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      Ten Tips For Surviving The Holidays

      By Oris Martin, Fitness Director,                                             that sense of loss and   spend on gifts. Don’t try to buy happiness or friendships with
      Acts Retirement-Life Communities                                              loneliness.            gifts. Homemade gifts are usually much appreciated.
                                                                                      Even those who are      6. Don’t go overboard – Don’t overindulge in food and
         For most, the holidays are a time of celebration and                       not under stress prior   alcohol to drown your sorrow.
      merriment, but for others they can also be a time of stress,                  to the holidays can find      7. Don’t skip exercise – Regular physical activity is an
      sadness, guilt, depression and alienation. This time can be                   themselves overwhelmed;   effective way to manage stress. Any type of aerobic activity
      especially difficult for those who are alone or have recently                 maneuvering heavy      that increases your heart rate can be a stress buster. These
      experienced the loss of a loved one through separation – such                 traffic on the streets,   include brisk walking, swimming laps, stationary or outdoor
      as a child leaving home, divorce or death. Images of happy   overcrowded stores and the search for the perfect gift for   biking, and dancing.
      families celebrating the holidays together serve to reinforce   everyone on their list. Here are some tips on coping with      8. Practice Relaxation and Meditation – Breathing
                                                         holiday stress:                                   exercises are also a convenient and effective way to relieve
                                                            1. Acknowledge your feelings – Realize that you’re not   stress that anyone can do. Next time you feel stressed, focus
                                                         alone. If you’ve suffered a loss, it’s perfectly normal to feel   on taking deep, controlled breaths. Meditation, the Eastern
        Thank You So Much                                sad. One of the simple things that you can do to relieve stress   practice of intentionally focusing on things and surroundings
                                                         is to discuss your feelings with family and friends. While this
                                                                                                           that are peaceful, is another invaluable tool in handling stress.
                                                         may not in itself produce a resolution, sharing what burdens   When practiced regularly, it not only relieves stress but can
           We would like to thank the Boca Pointe Community   you with others does give some relief.       help prevent future distress by enabling you to better handle
        for your donations to The Pap Corps, as well as the      2.  Reach  out  to  others – You many not feel like   and overcome difficult situations.
        outpouring of love and support at the passing of our   socializing, but before you turn down that invitation to a      9. Play Brain Games – Puzzles, word searches, Sudoku
        daughter-in-law, Heidi Taylor.                   social event, consider how simply being with others can help   and other thinking games are not only good brain teasers, but
                               Claire and Alan Taylor   relieve stress and depression. Volunteering to help others is   they can provide some relief from stress because they require
                                                         another way to help lift your spirits.            concentration and focus.
                                                            3. Recognize that things do change – Focusing on the      10. Seek Professional Help – If your feelings of sadness
                                                         way things were in the past may extend your depression.   persist for a long time despite your best efforts, don’t be afraid
                                                         Beginning some new traditions of your own will help you   to seek professional help. Going to someone trained in grief
        Are You Watching                                 heal and move forward.                            counseling or stress management can validate your feelings
                                                                                                           and help you move forward.

                                                           4. Plan ahead – Make lists before going shopping, and
        Your Speed?                                      only go shopping with purpose on specific days. Make time                         Enjoy the holidays!
                                                                                                                                                Oris Martin,
                                                         for some fun events such as baking and visiting friends.
                                                            5. Stick to a budget – Decide in advance how much to   Fitness Director, Acts Retirement-Life Communities 
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