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      Solid Waste Authority Of Palm Beach County News

      Contact: Willie Puz, Public Affairs and Recycling, (561)   Legislature in 1975. Since then, the SWA has developed an   (
      640-8914 (office);(561) 379-2405 (cell)            award-winning integrated solid waste management system to   Energy-Facility-2) and store it in a 2 million
        Live in one of Palm Beach County’s 39 municipalities?   handle the county’s waste and recyclables. We call ourselves   gallon cistern, which is used as part of the
      Contact your municipality directly for their holiday collection   AWAY: whether you throw it, recycle it or flush it AWAY, we put   energy making process
      schedule. A list of municipal contacts can be found online at   your waste to work. Each year, we:     With the recent changes to the SWA’s       • Process almost 90,000 tons of recyclables (http://www.swa.  website, anyone can now sign up to receive
        More information on holiday collection can be found online   org/RecycleRight)                     SWA news, calendar updates, jobs, or other web postings of
      at, as can     • Burn approximately 1.8 million tons of trash to generate   interest by signing up online at
      additional information about SWA facilities and hours (http://  electricity at renewable energy facilities (  Should you sign up online to receive SWA’s news releases, we                 Renewable-Energy-Facilities)                      can remove you from this distribution by sending a remove
        If replacing U.S. flags in honor of the holiday, bring your     • Produce enough electricity to power approximately 74,000   reply to this email.
      old flags to any of the Home Chemical and Recycling Centers   homes                                    Connect with the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach
      ( for proper, honorable disposal.     • Recycle more than 150,000 tons of wastewater treatment   County at (
      More information about U.S. flag disposal is on the SWA’s   residuals (     Please note: Florida has a very broad public records law.
      website at            (sludge from flushes) into environmentally-friendly fertilizer  Most communications to or from the Solid Waste Authority are
      About The SWA                                        • Safely dispose of more than 4.2 million pounds of home   considered to be public records and will be made available to
        The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County is a   hazards (   the public and the media upon request. Therefore, your e-mail
      dependent special district that was created by the Florida     • Collect water off of the roofs of Renewable Energy Facility 2   message may be subject to public disclosure.
      Trump Administration Wants More Wolves

      Off Endangered Species List

      The Latest In A (Seemingly                                                                             In Montana and Idaho,
      Endless) Fight Over The                                                                              wolf hunting has been on
                                                                                                           the rise in accordance with
      Controversial Species                                                                                the new state management
                                                                                                           plans, although to a lesser degree than in Wyoming. According
                                                                                                           to Earthjustice, around 3,500 wolves have been killed since 2011
      By Jacob Shea                                                                                        in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming following the loss of federal
        The Trump administration is proposing to remove                                                    protections. Currently, gray wolves have been delisted in Idaho,
      the remaining federal protections for wolves, just as it                                             Montana, eastern Oregon, north central Utah, eastern Washington,
      attempted to do with grizzlies in late 2018. In March,                                               and Wyoming, while retaining threatened status in Minnesota.
      acting interior secretary David Bernhardt announced that                                             (Earthjustice has a useful timeline of the wolf saga here.)
      the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) would                                                In its latest proposal, the Trump administration’s Fish and
      remove Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections for   Photo by Waitandshoot/Istock                   Wildlife Service argues that, based on the best available science
      gray wolves in the Lower 48. The move by the federal                                                 and commercial information, gray wolves have sufficiently
      government is the latest in a long-standing battle among     But almost every time the FWS has moved to drop   recovered. “Thanks to the partnerships involving states, tribes,
      conservationists, hunters, and ranchers.           wolves from the ESA, federal courts have struck down the   conservation organizations, and private landowners galvanized
        Since 1978, the FWS has actively managed three regional   proposals. For example, in 2013, the Obama administration   under the ESA, the service is now able to propose turning
      wolf populations for recovery: in the Northern Rockies,   proposed removing gray wolves’ endangered status across the   management of all gray wolves back to the states and tribes
      the Great Lakes region, and the Southwest, where the   contiguous United States, in all areas outside of designated   who have been so central to the species’ recovery,” reads a
      Mexican gray wolf subspecies resides. In 2003, the FWS   Northern Rockies and western Great Lakes protected regions,   FWS statement.
      deemed wolf populations healthy enough to change their   though that decision was never finalized. In 2014, a federal     Jacob Shea is a freelance journalist based in Oakland,
      ESA status from endangered to threatened, which sparked   court struck down a proposal to delist the western Great   California, who covers the environment, science, and politics.
      a 15-year-long legal battle between the agency and wildlife   Lakes population. The ruling argued that the FWS failed to   He is also a 2019 Sierra Editorial Fellow. You can follow him
      conservation groups. In 2011, Congress took the unusual   account for the impact of historical range loss, and also for   on Twitter @jhshea11.
      step of delisting a nationally protected species in a single   how a partial delisting would impact the species nationwide.     Editor’s Note: This piece is part of a much longer article
      region – the gray wolves in the Northern Rockies – when it   Then in 2017, the FWS stripped protections for Wyoming’s   published by the Sierra Club. Our environment and all its
      tacked a controversial rider on to the budget bill. That allowed   wolves, leading the state to adopt a notoriously lethal   creatures deserve protection and preservation. I am grateful to
      states like Idaho and Montana to begin preparing their own   “predator management” plan, which has already resulted in   the conservationists among us who work to protect our planet
      management plans.                                  a 25 percent decrease in the state’s wolf population.  and its inhabitants.
      Martin Health For You:

