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VOL. 27 NO. 12                                                                         DECEMBER 2019

       Boca Regional And United Healthcare Renew Relationship

      By Arthur Dermer, Volunteer                        Advantage and Medicaid
                                                         plans have continued
         After at least 5 months                         network  access  to  Boca
      of intensive negotiations the                      Raton Regional Hospital.
      Baptist Health South Florida                       The long dispute revolved
      and UnitedHealthcare                               around MONEY. What else?
      insurance company jointly                          That  matter  is now  settled
      announced that the Boca                            for the immediate future.
      Raton Regional Hospital                               “Our priority is ensuring
      and UnitedHealthcare have                          the  people  we  serve have
      renewed their network                              access to quality, affordable
      relationship. This  means                          healthcare,” said Greg Reidy,
      that Baptist Health South                          CEO of UnitedHealthcare of
      Florida and UnitedHealthcare have reached an agreement   Florida. “We appreciate the
      to renew the network relationship for Boca Regional   patience and support of our
      Hospital, effective December 1, 2019. The new multi-
      year relationship ensures UnitedHealthcare members   Boca Regional And United
      enrolled in employer-sponsored, individual, Medicare   Healthcare on page 3
       Social Calendar Fills Up Quickly

       With Activities Galore During December

       By Helen Karpel,                                  Terry Daniels traditional Thanksgiving Day feast.     –Best Picture Oscar Discussion” presented by Dan
       General Manager,                                     Okay, what was, was. What about what’s coming this   Hudak.
       The Club at Boca Pointe,                          month and next?                                      –Aldrich Ames CIA Spy: presented by Stephen Singer.
       561-864-8500                                         More than 50 club members returned from the annual      –The Rise of the Golden Age of the Broadway Musical                       cruise in time to join in with the rest of the festivities,   from 1950 to 1960, presented by Steve Friedman.
                                                         including a fun-filled New Year’s Eve Celebration      –Interfaith Panel Discussion presented by Rabbi Barry
          The new carpet is laid, the new drapes are up and the   featuring “What’s Your 20-20 Vision?”    Silver.
       new dining room chairs are in place for what is going to      Just take a look at the upcoming lecture series…some      Those are just part of a lecture series for December and
       be a gangbuster end of the year schedule of activities.   real exciting stuff.                      January. There are many other exciting lectures planned
          The catering department is meeting with great success      –Stop at the Red Apple: The Restaurant on Route 17   for 2020.
       with the new look in the main dining room and lounge.  with Elaine Lindenblatt. For those who may have driven      That’s just the tip of the iceberg for the end of the year
          Already in the month of November, more than 320   to the Catskills, this should be a thriller.   activities. The Christmas Tree Trimming with music by
       members and guests rocked and rolled during the soiree      –Comey Royalty: “Lucille Ball” presented by Ira
       while more than 900 members and families enjoyed Chef   Epstein.                                    Social Calendar on page 3
       Traffic Hawk                                                                                         Trash Collection

      By Justin Mocha, Director of Security                 If you are speeding on either road, you run the risk
                                                         of  being  subject  to  a  penalty,  including  fines  and,      There will be NO trash pickup on Christmas Day.
         Traffic Hawk deployment is in full-swing. We have been able   eventually, suspension of your gate access device(s).  Trash will be picked up on your next normal trash
      to identify numerous speeding events on Boca Pointe Drive and      1st and 2nd violations are subject to a $50 fine from 6   removal day. 
      Via De Sonrisa Del Norte. Using the information and images   MPH to 20 MPH over the posted speed limit, or $100 if
      produced by Traffic Hawk we are then able to correlate the   the vehicle speed is greater than 20 MPH over the posted
      violations with violators, and issue citations and penalties when   limit.
      necessary. Due to Traffic Hawk being an autonomous solution,      3rd and subsequent violations result in a 90 day
      this is able to be done without additional investment in security   suspension of the household’s Tag Master devices, meaning
      manpower or the tenuous and at times dangerous confrontation   entries will need to be made through the guest lane for the
      resulting from directly flagging down and citing violators.  duration of said suspension.
                                                                                   Please spread the word!
                                                                                 Our goal is to reduce speeds     The Boca Pointe Community
                                                                                 on our roads and promote
                                                                                 safer driving habits among       Association Wishes Everyone
                                                                                 all our neighbors, guests,       a Healthy and Happy Holiday
                                                                                 vendors, and employees.
                                                                                   If you have any questions    Season! The BPCA office will be
                                                                                 about this program you may       closed on December 25th and
                                                                                 contact me directly at (561)
                                                                                 672-3309  or  via  e-mail  at             January 1st. 
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