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Page 10, Viewpointe                                                September 2019

      The Photo Corner: On Assignment

       – Just Some Fun Pictures

      By George Steinman                                 cherry blossoms were slightly
                                                         in focus and surrounded the
         At the end of each month’s                      leaves. This was the scene I
      article, I leave the viewer                        saw.
      with a dynamic and really                            Umbrellas
      truism – ‘And most important,                         Yes  -  umbrellas.  They
      always  make  photography                          are  certainly  within  the
      fun.’ Otherwise it’s not worth                     realm  of  ‘follow  the  light
      doing. As a corollary. I’d like                    and photograph everything
      to quote a comparable thought                      that light makes beautiful.’
      from the noted documentary                         I saw this display at a booth
      photographer Sarah Rice,                           at  a  Renaissance  Festival
      ‘Photograph things you care about, not what others want to   near Hillsboro recently. The
      see. There is no substitute for passion.’ How true! With this in   umbrellas  were  displayed
      mind, I’ll be showing you and discussing three photographs   for sales purposes but not
      that I took. I really love these three shots and spent some time   for photographic purposes. I
      in making them look really neat. Each was unique and I felt that   selected these three because
      each photograph had something a little special about it to make   of their grouping together,
      it stand out. I felt that the one element that each photograph   their colors together for a good  Umbrellas
      had was the correct or probably best three dimension look or   looking scene, and their unique
      orientation, All three are hanging in our home and I love looking   construction and design. As you can see, the white lattice   and no brown spots. I really want to spend most of my time
      them as they are part of my passion.               network of the white umbrella is certainly unique and displays   photographing and not at home editing out imperfections.
         Spring Leaves                                   beautifully. And with the other two, one has an interesting floral   The only issue I faced was keeping the entire flower in focus
         What you see here are the leaves on a cherry blossom tree   arrangement while the other has a somewhat different design.   and finding the best camera orientation to achieve a three
      at our former home in Roslyn, New York. Yes – there’s some   Also I did spend some time in finding the best positioning   dimensional effect and keep the golden center sharp. It took a
      sentimental value here and I loved the scene. The issue here   for my camera to enhance the three dimensional effect of the   little time but thank goodness for tripods.
      was figuring out how to photograph it as it was on our front   umbrellas. This was a fun shot.          That’s it for this month. Always remember to have your
      lawn on the top of the tree. So Susan held the step ladder     Pink                                  camera with you all the time as you may see something that
      steady as I concentrated on photographing the leaves with a     Here we have a photograph of a really pretty pink flower that   you have never seen before and might never see again. Also
      narrow field of view. The leaves were sharp in focus and the   I hadn’t seen before. The photograph was taken at the Society   don’t forget the Peter Lik philosophy “It’s not what you see. It’s
                                                                                 of the Four Arts in Palm Beach   how you see it.” Follow the light and photograph everything
                                                                                 in the early morning hours.   that light makes beautiful. May the light be with you always.
                                                                                 And the lighting was perfect.   And most important, always make photography fun.
                                                                                 This flower looked really good
                                                                                 and I spent some time making      George Steinman is a resident of The Palms and can be
                                                                                 sure there were no dead leaves   contacted at 

       Spring Leaves

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