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VOL. 28 NO. 2                                                                           FEBRUARY 2020

       Chairman’s Corner

      By Barry J. Haberman,                              Large Directors. At the 2020 meeting, new Directors must   distinction between the responsibilities of the Community
      BPCA Chair and President                           be elected for the following Districts:           Association, Country Club, and Village Associations.
                                                         District 1  Encantada, Valencia and The Palms     Further,  we  ask  that  volunteers  have  some  experience
      Interested                                         District 3  La Mirada and Meridiana               in serving on either a Village Board or a Community

      in Being an                                        District 5  Esplanada, Caravelle, Palomar, La Corniche,   Association or Country Club committee.
                                                                   and El Dorado

                                                                                                             If you are interested in volunteering to run for an At

      Association                                        District 7  The Plum/Cortina, Pointe 100 and Villa   Large Director position on the Community Association

                                                                                                           Board, please contact Kathleen O’Donovan at the

      Volunteer?                                         District 9  Edgewater Pointe Estates and Stratford   BPCA office to request a Profile Sheet to complete. All
                                                                   Court                                   Volunteer Profiles will be included in the meeting notice
         Are you interested in                              Prior to the Annual Meeting, the Village Presidents   sent to Village Presidents and Candidates will be given
      volunteering to serve on a                         within the above named Districts will gather to determine   an opportunity to address the attendees before the voting
      committee or interested in                         who will be nominated to represent their area for the next   takes place.
      running for the Community Association Board? Then   two years. District Directors must live within the Districts      If  you  would  like  to  be  considered  for  one  of  the
      read on.                                           they represent.                                   committee positions in the coming year, please email
         Boca Pointe Community Association (BPCA) has       However, in addition to District Director positions, introducing yourself, your area of
      scheduled its Annual Meeting for April 21ST, 2020 for   there will be three At Large Directors elected. These   expertise and where you feel you could best contribute
      the Village Presidents, who serve as the Voting Members   three positions will be filed by the individuals receiving   to the operation of the Community Association.
      of BPCA.                                           the most votes cast by the Voting Members (the Village      If you are new to the community and would like to get
         Included on the Agenda will be the election of new   Presidents) present (in person or by proxy) at the Annual   involved in your Village, contact someone on your Village
      members to the BPCA Board of Directors. There are   Meeting. The slate of Candidates will be those who self   Board of Directors or email your property manager and let
      fifteen seats on our Community Association Board,   nominate to run for the positions.               them know where you would like to participate.
      roughly half are elected each year to fill two year terms.      We  ask  that  anyone  interested  in  running  for      Strong successful communities are sustained by good
      The Board includes nine District Directors and six At   the BPCA Board have a basic understanding of the   leadership and altruistic volunteers their foundation. 
      Thwarting Criminal Activity

       By Justin Mocha, Director of Security             officers processed nearly 900,000 vehicles in 2019 alone,   are regularly implementing new processes and technology
                                                         and denied almost 10,000. It is highly recommended that   to improve our ability to collapse the Crime Triangle.
          Over the past few months, there has been an increase   residents manage their guest lists actively, and remove   Securing  our  property  will  go  a  long  way  towards
       in criminal activity in our area; namely, the frequency of   vendors when jobs are completed. Avoid putting Uber   improving that effectiveness even further.
       vehicle burglaries, vehicle thefts, and home burglaries   or Lyft on your permanent lists. It’s an extra step to call      Lastly, remember that you can contact Access Control
       have been abnormally high.  While Boca Pointe has   them in each time you use the service, but it is far more   24/7 at (561) 395-3392 to report suspicious activity. If
       experienced far fewer of these crimes than the surrounding   secure.                                you have suggestions or feedback on anything to do with
       area,  we  have  had  four  vehicle  thefts  in  the  past  five      Many residents are concerned about pedestrian access.   security  you  can  reach  me  directly  via  e-mail  Justin.
       months as well as some vehicle burglaries. We have not   The size and layout of our community is not conducive or phone (561) 672-3309. 
       had any home burglaries.                          to controlling all pedestrian access along the entirety of
          There is a concept in criminology called the ‘Crime   our perimeter. There are some locations on our property
       Triangle’, which identifies the three factors that create a   we know are being used by pedestrians, and the Access
       criminal offense. These are the Desire of a criminal to   Control Committee is considering solutions to address
       commit a crime, the Target of the criminal’s desire, and   those.
      the Opportunity for the crime to be committed. Our task      Opportunity  can  also  be  thwarted  by  securing  our
      is to break at least one side of the triangle. Although we   property. Even in the event a person with Desire to commit
      can do nothing about Desire, we can do something about   a crime accesses our community, and even if they have a
      the Target and Opportunity.                        Target, if that target is a locked vehicle, or a home with an
         The Target in most of the crimes we see in our area   active and armed burglary alarm, it is highly unlikely that
      are either valuables and / or the vehicles which contain   a crime will be committed.
      them. It is recommended that you do not leave valuables   The overwhelming majority
      in your vehicle unattended, especially if they are in plain   of crimes in Boca Pointe are   Please Help The Very Needy
      sight. And, of course, never leave your keys in a vehicle.   committed  on  unsecured
          Opportunity is  more complex  to manage. Keeping   property.              At This Special Time Of Year
      criminals out of our community is one method. We want      Effective security is
      to do our best to screen traffic at the gates. Boca Pointe   always a collaboration. We
                                                                                       We are all so fortunate to live at Boca Pointe. However, there are many who are struggling
                                                                                    to just get by. The homeless in our community have a constant need of clothing. Please consider
                                                                                    donating any used clothing to those less fortunate. The only requirement is that the clothes
                                                                                    are clean. All clothing collected will be donated to local homeless shelters and programs. All
                                                                                    clothing can be dropped off at the Boca Pointe Community Association Office at 6909 SW
                                                                                    18th Street, suite A120. If you are unable to go there please email Paul Hart at paulhart46@
                                                                           and I will arrange to have the clothing picked up at your residence. Thank you
                                                                                    for your generosity and care for those in need.

                                                                                       Paul Hart, Esplanada at Boca Pointe. 
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