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                                                              Our Village Voice

        VOL. 30 NO. 9                                                                         SEPTEMBER 2019

                                                                                    Bill’s Box

                     The Shores Annual                                                     Occasionally, not too often, I run into obstacles that

                                                                                    affects this column. In perspective, I must accept the
                     Halloween Party                                                very few of these over the past 25 years. Be assured, all
                                                                                    will settle down and Bill will return next month. Jackie
                                                                                    of Seabreeze helps me through these times.

                        By Vauleia Toward
                          Calling all ghouls and goblins! The Shores Annual
                        Halloween party will be held Saturday, Oct. 26 at the tot
                        lot park starting at 3:30 p.m. The candy hunt will begin   Chief’s Corner
                        promptly at 4 p.m. We will have the fire department, food,
                        bounce house, face painting, photo area, crafts, games,   Dear Resident,
                        and Kona Ice.                                               Too often people are becoming victims of vehicle thefts. One
                          Come and help keep this great Shores tradition alive!   of the top priorities of the Jupiter Police Department is to decrease
                        We have an ever growing turnout of families coming        the number of vehicle burglaries and thefts by educating and
                        to enjoy our wonderful event, however not enough          reminding residents to never leave valuable items within their
                        volunteers. We need both adult and teenage volunteers     vehicles and always lock their vehicle doors.
                        to help set up, run the stations and clean up at the end.     Remembering to lock the doors when you leave your vehicle
                        Please contact us if you can help at (561) 254-7760 or    is the number one security measure to prevent a theft of your
               Thank you!
                                                                                  vehicle or belongings. Leaving your vehicle unlocked is an easy
                                                                                  opportunity to become a victim.
                                                                                    Do not leave any valuable items, including firearms, in your
                                                                                  vehicle; especially within plain view of someone walking by. This
                                                                                  includes not only while parked at a shopping center, a beach, or
                                                                                  the gym, but as well as when you are parked in front of your
       Northern Notes                                                             own home. Take your valuables with you, or leave them inside
                                                                                  your home, and never, ever, leave your key fob in your car.
                                                                                    Also, remain alert and aware of your surroundings. If you see
       Streets, Swales And Stormwater Management                                  someone suspicious, such as a person walking around a parking
                                                                                  lot looking into vehicles or someone pulling on random vehicle
       By O’Neal Bardin, Jr., Executive Director,                                 door handles, please contact us to report this activity.
       Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District                              In addition, know your community. If you see unusual activity
       Streets                                                                    within your neighborhood, or if something seems out of the ordinary, do not hesitate to contact us
         Streets are an important part of Northern Palm Beach                     to report it. It is important for you to be the eyes and ears of your community.
       County  Improvement  District’s  overall Stormwater                          Contact us any time at (561) 746-6201, or in the event of an emergency call 911.
       Management System. Both the storm sewers located below                       Please continue to visit us on our website at, and on Facebook @
       the street, ditches or swales located along the street, and                JupiterPolice to learn about new and happening events within the Town of Jupiter.
       the roadway itself serve to convey stormwater to designed                                                                                   Sincerely,
       locations. At times blockages can occur, which can cause                                                                                Daniel J. Kerr,
       undesired  flooding  conditions that  may  cause  roads to                                                                              Chief of Police
       become impassable. It is important to understand the basics
       of how streets are used to convey stormwater, in order to
       identify when problems may occur.
       Streets And Stormwater Management
         Many streets are designed and built with curb and gutter along the street and with                             Monday, September 23rd
       storm sewers underneath the pavement. The curbs and gutters direct stormwater from
       the pavement into the storm sewers. These storm sewers not only collect water from
       the roadway, but also connect to other drainage systems to collect water from yards and
       subdivisions and transport the stormwater to lakes, canals and other outlets.                        Fall begins Monday, September 23rd

      Northern Notes on page 2

                Call Jupiter Police Department immediately                                           The Shores
                          to report suspicious activity.

                                    (561) 799-4445.                                  ACC Project Requests
             The sooner called  the sooner they can help. 911 is for emergencies only.
                               Keep cars and house locked.
                                                                                      A project request for approval application must be submitted
                                                                                    and approved prior to beginning any exterior altering project.
                                                                                      All work shall conform to HOA governing documents, as
                                                                                    well as, governmental building codes and shall be permitted by
                                                                                    such agency when required.
                                                                                      The application can be downloaded from our Shores HOA
                                                                                    website or by calling Realtime Property
                                                                                    Management at (561) 763-0086.
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