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       Just In Case You Missed It                        a sign of divine disfavour incurred by the Jews’ denial that   were described as companions of the Devil and a race of vipers.
                                                         Jesus was the Messiah and by their role in his crucifixion.  Church liturgy, particularly the scriptural readings for the Good
       By Bob Kronish                                       As Christianity spread in the first centuries CE, most   Friday commemoration of the Crucifixion, contributed to this
                                                         Jews continued to reject that religion. As a consequence, by   enmity. Such views were finally renounced by the Roman
       The Grievous History of                           the 4th century, Christians tended to regard Jews as an alien   Catholic Church decades after the Holocaust with the Vatican
       AntiSemitism                                      people who, because of their repudiation of Christ and his   II declaration of Nostra aetate (Latin: “In Our Era”) in 1965,
          Michael Bernbaum is                            church, were condemned to perpetual migration (a belief best   which transformed Roman Catholic teaching regarding Jews
       the author of the following                       illustrated in the legend of the Wandering Jew). When the   and Judaism.
       article, He is the author                         Christian church became dominant in the Roman Empire, its   Anti-Semitism In Medieval Europe
       and editor of twenty books,                       leaders inspired many laws by Roman emperors designed to      Religious attitudes were reflected in the economic, social,
       scores of scholarly articles,                     segregate Jews and curtail their freedoms when they appeared   and political life of medieval Europe. In much of Europe
       and hundreds of journalistic                      to threaten Christian religious domination. As a consequence,   during the Middle Ages, Jews were denied citizenship and
       scholarship.                                      Jews were increasingly forced to the margins of European   its rights, barred from holding posts in government and the
          AntiSemitism is described as hostility toward or   society.                                      military, and excluded from membership in guilds and the
       discrimination against Jews as a religious or racial group.      Enmity toward the Jews was expressed most acutely in   professions. To be sure, some European rulers and societies,
       The term anti-Semitism was coined in 1879 by the German   the church’s teaching of contempt. From St. Augustine in the   particularly during the early Middle Ages, afforded Jews a
       agitator  Wilhelm  Marr  to  designate  the  anti-Jewish   4th century to Martin Luther in the 16th, some of the most   degree of tolerance and acceptance, and it would be an error
       campaigns under way in central Europe at that time.   eloquent and persuasive Christian theologians excoriated the
       Although the term now has wide currency, it is a misnomer,   Jews as rebels against God and murderers of the Lord. They   JICYMI on page 3
       since it implies a discrimination against all Semites. Arabs
       and other peoples are also Semites, and yet they are not the
       targets of anti-Semitism as it is usually understood. The
       term is especially inappropriate as a label for the anti-Jewish
       prejudices, statements, or actions of Arabs or other Semites.
       Nazi anti-Semitism, which culminated in the Holocaust, had
       a racist dimension in that it targeted Jews because of their
       supposed biological characteristics—even those who had
       themselves converted to other religions or whose parents
       were converts. This variety of anti-Jewish racism dates only
       to the emergence of so-called “scientific racism” in the 19th
       century and is different in nature from earlier anti-Jewish
       The Origins Of Christian Anti-Semitism
          Anti-Semitism has existed to some degree wherever
       Jews have settled outside Palestine. In the ancient Greco-
       Roman world, religious differences were the primary basis
       for anti-Semitism. In the Hellenistic Age, for instance, Jews’
       social segregation and their refusal to acknowledge the gods
       worshiped by other peoples aroused resentment among some
       pagans, particularly in the 1st century BCE–1st century CE.
       Unlike polytheistic religions, which acknowledge multiple
       gods, Judaism is monotheistic—it recognizes only one god.
       However, pagans saw Jews’ principled refusal to worship
       emperors as gods as a sign of disloyalty.
          Although  Jesus  of  Nazareth  and  his  disciples  were
       practicing Jews and Christianity is rooted in the Jewish
       teaching of monotheism, Judaism and Christianity became
       rivals soon after Jesus was crucified by Pontius Pilate, who
       executed him according to contemporary Roman practice.
       Religious rivalry initially was theological. It soon also
       became political.
          Historians agree that the break between Judaism and
       Christianity followed the Roman destruction of the Temple
       of Jerusalem in the year 70 CE and the subsequent exile of
       Jews. In the aftermath of this devastating defeat, which was
       interpreted by Jew and Christian alike as a sign of divine
       punishment, the Gospels diminished Roman responsibility
       and expressed Jewish culpability in the death of Jesus
       both explicitly (Matthew 27:25) and implicitly. Jews were
       depicted as killers of the Son of God.
          Christianity was intent on replacing Judaism by making
       its own particular message universal. The New Testament
       was seen as fulfilling the “Old” Testament (the Hebrew
       Bible); Christians were the new Israel, both in flesh and in
       spirit. The God of justice had been replaced by the God of
       love. Thus, some early Church Fathers taught that God had
       finished with the Jews, whose only purpose in history was           WHITSYMS NURSING SERVICE
       to prepare for the arrival of his Son. According to this view,
       the Jews should have left the scene. Their continued survival
       seemed to be an act of stubborn defiance. Exile was taken as   IS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR IN-HOME CARE

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