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        VOL. 20 NO. 2                                                                           FEBRUARY 2020

       Rotary Club Downtown                                                       Broken Sound Members

       Boca Annual ‘Honor Your                                                    Enjoy Cabaret Tribute To

       Doctor’ Luncheon                                                           Music Of Billy Joel

       Physician Nominations Open To The Public                                   By Timothy Nelson and Gabriela Muriel,
                                                                                  Broken Sound Club’s Member Services and Lifestyle Staff
          Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton will once again celebrate the area’s top physicians on      One of the year-round series of activities and events that fill the
       “National Doctors Day” at the nonprofit’s Annual “Honor Your Doctor” Luncheon to be held   social calendar for Broken Sound Club members are the musical
                                                                                  cabarets and concerts that are always well attended. The tribute
                                                                                  to “Elton John Rocket Man” – timed with the popularity of his
                                                                                  autobiography and film – drew 346 members in October.
                                                                                     On Jan. 9, we enjoyed a repeat success with a concert by
                                                                                  “Turnstiles: The Ultimate Tribute to the Music of Billy Joel.” For a modest charge, the evening
                                                                                  began with a lavish dessert buffet in the clubhouse’s Vista Lounge at 7 p.m. An hour later, for an
                                                                                  8 p.m. show, 333 club members were escorted to lounges and other chairs on the pool deck to

       From left: Bill Miller, Alan Kaye, Janice Williams, Dr. Allen Konis, Debbie Schmidt, Dr. Ron
       Rubin, Samir Changela, Lana Rosenzweig, Jeff Wilson, Deborah Freudenberg   Turnstiles Band

      ‘Honor Your Doctor’ Luncheon on page 2                                      Tribute To Music Of Billy Joel on page 4
       Rotary Club Downtown Boca Launches Children’s

       Health On The Weekend (C.H.O.W.) Program

      School Children With Families In Need Sent Home With Food For The           club coordinates with Pan-Florida Challenge, a Naples, Fla. company that provides the
      Weekend                                                                     Super Power Pack food packages, and Boca Helping Hands, which stores the food so that
         Rotary Club Downtown has launched
      a  community  humanitarian  initiative                                      Children’s Health On The Weekend on page 3
      assisting  economically  challenged
      children  and  their  families  served  by                                     Cupid Aims HER Arrow for the 29th Year in a Row!
      Florence  Fuller  Child  Development                                            Kelly and the Revolution Dating Team of
      Centers  (FFCDC)  who  are  working  to                                      Cupids have been working around the clock
      build  a  positive  future.  The  program                                    this month for obvious reasons. This Dating and
      provides weekend meals for children and                                      Events Club has been bringing more and more
      their  families  at  Florence  Fuller  Child                                 couples together for Valentine’s Day every year!
      Development  Centers,  some  who  are                                        Whether you are a male or female, age 25 or 85,
      homeless or on the verge of homelessness.                                    this club is the answer to your dating dilemma.
         Cochaired  by  the  Rotary  Club’s                                        Research shows that 90% of Revolution Dating
      Founding  President, Alan  Kaye,  and  From left: Ann Brown, Howard Guggenheim,   clients are reporting a positive experience from
                                                                                   finding happiness to marriage. If you haven’t
      Board member Tabitha Stambaugh, the  Marilyn Wilson                          started your Revolution of Love in 2020 yet,
                                                                                   this is the MEGA MONTH to start. With half of
                                                                                   the adult population being single, divorced, or widowed, it’s tough to find “the right one”
                                                                                   at the “right time,” and this well-respected firm is here to help. Please find Kelly’s article
                                                                                   “The Singles Scene” in this issue and learn how to rule February like a winner! It really is
                                                                                   ValenTIME! If you don’t know already, you will learn firsthand why Florida singles love
                                                                                   this introductions club. Stay tuned for more fun and love in this issue as you turn the pages
                                                                                   to find YOUR person. Thank you for following THE BEST Florida Matchmaker year after
                                                                                   year! From my office to your heart, I wish YOU a Happy Valentine’s Day! See you in a few
                                                                                   pages! We are waiting for YOU!
                                                                                   #LoveOffLineIn2020 #BeRevolutionary #CallStartLove #5616309696
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