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Page 10, Viewpointe                                                 February 2020
      From The Desk Of Commissioner Robert S. Weinroth

      Fire Rescue                                        Seniors Getting Scammed                           How to report scams
                                                                                                              It’s vital to report scams to the authorities since it’s
         Recently  I  had  the                              What to look for and how to help               the first step in trying to catch these criminals.
      opportunity to attend the Hot                         Every year over 3 million senior citizens are victims      FBI: Blue and white collar crimes including internet
      Zone  Hands-On  Training                           of scams resulting in over $3 billion in losses. Internet   scams, especially if money is involved (https://www.fbi.
      event hosted by the Palm                           scams are a growing problem for our retirement population   gov/contact-us).
      Beach County Fire Rescue                           especially since many are very trusting and susceptible to      Federal Trade  Commissioner:  telemarketing  and
      (PBFR) Department at their                         fraudulent activities.                            phishing scams (
      headquarters training center                          One of the most popular internet scams is phishing   source=takeaction).
      on Pike Road in West Palm                          when a scammer uses fraudulent emails or  texts,  or      Social Security Administration: anything involving
      Beach.                                             copycat websites, to get personal information such as bank   your social security number and/or funds (https://oig.ssa.
         It is said, to appreciate                       account and social security numbers. Phishing is usually   gov/report-fraud-waste-or-abuse).
      someone’s burden you first                         done through fraudulent emails containing malware.
      need to walk in their “boots.”                        Other popular scams are computer “pop-ups” claiming   Nonprofit Spotlight: Place of
      To better understand the tasks                     you  have  won  a  sweepstake  or  lottery,  counterfeit
      we ask our first responders to                     prescription drugs advertisements or emails, and  Hope
      routinely undertake, a group                       employment and “sweetheart” scams.
      of  us  donned  bunker  gear                       How to avoid becoming a victim:                      Place of Hope is a unique, faith-based, state-licensed
      (complete with boots, masks,                          • Avoid opening or clicking on links from emails or   children’s organization providing family-style foster care,
      air  tanks  and  even  body                        ads from unfamiliar sources.                      maternity care, safety for victims of domestic minor sex
      armor) and sampled several                            • Don’t give personal information over the phone or   trafficking, transitional housing and support services for
      scenarios testing our abilities                    online to an unknown party                        youth aging out of foster care, and housing and support
      and endurance.                                        •  If  a  deal  on  a  vacation,  prescription  drug,  or   services for homeless families.
         From extricating a vehicle                      something else seems too good to be true, it probably is.      They also provide foster care recruitment and support
      passenger utilizing some                           Perform more research on the company providing the deal.  for children and families who have been traumatized by
      serious metal bending and                             • The government will not notify you of a late bill or   abuse and neglect throughout our region.
      cutting tools, to responding                       owed payment over an ad on a website.                Place of Hope’s mission is to foster hope rather than
      to the scene of an active                             • Bank accounts and retirement accounts for unusual   despair, potential rather than limitations, healing rather
      shooter with victims requiring immediate aid, to a smoke   purchases or withdrawals should also be monitored.  than hurting, belonging rather than isolation, and what
      filled building with victims in need of aid, to a fully involved      • Review and discuss monthly bills and prescriptions,   the future can be, rather than what the past has been. For
      structure fire, we were carefully guided through each scenario   and  be  aware  of  any  new  mention  of  “new”  bills  or   more information, please visit https://www.placeofhope.
      by seasoned fire professionals.                    “cheaper” prescriptions.                          com/. 
         Needless to say, I now have a much greater appreciation
      of the challenges faced by these brave men and women. I
      am proud to report we are in the most capable hands with   Advertise in This Newspaper! Call 561.746.3244
      county’s first-responders.
         PBFR is one of the largest fire departments in the state
      of Florida. In addition to fire and/or medical emergencies,
      they are trained to respond to hazardous materials/conditions,
      plane crashes, aircraft emergencies, active shooter incidents,
      chemical and fuel spills, and water and animal rescues. PBFR
      is also involved in hurricane/disaster planning and response
      and presidential detail.
      Quick Statistics on PBCFR:
         • 140,000 911 calls for help each year
         • 49 fire stations, including Palm Beach International
         • Covering 1,761 square miles
         • More than 1,500 employees                                                                                         Servicing PETS of Boca Raton
      Nonemergency Services:                                                                                                       for over 20 years
         • Fire and arson investigations                                                                                        “Caring is our Specialty”
         • Building fire safety inspections
         • Construction plans review                                                                                        Complete medical, Surgical and Dental
         • Community education presentations                                                                                   Facility SPA Bath & Grooming
         • Mobile Integrated Health Program – for follow-up with
      patients in need after 911 calls
         • CARES Team – for emotional first aid for families and
      resource connection services                                                                                    Norbert Graber, R. Ph.
                                                                                                                     and Lynn Graber, R. Ph.

        Are You Watching                                                 Family Owned & Operated                                      FREE

        Your Speed?                                             SERVING BOCA POINTE AND OUR COMMUNITY SINCE 2001                 LOCAL DELIVERY
                                                                                                                                   Free for prescription
                                                           •  Easy Prescription Transfer      •  Prescriptions Filled Fast            drugs only
                                                           •  All Medicare Part D Plans Accepted •  Professional Compounding
           Please obey all posted speed                                                                                        FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE
        limit signs throughout Boca Pointe                 •  Most Private Insurance Plans For   •  Orthopedic & Surgical     SPECIAL ORDERS WELCOME
        for the safety of our residents. As                  Prescription Drugs Accepted        Supplies
        a reminder, the speed limits are as                  Including United Healthcare      •  Nebulizers & Supplies       HIGHEST-QUALITY MEDICINES
        follows:                                              and Tricare                     •  Compression Stockings           & HEALTH PRODUCTS
           Boca Pointe Drive 30mph                                                       561-391-6336
           Via de Sonrisa del Norte 25mph
           Promenade Drive 20mph                                                      22191 Powerline Road • Boca Raton
           SPEEDING FINES  ARE NOW BEING                                 SW Corner of Palmetto & Powerline • Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm • Sat 9am to 3pm • Closed Sun
        ENFORCED!!                                                                  
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