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      2019 Jupiter Medical Center Loggerhead from page 1

      Athletes are given water and a medal at the finish.
                                                                                                           Time to walk down the beach to the 7 a.m. folks getting
                                                         Some athletes finish their three-mile run.        ready to swim.

      A three-mile run is hard in the heat.

                                                         Some of the first guys drop off their bikes and begin their   Girls walk their bikes to the mounting line to begin their
                                                         three-mile run.                                   13-mile ride.

      The Star Spangled Banner is sung to open the triathlon.

                                                         Dr. Amiee Vaughn at sunrise   Next, the blue cap men’s group takes their turn.

      Girls begin their swim.

                                                         Some of the first swimmers arrive to run to their bikes.  The red cap men’s group hits the water.

      The first green cap men’s group starts their 3/8 of a mile-swim.
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      Swimmers run to get ready for their bike ride.

      The sun peeks from behind the clouds as the pink cap girls
      get ready for their swim.

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      Volunteers prepare muffins, fruit and snacks for the athletes.
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