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      Here’s That Rainy Day

       By Judith Levy                                       But I’m sorry to say the younger generation, at least   me some money?” I said, “Come here and I’ll break your
                                                         many of them, spends every last dime they have and live   nose again.” I knew it was a scam. If it were real he would
          I’ve  always  told  my                         from  allowance  or  paycheck  to  paycheck  and  they’ll   have said, “Hello, Bubbe.” Once he said Grandma I knew
       grandchildren that when                           worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. If a rock concert comes   it was a fake grandson from Nigeria or some other place
       I  send  you  money,  spend                       through, tickets can cost a fortune, but who cares, when   that had nothing to do with me. The police have warned
       some of it and save some,                         money just flows through their fingers, or rather credit   us to be aware of this scam and strongly suggest we just
       because  in  every  life                          cards just dance in and out of the little black box that   hang up. Many innocent seniors have been swindled in
       there’s a rainy day, and if                       says insert in here.                              just this way.
       you save some money you                              Of course, if they get into financial difficulty there is      But  assuming  it  is  your  progeny,  how  about  being
       can buy an umbrella, but if                       always a way out. Simple, just call your parents or your   generous  but  not  foolish.  Many  accountants  have  told
       you don’t it’s going to rain                      grandparents. I got one of these calls recently. “Grandma,   me  that  some  seniors  get  into  trouble  impoverishing
       on your head.                                     I just got hurt and broke my nose, can you please send   themselves  by  cosigning  for  cars,  apartments  or  even
                                                                                                           vacations for their children or grandchildren, and when
                                                                                                           they fail to pay, guess who gets stuck? Give, but not with
        Executive Suites Now Available At Boca                                                             your heart, give with your head and don’t put yourself in

                                                                                                             Fortunately,  we’re  living  longer  and  we  may  need
        Pointe Community Association Offices                                                               the  money  we  carefully  saved  to  keep  us  living  in  a
                                                                                                           comfortable  life  style. You  wouldn’t  want  to  have  to
                                                                                                           come to these children or grandchildren to help you when
            Suites are overlooking the beautiful Lake       Large and small conference room                clearly they can’t help themselves. You’ll soon hear, “I
         Buttonwood and the Boardwalk. Located in the      Breakroom                                       would if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t.”
         thriving shopping plaza at 18th Street and Powerline      Private bathrooms                          Umbrellas today are expensive. They even have ones
         Road. Several suites are still available from 170 square      Furniture                           that open upside down, so you won’t get wet, but those
         feet to 315 square feet.                           Internet services                              cost twenty dollars, which you won’t have if you give
            Call Kathleen at 561-395-7551 for an appointment.     Phone service                            your money away. Your children or grandchildren will
            Amenities available:                            Security services                             shape up once they know that except for birthdays and
                                                                                                           such occasions your bank is closed. But you don’t have
                                                                                                           to listen to me, just look at the bottom line on your bank
                                                                                                           account and if the number is thundering and crashing
                                                                                                           down, watch out, here comes that rainy day.
                           Transponder Trouble?                                                               Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling

                                                                                                           author  of  GRANDMOTHER  REMEMBERS  which
                                     TRANSPONDER FEES                                                      has sold over four million copies and the mega best
                                                                                                           seller  GRANDFATHER  REMEMBERS, published by
            The transponders that you use to gain entry through the gates work off of batteries. The batteries are built into the device   HarperCollins. 
         and cannot be replaced. At the end of their life, the entire device must be replaced. Most of our devices have been in use
         for over five years now and are beginning to fail. If your device is no longer working properly, it may be time for you to
         purchase a new one. Replacement devices are sold at the discounted price of $50. Please bring your vehicle registration,
         driver’s license and a check for $50 to the BPCA management office located at 6909 SW 18th St. Suite A120. 
                                             $75.00 - New transponder
                                          $50.00 - Replacement transponder
                                        $25.00 - Re-activation of transponder
                                         $5.00 – Transponder plastic holder
                                                                                                                         Boca Pointe
           **Homeowners, tenants and club members will be issued a transponder to the village they reside in and into the
                                       Boca Pointe Club if they are a member**                                       Equity Member
                                                                                                                 looking for someone
                                  ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PAYMENT
                   CHECK or MONEY ORDER ONLY • NO REFUNDS ARE ISSUED                                             to share membership
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                                     Cosmetic & Laser                                                                                $30 per hour

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