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        Financial Focus                                  Jupiter Senior Softball

        Fixed Annuity Could                                Jupiter Senior  Softball players paid tribute on   Wednesday and Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. at Jupiter
                                                         Memorial Day to our nation’s fallen military heroes.
                                                                                                           Community Park. A winter  league  runs from  January
        Help Extend Lifespan Of                          Participants removed their caps and held a minute of   through March 2020.
                                                                                                             Players of all skill levels are welcome. For information,
                                                         silent reflection and prayer as a rendition of the solemn
        Retirement Accounts                              Taps bugle melody played.                         call Dave Summers at (561) 800-8230. Persons also can
                                                                                                           register at
                                                           Thirty-six players, many of them veterans of various
        By Sally Sima Stahl                              branches of the  Armed
          It’s almost impossible                         Forces,  gathered  in  front
        to save too much for                             of a large American flag to
        retirement. After  all,                          honor all men and women
        you could spend two, or                          of the military who died in
        even three, decades as a                         past wars to preserve our
        retiree. And  retirement                         nation’s  freedom. Army
        is not cheap – even if                           veteran Ron Nolan, who
        you maintain a relatively                        saw combat in  Vietnam,
        modest lifestyle, some of                        provided the Taps musical
        your expenses, especially                        recording for the ceremony.
        those involving health                             The Jupiter Senior
        care, may continue to rise over the years. Consequently,   Softball program is open
        you will need several sources of reliable income – one   to men 55 and older. New  Memorial Day tribute for all servicemen and women who died for our country
        of which might be a fixed annuity.               players are invited to
          Fixed annuities are essentially contracts between   register for the 2019/20
        investors and insurance companies. When you purchase   season that began this past
        a fixed annuity, the insurer will guarantee the principal   April 1.  Games  are year-
        and a minimum rate of interest. This means the money   round, every Monday,
        you invest in a fixed annuity is designed never to drop in
        value. (However, this guarantee is based on the claims-
        paying ability of the insurer that issues the annuity.)
          You can structure a fixed annuity to pay you for a
        certain number of years or for your entire lifetime, which
        is the route many people choose. This is advantageous
        not only because of what it provides you – income for
        life – but because it also may allow you to take out less
        money each year from your other retirement accounts.
          Here’s some background: Once you turn 70½, you                         Enjoying a rest in the shade between innings are, left to right: Arthur Sturm, Bill Burns,
        are required to begin taking withdrawals from your                       Ron Seely, Dave Summers, Duke Barwick, Larry Kruh, Mike Igneri and Scott Rosenstock.
        traditional IRA and your 401(k) or similar employer-
        sponsored retirement plan. (This requirement does not          27 Year old Networking Group has 47
        apply to Roth IRAs.) You must take out a minimum
        amount, based on your age and account balance, but you   members that want to refer business to you!
        are free to exceed that amount each year. But the more
        you withdraw from these accounts, the faster they are                    Where:  Abacoa Golf Club
        likely to be depleted. So, when you reach retirement,
        it’s a good idea to establish an appropriate annual                      When:  Wednesday morning from 7:30 am - 8:45 am
        withdrawal rate, based on your retirement plan balances,                 Who:   Visit our website to see if your category is available.
        Social Security, lifestyle, longevity expectations and
        other factors. You may want to work with a financial
        professional to determine a withdrawal rate that’s
        suitable for your needs.                               Interested?  Join us for a complimentary breakfast to  nd out more.
          If you can count on the income from a fixed annuity,                    Call Marc Weinberg at 561-262-4724
        you might be able to take out less each year from your
        traditional IRA and 401(k), giving these accounts more
        tax-deferred growth opportunities. Plus, if you don’t   The Palm Beach’s premier exclusive networking  
        withdraw all the money from these accounts during your   organization for extraordinary business owners.
        lifetime, you can include the remainder in your estate
          A fixed annuity’s potential to help you extend the
        lifespan of your IRA and 401(k) can clearly be of value
        to you. Still, a fixed annuity does carry some issues about   CAMPBELL AND KARLIK, P.A.
        which you should be aware, such as surrender charges
        for early withdrawals, along with other fees. Also, if                       ATTORNEYS AT LAW
        you take withdrawals before you reach 59½, you likely
        will face a 10 percent penalty. And annuities can have
        tax implications, so before you start taking withdrawals,
        you will want to consult your tax advisor.                             Wills • Trusts • Estate Planning • Probate
          Is a fixed annuity appropriate for you? There’s really                 Taxation • Real Estate • Corporations
        no one correct answer because everyone’s situation is
        different. However, if you consistently max out your IRA
        and 401(k) contributions, and you still have money left
        to invest for retirement, you might want to think about an
        annuity. An income stream you can’t outlive – and that
        may help you protect your other retirement accounts – is
        worth considering.
          This article was written by Edward Jones for use
        by your local Edward Jones financial advisor. Edward
        Jones, its employees and financial advisors cannot
        provide tax or legal advice. You should consult your
        attorney or  qualified tax  advisor  regarding  your
          Call me for a free portfolio review at (561) 748-7600,
        Sally Sima Stahl, AAMS, 1851 W. Indiantown Road, Ste.
        106, Jupiter, FL 33458.

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