page 3
        important to protect your                        extra patrol watch for your home and neighborhood.
        home and your valuables                            The Jupiter Police  Department wants you to feel
        while you are away for an                        confident that your home is protected while you enjoy
        extended period of time.                         your summer vacation with family and friends.
        The following safety tips will help ensure your home does     Please continue to visit us on our website at www.
        not become a target for a residential burglary: and on our Facebook page to learn about
          • Leave a light on inside and outside of your home.  new and happening events within the Town of Jupiter.
          • Remember to activate the security alarm if you have one.                          Sincerely,
          • Lock all of your exterior doors.                                              Daniel J. Kerr,
          •  Do  not  leave  a  garage  door  opener  inside  of  a                       Chief of Police                                 Sunday, June 16

                                                                                 Call Jupiter Police
                                                                                   to report suspicious activity.
                                                                                       (561) 799-4445.
                                                                                      The sooner called
                                                                                    the sooner they can help.
                                                                                   911 is for emergencies only.
                                                                                   Keep cars and house locked.              Friday, June 21
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