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      Mood – Mental Health – Inhale… Exhale, Take a Breath????

      By Sheila M. Cooperman,                            some fatty acids. Often supplements are taken to boost these   that lead to potential serotonin lift. Unfortunately, for some
      LMHC, Licensed                                     quantities.                                       it is just a sweaty, tiring event.
      Psychotherapist                                       In the case of Vitamin D – should be intrinsically included      Again, these concepts will not change the organic brain
                                                         in some of our foods, yet for reasons we may just not be   chemistry sufficiently.
         Mood and mental health –                        getting enough. For those that do not know, Vitamin D, it is      Seriously, where do they come up with these ideas? The
      let’s start there again. Often,                    hugely important on a cellular level.             reality is mental health issues and mood disorders are based
      people who are experiencing                           Vitamin A  is  in  carrots,  spinach,  green  and  yellow   on the levels of serotonin in the brain. Case in point, when
      mental  health  symptoms                           fruits and vegetables, apricots and even liver. Vitamin A is   I speak to someone who is not sleeping, immediately I ask
      and/or mood disorders will                         quintessential for people suffering with eye and sight issues,   them what else is going on. 100% of the time, they are also
      turn to self-medicating with                       and therefore, they need to make sure they have enough.  experiencing other mental health symptoms.
      supplements and other mood                            Vitamin B one finds in so many foods, but many people      This is evident to me, since I know that Melatonin is a
      enhancers.                                         do not like vegetables, and therefore they need to use   derivative of serotonin, and with no serotonin, no Melatonin
         There is nothing wrong with supplements, but you can’t   supplements.                             and no sleep. Be realistic with yourself and others and stop
      expect to take them all. This is routinely the case with a lot   Herbs                               “washing cars” that need repairing just stop.
      of people who want to use natural supplements to help their      Next you have those that want to use herbs, but fail to
      mood. They don’t do their research, and just begin arbitrarily   recognize these can at times be contra-indicated by some
      listening to people and buying and consuming all types of   medications. Some people are also allergic to herbs, and
      products.                                          therefore, they when using herbs, should take some caution,
         First of all, it is important to make this strong distinction   do your research and know the potential adverse effects.
      between vitamins/minerals, herbs and homeopathic products.      Homeopathic Products
      They are not the same, and not even close.            Homeopathic products, routinely consist of ingredients
         Natural Vitamins/Minerals                       that are toxic, but they are so diluted, that they are safe for
         Our foods naturally contain vitamins, minerals, and   use. Again, one needs to research this more carefully, and get
                                                         instructed by a certified professional. I know personally after
                                                         being given arsenicum for a stomach condition, I suffered
                                                         arsenic poisoning and paralysis many years ago.
                                                            Although, I am more sensitive than most, still caution
                                                         and concern needs to be implemented by everyone.
                                                            Last but not least, there is this new idea that marijuana
                                                         helps with mood disorders.                           Above all, please recognize there are reasons “why” you
                                                            I disagree completely. I witnessed so many adolescents   are feeling this way. Sit down and write down the last time
                                                         that were experiencing depression, anxiety, anger, OCD, and   you were feeling happy. For some of you, this may mean
                                                         the common denominator – smoking weed.            having to go all the way back to when you were 10. Others
                                                            Just like Alcohol, another substance that people run to   it could be just recently. Don’t stop there -
                                                         when they feel stressed, or life is becoming unbearable, the      Sit and think about all your life events, the good, bad and
                                                         result is temporary. At the time of consumption, they may   the ugly. You too will start to see, just how your serotonin has
                                                         be feeling better, more mellow, but 36-48 hours later, it will   been going up and down – fluctuating with each and every
                                                         detrimentally affect your serotonin levels.       event.
                                                            In the long run Alcohol and Marijuana, you can begin      Recognize if your serotonin continues to fall too low, and
                                                         to feel even worse. What the common trait of both these   there is nothing good to raise it up, you are on a crash course.
                                                         substances have in common is bringing down the serotonin   It truly is not too difficult for you to see the blueprint of your
                                                         levels.                                           life, and pin point just when your mood symptoms began.
                                                            So, I have seen the suggestion of deep breathing,      That would at least be a beginning. It is just that simple.
                                                         meditation, and exercise surfacing to help with mood issues.
                                                         This is like washing your car, and expecting the engine to      Sheila M. Cooperman, LMHC has been a licensed
                                                         run better. It ain’t happening.                   psychotherapist for more than 20 years. Unlike the majority
                                                            Some of those can present a temporary mental vacation,   of therapists, she follows a psychodynamic cognitive
                                                         but they are not a true resolution. Meditation is effective, if   process. Sheila is Holistic, and has helped thousands restore
                                                         you know the process how to push extraneous thoughts from   their good mental health without the use of medication.
                                                         your head, and train your brain to be quiet.      She adheres to a serotonin nutrition application. She
                                                            A good, soothing deep massage or Yoga is always a nice   can  be contacted at  or
                                                         release. Exercise for some may release those endorphins, 
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