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      Meet Your Neighbor: Ted Wardell

       By Mort Mazor                                        On December 24,                                   He and Jean raised two daughters which has grown to five
                                                         1941 he married Jean, a                           grandchildren and three great grandchildren.
          Ted will be 101 years old on October 13, 2019. He   young lady he met earlier                       From January 10, 1967 until December 1969 Ted was
       confessed he has never stayed in one place more than 7   that  year.  In  July  1942                president of a toy company, based in Tokyo, Japan. July 1,
       years during a long and active lifetime as a world citizen   he was transferred to the              1970 he joined National Silver, a manufacturer of flatware
       who has made fifteen around the world business trips   Brooklyn  Navy  Base,                        serving utensils and giftware which lasted five years.
       during  his  widely  diversified  career.  He  has  bounced   boarded a  troop  ship  to               In 1975, he and Jean relocated to New Orleans where
       back from adversity at every different business he was   Scotland with 6,000 other                  he took a position as Managing Director of another flatware
       associated with.                                  soldiers, assigned to Two                         company. His time was divided between the states and Tokyo,
          Born  in  the Williamsburg section  of  Brooklyn,  the   Corps headquarters then                 South Korea and India where he supervised production at
       borough’s  equivalent  of  Manhattan’s  lower  East  Side   moved to England with                   factories, moved shipments of finished goods on time to major
       in  1918  to  immigrant  parents  from  Kiev,  Russia, Ted   the 202nd MP Company,                  customers like Sears Roebuck and utilized his experience
       attended elementary school and then DeWitt Clinton H.S.   and  appointed  Supply                    with foreign banks to great advantage for each company he
          In October 1940 at age 22 he registered for the draft.   Sergeant.                               worked for.
       July ’41 he began active service in the U.S. Army Field      On  November  8,  1942  he  landed  on  the  coast  of      At age 67 in 1982 he retired—for a short while. Later that
       Artillery, beginning a career that trained him to be a 155   Algeria, beginning combat duty that stretched to February   year he served as a consultant and senior trader in a newly
       mm howitzer cannon operator, and as a Military Policeman   25,  1945,  ten  miles  south  of  Bologna,  Italy.  He  was   formed division of Sears Roebuck named Sears World Trade.
       in the First Infantry Division based at Jacksonville, FL.  honorably discharged in the States May 8, 1945.  After three years the corporation dissolved this entity.
                                                                                                              Ted and his wife lived in Ft. Lauderdale as snowbirds from
                                                                                                           1989, and then moved to Boynton Beach in 2001.
                                     Board Of Directors                                                         On January 10, 2011, his dear wife Jean passed at age 90.
                                                                                                             Ted relocated to Stratford Court June 6, 2018. He enjoys
                   April 2019 – April 2020 Officers/Executive Committee                                    watching Turner Classic Movies. His favorite is John Wayne
                                                                                                           and Maureen O’Hara in “The Quiet Man.”
                                                                                                              He admires people who are truthful and not prone to
         Chairman and President  Barry J. Haberman       District 5 Dan Gabrielle (La Corniche)            gossip.
         Vice Chair          Steve Retzer                   Esplanada, Caravelle, Palomar, La Corniche,
         Vice President      Gail Ehrlich                   and El Dorado                                     All dates in this article were recalled by world citizen Ted
         2nd Vice President      Jim Collins             District 6 Marvin Lazarowitz (Villa Stel)         Wardell with little hesitation. He is blessed with a sharp mind.
         Secretary           Steve  King                    Villa Flora, Montego Bay, Villa Stel, and Palladium     Every morning at breakfast in the Stratford Court dining
         Treasurer           Harvey  Kaplan              District 7 Joyce Britt (Villa Sonrisa)            room he delights in swapping business and family stories
                                                            The Plum/Cortina and Villa Sonrisa             with newfound friends.
         District Directors                              District 8 Len Kagan (Costa del Sol)
         District 1 Alvaro Fernandez Caballero (Encantada)     Costa del Sol and Costa Brava                  Mort Mazor and his wife Lucille were West Delray
            Encantada, Valencia and The Palms            District 9 Robin Gliboff (Edgewater)              residents for 27 years prior to relocating to Stratford Court,
         District 2 Steve King (Imperial Royale)            Edgewater Pointe Estates and Stratford Court   Boca Raton, Oct. 7, 2014. They celebrated their 74th wedding
            Promenade, Imperial Royale, Imperial, Regency                                                  anniversary March 20, 2019.
            and Panaché                                  At Large Directors    At Large Directors             Since 2008 he has written over 500 articles for the weekly
         District 3 Steve Retzer (La Mirada)             Through 2020          Through 2021
            La Mirada and Meridiana                      Carsten Bethge (Valencia)  Howard Davis (La Corniche)  sections of the Sun-Sentinel. Current topics cover senior’s
         District 4 Bob Greenstein (La Paz)              Dan Gabrielle (La Corniche) Gail Ehrlich (Villa Flora)  outstanding achievements, wellness, and finance.
            El Viento, La Paz, and Southwinds            Harvey Kaplan (Meridiana) Barry J. Haberman  (Encantada)     He retired in 2018 from teaching a weekly course in
                                                                                                           Creative Writing began in 2002. 

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