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Page 6, Viewpointe                                                  November 2019
       The Photo Corner: On Assignment

        – October – Mother Nature’s Most Colorful Month

       By George Steinman                                Great White Horse
                                                            Driving north
          Before I present my                            from my home in
       monthly photography                               Old Bethpage on
       article,  Susan  and  I  both                     Round  Swamp  Road,
       wish all our friends and                          I was about to pass
       families and Boca Pointe                          the  Thomas  School
       residents a most happy                            of Horsemanship.
       and  joyous Thanksgiving.                         This happens to be
       It’s a very happy holiday                         a famous school for
       time and just enjoy, enjoy,                       horsemanship. Out of
       enjoy!                                            the corner of my eye,
          Yes - it’s that wonderful colorful time of the year   I caught a glimpse
       when Mother Nature displays her most beautiful colors   of a white fence and
       with the changing of colors of the leaves - from green to   a white  horse  and
       yellow, orange, and red. For the outdoor photographers   some orange leaves. I
       it’s like a dream come true. We don’t see it here much in   pulled over on to the
       Florida but up north, the scenes are spectacular. And from   side of the road, so
       what I remember, everyone had their own special perfect   as not to trespass on
       location. Also some of the weather television channels   the school’s property.
       helped out by continuously tracking the changing color   I saw the white horse
       locations. One of my favorite locations was Manchester,   at the end of the white
       Vt. with spectacular colors and shooting there was   fence with orange
       always great as there was typically a white church steeple   leaves still on the trees
       extending upward past the top of the tree lines, thereby   and orange fallen to  Great White Horse
       adding to the beautiful scenes. Going south, the 16,000   the ground. Yes, it was
       acres on the West Point reservation were incredible. And   show time. I used a telephoto lens to capture this peaceful
       further south to my old ‘neck of the woods’ on Long   scene and also certainly not to disturb the horse. And you
       Island, there was Bethpage State Park with acreage for   see it here.
       five golf courses (including the Black course where the   Long Island Red
       US  Open  is  played)  and  lots  of  hills  and  valleys  and      Driving up to the Miracle Mile in Manhasset on
       colors. And I was fortunate to capture some really neat   Northern Boulevard was usually a treat as you passed
       photographs close to my former home in Old Bethpage.  by some of the old famous estates including the Whitney
       Yellow Leaves                                     Estate. And the main street is lined with beautiful trees,
          Like it was yesterday, I remember driving about a   with leaves that turn bright red in the fall. You see a
       mile or so to the north side of the LIE into Huntington to   typical sample here which I took while I stopped for a
       do some shopping at a famous farm for fresh fruits and   red light. If I had more time then, which I didn’t have,
       veggies. As I got out of the car and turned around, I saw   I would have used a wide angle lens to photograph the
       this terrific tree scene across the street. Wow. Perfect.   scene with red leafed trees on both sides of the road, and
       Yes - I had my camera with me as usual. I adjusted my   not one tree, to really show its beauty. Maybe someday.
       camera settings and polarizing filter and really took my      Always remember to have your camera with you all
       time in photographing the scene from several different   the time as you may see something that you have never
       angles. This was a real winner. I loved this photograph.   seen  before  and  might  never  see  again. And  always
       You see it here.                                  remember to be careful where you stand for your safety
                                                         and photo composition. Also don’t forget the Peter Lik
                                                         philosophy “It’s not what you see. It’s how you see it.”
                                                         Follow the light and photograph everything that light
                                                         makes beautiful. May the light be with you always. And
                                                         most important, always make photography fun.

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