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      News From Congressman Ted Deutch

      Dear friends,                                         Preventing animal cruelty is not partisan; it’s part of   tragedy have turned the painful loss of their loved ones
         The holiday season gives                        our values as a country. I’m proud that this legislation   into action to help others avoid that same loss. They have
      us an opportunity to give                          moved so swiftly through Congress, with such broad   become national leaders in the quest to keep our children
      back and help others in our                        bipartisan support. Our country needs a federal law to   safe from gun violence in their schools. Their support has
      community. In this spirit,                         prevent abuse against animals. After years of hard work   been integral in developing effective policies to prevent
      I have partnered with the                          by so many to build support for this bill, we are now one   gun violence. Parents should not have to worry whether
      Library of Congress for                            signature away from it becoming the law of the land. I   their kids will return home safely to them after school.
      their Surplus Books Program                        urge President Trump to quickly sign this bill into law   This bipartisan and bicameral bill builds on the work of
      to donate books to local                           and make animal cruelty a federal offense.        Parkland parents by requiring a dedicated home within
      schools and libraries in                                                                             the federal government for school security best practices
      South Florida. Most recently,                      Reps. Deutch, Diaz-Balart,                        and guidance that will help prevent gun violence and save
      I met with veterans of the                                                                           lives in schools across the country. 
      Broward Veterans Coalition at North Regional Library in   Murphy, Rutherford
      Coconut Creek. Thank you to all who attended, it is always
      a wonderful experience to hear directly from members of our   Introduce House Bill to Create
      community and to share books from the Library of Congress.   Federal Clearinghouse to
      If you are involved with a local nonprofit and would like to
      receive donated books, please contact my office. It would   Assess School Safety Measures
      be a pleasure for me to deliver them to you in the coming
      months.                                               I recently joined Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25), Stephanie
         It is an honor to continue to serve this Congressional   Murphy (FL-7), and John Rutherford (FL-4) introduced
      district, and I promise to continue to fight for Floridians in   the Luke and Alex School Safety Act, the House
      Washington in the new year.                        companion to a Senate bill introduced by Ron Johnson
         May you all enjoy some time celebrating traditions and   (R-WI), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Rick Scott (R-FL).
      spending quality time with your family and friends. I wish   This legislation would create a federal clearinghouse that
      you all a happy and safe holiday season!           categorizes, assesses, and shares best practices for school
                                           Best regards,  safety measures and identifies the resources necessary to
                                             Ted Deutch  implement them.
                                                            The families of the victims of the Stoneman Douglas
      Speaker of the House Signs

      Deutch, Buchanan Bill to                             Book Review from page 7                         in a combination of nurture and nature, which finally

      Make Animal Abuse a Federal                          and implementation.  The search for  eureka was   mirrors our own understanding.
                                                                                                             The  jury is  still  out  on  the  prospect  of  a

      Offense                                              undertaken.                                     pharmaceutical cure for mental illness. Harrington
                                                              The second half of the twentieth century saw the   points to the enhancement of the science of imaging
         Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S.   inundation of hopeful drugs from Prozac to Zoloft   of the neurons of the brain, the discovery of
      Senate each unanimously passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty   to Paxil to Valium and Xanax. At the same time, the   neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, and the
      and Abuse Act (PACT Act). I was honored to join Speaker Pelosi   hippie movement was seeking recreational drugs to   hope that by studying them, we can move to a biological
      for the signing of the PACT Act, which would finally make   mimic the effects of mental illness. Ken Kesey, Aldous   cure for a biological disease. In the meantime, there
      animal cruelty a federal crime.                      Huxley, Alan Ginsberg were drawn to mind expansion   is progress to the more humane treatment. I would
         In 2010, Congress passed the Animal Crush Video Prohibition   to achieve euphoria. Professor Timothy Leary touted   note the activities on the evangelical Lubavitcher
      Act, which made the creation and distribution of animal crushing   “Tune in, turn on, drop out.” To say nothing of nicotine   movement in  setting up Friendship Circles as  part
      videos illegal. However, the underlying acts of cruelty against   addiction which has persisted. And then of course   of their outreach, and the managing of individuals in
      animals were not included. The PACT Act closes this loophole   the abuse of prescribed opioid drugs, an epidemic   these facilities in a way that respects them and confers
      by prohibiting certain cases of animal abuse.        continuing to our day.                          dignity upon their lives.
                                                              Some scientists have suggested that understanding
                                                           complexity of the human brain is as profound and      Dr. Ronald J. Meyers, a Professor Emeritus, resides
                                                           illusive as the computations of the solar system. The   in La Paz. 
                                                           ancient Greeks who were very interested in psychology
                                                           were brought to the understanding that the answer lay

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