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       Meet Your Neighbors: Caroline And Martin Bromberg

       By Mort Mazor                                        Sadly, Caroline                                was 39 years old, leaving a void in his broken heart that
                                                         lost her oldest                                   has never left him.
          Caroline and her second husband, Dr. Stephen Warner,   son, Eric in 2000.                           Marty’s first marriage resulted in two children and
       were living at Stratford Court since 2012. Sadly, he passed   Her middle son,                       three grandchildren. His wife passed in 2014. They had
       in 2014.                                          William Varon                                     been married fifty years.
          Later that year Marty Bromberg moved into the   lives in England                                    His son Michael became a Managing Director of
       apartment across the hall from Caroline. They greeted   and is the father                           Merrill Lynch and is ranked 20th  of 3,000  financial
       each other politely and a spark was lit.          of  two  girls,  her                              consultants in New York City. His daughter Allison lives
          They began dating, and in 2015 the couple moved to   granddaughters.                             in Boca Raton. She is the head of Human Resources
       an apartment in Century Village Boca. In 2016 they were      “My proudest                           of a large insurance company, and mother of Marty’s
       married. They decided to return to Stratford Court in 2018   accomplishments                        granddaughter Rachel.
       where they are seen walking hand in hand every day.   have been                                        Before retiring, Marty served as the C.E.O. of five
          Caroline was born in New York City 84 years ago,   nurturing  my                                 paper industry corporations. After working hard, he
       and attended James Monroe High School and voted Miss   large family, my                             played hard at golf, tennis, dance, poker games and
       Janny Monroe in her senior year. At this early teen age she   happy marriages and attaining excellence as a bridge   enjoyed 75 cruises traveling the world.
       also won her first paying job modeling wedding gowns.   teacher and player.”
       This built her confidence and self-esteem, building a      Caroline is an avid reader, enjoys being with bridge      Mort Mazor and his wife Lucille were West Delray
       pattern of self-reliance that has made her a strong person   players, and fun loving good friends. She played golf and   residents for 27  years prior  to  relocating to  Stratford
       throughout her life. She went on to C.C.N.Y. to earn a   tennis and was an excellent bowler, with an average of   Court, Boca Raton, Oct. 7, 2014. They celebrated their
       B.A. in Accounting.                               172.                                              74th wedding anniversary March 20, 2019.
          The slimly built, 5’4” college graduate married her      Marty Bromberg is 85 years young. Born in the Bronx,      Since 2008 he has written over 500 articles for the
       first husband, Bernie Varon, and settled in Spring Valley,   N. Y. he graduated Columbus High School, earned a   weekly sections of the Sun-Sentinel. Current topics cover
       N. Y. where the couple raised three sons. Caroline became   B.S. in Business Administration at N. Y. U. and built a   senior’s outstanding achievements, wellness, and finance.
       a Bridge teacher, eventually establishing a successful   successful corrugated box manufacturing business.      He retired in 2018 from teaching a weekly course in
       Bridge Club business she ran for 20 years.           Growing up, his father was his strongest influence   Creative Writing began in 2002. The course continues at
          One of her sons, Aryeh is a Rabbi in Israel. He fathered   who always emphasized the importance of education and   Weisman Community Center, West Atlantic Ave. Delray
       13 children and now has three grandchildren.      having a strong work ethic. His father died when Marty   Beach every Monday, 1 to 3:00 pm. 

          Stamp and Coin Club                                                                                         Norbert Graber, R. Ph.

            Boca Raton Stamp & Coin Club asks you to start                                                           and Lynn Graber, R. Ph.
         a new hobby.
            Visit with us at the Stratford Courts Auditorium
         located at 6343 Via Sonrisa del Sur, off S.W. 18th
         Street, between Powerline Road and Military Trail.
            We meet the second and fourth Thursday each
         month at 7 p.m. Please call membership coordinator
         Harvey Golinger at (561) 752-4922. n

            For Sale By Owner

         What  a  magnificent  view  overlooking  the  lake
         and  golf  course,  in  the  Imperial,  in  Boca  Pointe;
         Club membership is  not mandatory.  An  especially
         designed 3,500 sq. ft. Condo with a terrace on 2 sides                                                                       FREE
         of the bldg. Entire apt. has been completely updated.
         Kitchen  redone  with  granite,  elegant  cabinets  in          Family Owned & Operated                                 LOCAL DELIVERY
         kitchen  and  three  bathrooms;  modern  appliances,   SERVING BOCA POINTE AND OUR COMMUNITY SINCE 2001                   Free for prescription
         including  a  new  AC  and  Hot  Water  heater;  three   •  Easy Prescription Transfer  •  Prescriptions Filled Fast         drugs only
         bedrooms, 2 1/2  baths; the dining area is adjacent to   •  All Medicare Part D Plans Accepted •  Professional Compounding
         the large kitchen for cooking and dining, expanding   •  Most Private Insurance Plans For   •  Orthopedic & Surgical   FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE
         into a small room used for relaxing or an office or   Prescription Drugs Accepted      Supplies                      SPECIAL ORDERS WELCOME
         work room.   Many have commented: “this Apt. is
         comparable to a Park Ave. home.”  Owner is an Artist   Including United Healthcare   •  Nebulizers & Supplies       HIGHEST-QUALITY MEDICINES
         and beauty is reflected throughout the apt.; 2 apts.      and Tricare                •  Compression Stockings           & HEALTH PRODUCTS
         to a floor, and indoor parking. Do not deny yourself
         of an opportunity for an extraordinary life.                                    561-391-6336
              Call: 561-368-0097  for appt.                                           22191 Powerline Road • Boca Raton
                     Price:  $550,000                                    SW Corner of Palmetto & Powerline • Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm • Sat 9am to 3pm • Closed Sun

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                                                                                            docent-guided gallery tours with a special group rate.

                                                                                            Group rate: $8 per person
                                                                                            Guided tour fee: $25 per docent

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