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      Halli’s Comments

       Hong Kong As It Was                               of Hong Kong after                                window shopping and the
                                                         we visited Singapore                              street markets are human
       Asia’s Capitol Of Culture & Cool                  and Bangkok because                               kaleidoscopes. There
                                                         of a special rate we                              are open-air concerts,
       By Halli Moore                                    received) the Marriott,                           nightly ice-skating open
                                                         which was new at the                              to the public, night
          When Lou and I moved                           time  and  exquisite,                             horseracing, gambling,
       into our new house in Boca                        and the Regent. The                               harbor strolls, the Space
       Pointe we decided we would                        Regent picks you                                  Museum’s space theatre
       travel as much as possible. We                    up at the airport in a                            shows or dine out with a
       decided to go to Hong Kong,                       Daimler. That is the                              difference on a floating
       Singapore and Bangkok on                          car  of  the  King  and                           restaurant. We had dinner
       our first trip. The first stop                    Queen of England.                                 at Jumbo’s where they let
       was Hong Kong. We spent                           There  were  just  two                            you pick your fish from
       four days there and it was                        of us in the car, but  Dinner at Jumbo restaurant  an  aquarium  below  the   Halli at Jade Market
       not really enough time to                         six  more  could  have                            restaurant. Of course,
       experience all the wonders of this fabulous city.  joined us.                                       everything they serve is fresh. We were seated with
          Over five million people a year come to Hong Kong      What a wonderful exciting week it was. We even went   people from Germany, Taiwan and Italy. Dinner was very
       to shop, for business or just to experience the excitement   to Macau by boat to gamble (about a twenty-minute ride)   interesting.
       that this city is sure to bring every visitor. The restaurants,   and used the Star Ferry every day to go from Hong Kong      Another restaurant called the Dim sum Place says in
       nightclubs and shopping in Hong Kong rivals any city in the   Island to Kowloon, which takes about five minutes. Both   its advertising in the hotel book, “The only people who
       world, but still this modern metropolis thrives on traditions   sides of Hong Kong have something to offer and, we   have not eaten here are either sick or dead.” We ate with
       both British and Chinese.                         learned to haggle. This is so much fun. If you don’t try to   a Japanese woman and her two daughters with whom we
          It is difficult to come to Hong Kong and not buy   get something cheaper, they think something is wrong with   keep in touch.
       something of value. The temptations are vast and varied.   you. For example, in the Jade Market, a woman I asked a      Hong Kong is very exciting and has the best Chinese
       Jewelry, furs, jade, clothing (custom or ready-made) is   question of made believe she didn’t understand me, gave me   food in the world.
       available in the most luxurious malls. Designer boutiques   the perfect amount of change (after haggling) in American      When I read about all the problems in Hong Kong
       and department stores offer quite a contrast to the open-  money which many places take.            now and all over the world, I feel sick at heart that such a
       air markets nestled among towering skyscrapers. Quality      The real Hong Kong is best seen at night. It’s a compact   beautiful, exciting city is now so troubled.
       service in Hong Kong is a must. The Hong Kong tourism   city and transportation is always available. AND, it’s safe
       board gives local businesses rewards for providing   at night in the urban areas. The golden mile is great for      Halli Moore is a resident of The Palms. 
       exemplary service, which helps raise Hong Kong’s profile
       as a world-class city.
       many of them visiting business people and those who just  Conserving Our National
         We were amazed at all the well-dressed people we saw;

       work in the city. Since Hong Kong has a mild climate
       and the rest of the year is warm and humid, heavy clothing  Resources: Food Part II
       between the middle of September to the end of February

       is not necessary, yet many local women own a fur, both as
       a status symbol and a chic wardrobe item. Hong Kong is   By Steve Handwerker                        food rescue charities, soup kitchens and shelters)-
       the world’s largest fur exporter.                                                                   SOURCE REDUCTION to feed people in need, feed
          The hotels are gorgeous. We’ve stayed at two hotels in      The ef forts to                      animals, and composting and the use of renewable
       Hong Kong. (Our deal with the Airline was to fly in and out   conserve are immediate                energies is also part of these kinds of strategies.
                                                           and significant in hotels.                         Every day please put some attention to conservation
                                                           Up to 50% reduction                             by: planning what food you need and not buy impulsively
                                                           in waste per guest has                          to avoid waste; get creative and use leftovers and when
                                                           occurred in instances                           restocking your fridge move older items to the front and
                                                           whe n wa st e  a nd                             use them first. Let’s all work to be part of the solution
                                                           purchase are consciously                        for conserving our resources…food. Thank you.
                                                           monitored. Donating is also another way to reduce      Perhaps the clubhouses could use these strategies as
                                                           waste. Retailers can provide nearly 1.2 billion meals to   well??
                                                           those in need by increasing donations to food pantries.
                                                           Food loss occurs on many levels. When the focus is on      Dr.  Steven  E.  Handwerker  is  a  Board  Certified
                                                           retaining food quality and safety the amount of food   Licensed Psychologist in four states (NY, FL, SD, VT)
                                                           supply choices is critical in reducing waste. Four crops,   still in practice after 40 years counseling individuals,
                                                           potatoes, tomatoes, leafy greens and peaches have a   families and groups worldwide. He is a Supreme Court
                                                           significant effect on the landscape and suffer different   Family Mediator and is a member of the Professional
                                                           types of loss. Being conscious of these facts helps to   and Scientific Board of the National Center for Crisis
                                                           reduce waste. Processes like “concurrent harvesting and   Management  a  part  of  Homeland  Security.  He  has
                                                           channeling surplus produce to food banks and schools   lectured at the American Psychological Association
                                                           and sharing what is not quite market grade with the local   International Conventions for over 20 years sharing
                                                           food banks is a way to not waste and increase usage   his experience to students and colleagues across 150
                                                           instead.                                        programs. Dr. Handwerker is committed to the protection
                                                              To prevent food waste there are also several strategies   of our environment and the conservation of the precious
                                                           we can embrace and put into practice. PREVENT-  and limited resources of the ecosystems that comprise
                                                           DIVERT (food scraps to feed animals)-DONATE (to   our living planet, our home. 

                                                              for sale                         closed                       Under contract

                                                             7575 Imperial Drive            22770 El Dorado Drive              7507 La Paz #203
                                                                      #202                                                       2 Bedroom 2 Bath
                                                                3 Bedroom 2½ Bath,                                                  $275,000
                                                                 Golf View & Lake
                                                               List price $550,000


                                                                              GABRIELLE                                           Boca Pointe Resident
                                                                              Realtor                                             30 Years

                                                                              Direct: 561-445-4483                101 Palmetto Road, Boca Raton
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