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Page 6, Viewpointe                                                  February 2020
       The Photo Corner: The Art Of Seeing – Looking Up

       And Looking Down

       By George Steinman                                Leaves
                                                           The Leaves photograph
          To me, the art of seeing in                    you see here presents some
       relation to photography is a                      leaves surrounded by blossoms
       G-d given talent. Sometimes                       which I spotted in the corner of
       I tease and call it being born                    my eye on the top of a cherry
       with photographic genes. I’ve                     blossom tree in Roslyn on
       learned a lot about this art from                 Long Island. They looked great
       attending classes and more so                     but photographing them was
       from the talented classmates                      another story. Photographing
       in these classes. Initially it was                the scene looking up at the
       somewhat strange for me as I                      leaves obviously was not an
       was brought up in the high tech aerospace world with controlling   option. I went to the garage,
       satellites with state of the art electromagnetics and training   took out a ladder, and placed
       astronauts on docking maneuvers. And I’ve learned about seeing   it by the tree’s trunk. So now
       in taking a step back and understanding what I was seeing, such   we had a set-up for the actual
       as a blending of colors or a scene rather that the details.  photographing.  Susan  was
          In demonstrating the art of seeing in one class, we had a   holding on to the ladder as
       rather interesting set of assignments. Photograph where ever you   I  got  to  the  top.  George’s
       wanted but you had to take three different sets of photographs:   Rule Number 1 - safety first
       looking straight ahead with the camera at your waist, looking up,   when doing photography.
       and looking down. Looking up and looking down were really   Rule Number 2 - Follow Rule  The Mountain
       interesting. With looking up, you might see some interesting   Number 1. With a narrow depth
       floral in a tree or if you were lucky enough, you might photograph   of field, the leaves were razor sharp and the blossoms simply a   The Mountain
       a rainbow. Rainbows are rare but every single one is beautiful.   ring surrounding the leaves. I loved this shot and it’s hanging in      I photographed this scene on one of our Tauck tours of the
       There are no bad looking rainbows. Or you might photograph   the foyer of our home.                 Canadian Rockies near Bannf National Park. Looking upward
       some interesting cloud formations. For example, I took a                                            and at a distance I saw this amazing scene. Yes - it helps to be
       photograph on a Christmas afternoon just after lunch and I had                                      in the right place at the right time. The scene I saw was looking
       it published in a past issue of Viewpointe. I was fortunate to                                      into a valley with a forest on one side and mountains on the
       photograph a set of five different cloud formations all together                                    other side. Following the valley through a mountain range, I saw
       closing in and forming a fast disappearing triangle. And it wound                                   a huge mountain in the background taller that any of the other
       up getting juried in an annual Palm Beach Photographic Center                                       mountains, completely surrounded with a cloud bank, and just
       juried contest. Storm clouds forming before a hurricane are quite                                   being taller than the clouds. Hard to compose but easy to shoot.
       dynamic but are part of the devastation that they bring. Looking                                    The Mini-Cactus
       down I found was a totally different world. Yes grass is boring.                                       Here you see a whole field of beautiful cactus growing in
       But sometimes plants growing in odd places or small animals                                         a hotel garden in Mexico. Being in a hotel, it was certainly
       can become interesting photograph elements. And I hope you                                          well kept, looked healthy, and was gorgeous. In looking down
       like the three photographs which follow which illustrate the art                                    I spotted this miniature cactus. I presume it was a wild cactus
       of seeing - looking up and looking down.                                                            but looked interesting. It was just pretty in its own right, and
                                                                                                           something different and unexpected you see when looking down.
                                                                                                              That’s it for this month. Always remember to have your
                                                                                                           camera with you all the time as you may see something that you
                                                                                                           have never seen before and might never see again. And always
                                                                                                           remember to be careful where you stand for your safety and
                                                                                                           photo composition. Also don’t forget the Peter Lik philosophy
                                                                                                           “It’s not what you see. It’s how you see it.” Follow the light
                                                                                                           and photograph everything that light makes beautiful. May the
                                                                                                           light be with you always. And most important, always make
                                                                                                           photography fun.

                                                                                                              George Steinman is a resident of The Palms and can be
                                                         The Mini Cactus                                   contacted at 

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