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Page 2, Viewpointe                                                  December 2019

      Hospital Volunteers Celebrate at Boca Pointe

      By Arthur Dermer, Volunteer                        each week devote 4 hours of their time at
                                                         the Hospital helping patients, staff and
         Last month 200 volunteers                       family members. Many of the volunteers
      of the Debbi-Rand Memorial                         reside in Boca Pointe. They contribute
      Service League (D-RMSL),                           their time and often their resources to help
      the volunteer arm of the Boca                      the Hospital performing a variety of jobs.
      Raton  Regional  Hospital,                         Last year these volunteers contributed a
      gathered at the Boca Pointe                        total of over 10,000 hours to the Hospital.
      Country  Club  to  celebrate                       If you are interested in volunteering call
      57 years of service to the                         (561) 955-4098 for more information.
      Hospital. This was the first                          A large part of the money raised by
      time that the group chose to                       the volunteers comes from the sale of
      hold  their annual  event at                       clothing and furniture at the Hospital
      Boca Pointe’s newly decorated facility. Attendees enjoyed   Thrift Shoppe. If you wish to donate
      drinks, refreshments and a wonderful luncheon followed   clothing or anything else you may call
      by a fashion show featuring the volunteers. All the clothing   395-2208. They provide free pickup and   Lincoln Mendez, Hospital CEO, Aimee Carmichael, Director of Volunteer
      worn by the models were items from the boutique section   delivery.                  Services, Vincent Loscalzo and Arthur Dermer. residents and volunteers
      of the D-RMSL Thrift Shoppe located on Meadows Road
      across from the Hospital. Also displayed were accessories
      from the League’s gift shop located in the Hospital lobby.
      Merchandise and gift cards donated by local merchants were
      also raffled off.
         The Honorary Chair of the event was Lincoln Mendez,
      the CEO of the Hospital. The highlight of the event was the
      presentation of a check for $250,000 by Robert Schattner,
      president of the volunteer League, to Lincoln Mendez. This
      was money raised by the volunteers during the year.
         The  D-RMSL  is  a  group  of  over  600  community
      members (including high school and college students) who

      Susan Luper, Fran Heinze and Joyce Schoenbrun, Resident,
      Vol. Bd

      Lois Ackner, Volunteer Supervisor, Vice President of Vol.
      Bd, Dr. Aimee Carmichael, Director of Volunteer Services

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