      Five Facts To Know About Parkinson’s Disease

      By Shira McMahan, D.O.                             when nerve cells in the brain that produce a chemical   symptoms start on one side of the body and then later
        Nearly a million people                          called dopamine either don’t work properly or die. As   affect both sides. Symptoms include:
      in the United States are                           a result, the cells make less dopamine, which helps     • Tremor of the legs, hands, arms, jaw and face.
      living with Parkinson’s                            coordinate movement. That decrease in dopamine hinders     • Stiffness of the arms, legs and trunk.
      disease – a disorder that                          the ability to control movement. Scientists still don’t     • Slowed movements.
      affects movement and gets                          know what causes these cells to stop working or die.    • Poor balance and coordination.
      worse over time. Here are                            2. One risk factor is age. Parkinson’s usually develops     As symptoms get worse, Parkinson’s may make
      five key facts to know                             at about age 60. But up to 10 percent of those with it   it difficult to walk, talk or accomplish simple tasks.
      about this all-too-common                          have early-onset Parkinson’s, which begins before age   People with the disease may also experience depression,
      illness.                                           50 and is often inherited. Parkinson’s also affects about   sleep problems, constipation, and trouble chewing or
        1.  Parkinson’s  is  a                           50 percent more men than women.                   swallowing. Some people also have problems with
      brain  disorder.  It  occurs                         3. Symptoms begin gradually. Often, Parkinson’s   memory.
                                                                                                             4. There is no lab test for Parkinson’s. That means
                                                                                                           it can be difficult to diagnose. Doctors use a person’s
                                                                                                           medical history and a neurological exam to identify it. A
        6360 Longleaf Pine:                                                                                dopamine transporter (DAT) scan can determine if levels
        Custom built 3/2/2 CBS home with
        metal roof.  Maintained in impeccable          SOLD                                                of dopamine in the brain are low or normal. Low levels
        condition by original owners.                                                                      are consistent with a Parkinsonian disorder.
                                                                                                             5.  While there’s no cure, treatment can help.
       18901 Black Gum Ct:                                                                                 It’s common to take a variety of medicines to manage
       4/3/2 CBS Pool home on the end of                                                                   symptoms, including ones that increase levels of
       cul de sac with panoramic lake views           SOLD                                                 dopamine in the brain. Surgical options such as deep
       and a metal roof.                                                                                   brain stimulation (DBS) can also help in severe cases.
                                                                                                           With DBS, doctors implant electrodes in the brain, which
       18456 Lost Lake Way:                                                                                stimulate the parts of the brain that control movement.
       Lovely 4 bedroom/2 bath with screened
       in pool and lanai and lake views. Updated    SOLD                                                     Finding the right neurologist to help manage a brain
       kitchen, tile floors.                                                                               disorder is crucial in the management of the illness. To
                                                                                                           learn more, or to find a neurologist near you, visit www.
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