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      Meet Our Neighbor William T. White, Jr.

      By Mort Mazor                                      development program                               and spiritual leaders for molding him into the adult he
                                                         for Africare  including                           became—the person who has dedicated his life to helping
         Back in November we were enthralled with the telecasts   construction  of  a  $1.1                humanity.
      of the hearings in Washington, D.C. of former U. S. Ukraine   million irrigation system
      Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Many of us didn’t realize   and directed operations                       Mort Mazor and his wife Lucille were West Delray
      at that time one of our newer residents, William T. White,   of three primary health                 residents for 27  years prior  to  relocating to Stratford
      Jr. spent his entire career dedicated to serving others in the   care clinics and one field          Court, Boca Raton, Oct. 7, 2014. They celebrated their
      U.S. and abroad, retiring as a U. S. Senior Foreign Service   hospital.                              74th wedding anniversary March 20, 2019.
      Officer in 1985.                                      He established World                              Since 2008 he has written over 500 articles for the
         Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he earned a B.S. at Ohio State   Vision  International’s                 weekly sections of the Sun-Sentinel. Current topics cover
      University and post graduate studies in Law and Accounting   presence in Baluchistan                 senior’s outstanding achievements, wellness, and finance.
      at Case Western Reserve and Southwestern U.        Province,  Pakistan                                  He retired in 2018 from teaching a weekly course in
         He  served  in  the  U.S. Army  Medical  Corps  at  Ft.   and initiated liaison                   Creative Writing began in 2002. The course continues at
      Richardson, Alaska.                                with international and                            Weisman Community Center, West Atlantic Ave. Delray
         The  impeccably  dressed  and  groomed  88-year-old   non-gove rnm enta l                         Beach every Monday, 1 to 3:00 pm. 
      William  married  Margaret Ann  Childers,  (nicknamed   organizations and
      Peggy) March 28, 1953. The family grew to two sons, a   diplomatic missions. He
      daughter and three grandchildren: William T. White III, 65   of relief and rehabilitation assistance for Afghan refugees  Regrets
                                                         was also responsible for development and management
      manages a Macy’s in the D.C. area; David, 64 is a marketing
      research executive with Dirmark Corp.; Daughter Angela,   in preparation for their resettlement in Afghanistan post-
      59 serves as C.O.O. for Reed & Associates, an accounting   Soviet occupation.                         By Judith Levy
      firm in the D.C. area. Sadly, Margaret Ann passed in June      William directed international training for the Agency
      2004.                                              for  International  Development  involving  up  to  1,200      Looking  back,
         William’s life goal has always been to serve others.   participants per year from around the world; managed U.S.   wishing things were
      “Throughout my life helping people in need has given me   economic development programs for the Sahel and West   different, being sorry
      my greatest personal satisfaction.”                Africa Region of A.I.D. and coordinated the efforts of other   about choices you made
         He began his career directing business and economic   donor countries. He also managed a $50 million private   is a monumental waste
      development projects for the Los Angeles Area Economic   sector development project in Pakistan for the A.I.D.  of time. The richest man
      Development Agency generating loans and providing      From 1986 to 2004 when he finally retired, William   in the world can’t get
      management assistance to small business owners. Here,   worked in the private sector for the American Council on   yesterday  back  so  you
      when  he  was  26  years  old  he  met  and  worked  for  a   Asia and Pacific Affairs, a consulting group; American   won’t be able to either.
      gentleman named John A. Buggs who became a positive   Airlines; Africare and World Vision International, two non-  Whatever mistakes you made, you learned from them and
      influence on him throughout his career.            governmental organizations; The Sigur Center for Asian   if you didn’t that was an education in itself. Most of us,
         “He impressed me with his integrity, character, honesty,   Studies, a research center at George Washington University;   just like you have graduated from “The School of Hard
      knowledge, political acumen and grace,” said William. “He   and on Capitol Hill as Chief of Staff for a member of the   Knocks” and most have hopefully smartened up.
      was truly a man for all seasons.”                  U. S. House of Representatives.                       Was there was a fork in the road you traveled and you
         “I worked for him for four years in California county      Throughout his distinguished career William travelled   chose the one to the left? Would the one to the right have
      government then left to work in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia.   and  worked  in  21  countries  in Africa  from Algeria  to   been better, who knows? The road you chose may have
      For the next sixteen years I served as a staff Foreign Service   Zimbabwe; 12 countries in Europe from Austria to   had fewer bumps or perhaps it may have had many more
      Officer. I then rejoined John A. Buggs in Washington, D.   Switzerland;  16  countries  in  Near  East  and Asia  from   with deeper potholes. That’s the mystery of “what if” and
      C. He was now a federal government official in charge of   Afghanistan to Vietnam. He speaks Amharic, French and   no one ever knows the answer.
      the Model Cities program.”                         Urdu besides English.                                 Do you believe that we are destined to walk on a
         In Ethiopia a second time William managed a $3.6 million      William credits his family members, teachers, religious   prescribed journey and no matter which way you turn or
                                                                                                            which choice you make you will be on this predestined
                                                                                                            road? In Yiddish there’s a word called “Bashert”, and that
                                                                                                            means it was meant to be, or whatever will be will be, or
                                                                                                            it was written in the stars.
                                                                                                               So, look toward tomorrow with the joy and challenges
                                                                                                            it offers and forget about yesterday with its mishaps. No
                                                                                                            one gets a do over, and no one wins every time, but smart
                                                                                                            people put behind themselves unhappiness over the milk
                                                                                                            that’s already been spilled or water that’s already gone
                                                                                                            under the bridge and they say a welcome goodbye to
                                                                                                               Of course, if you said the wrong thing or did the wrong
                                                                                                            thing perhaps there’s still time today to rectify things, but
                                                                                                            if it’s too late, don’t keep rehashing it, learn from it and go
                                                                                                            forward. Don’t demand perfection from yourself, you can’t
                                                                                                            achieve it and be comforted that no one else can either.
                                                                                                               Most of all consider if you had your life to live over,
                                                                                                            you’d probably make the very same choices, so, turn the
                                                                                                            page, because clearly that chapter is over, that curtain is
                                                                                                            down, that bird has flown, that pie has been baked and
                                                                                                            the fat lady has sung. Do yourself a big favor, embrace
                                                                                                            today and don’t look back. Choose not to be the foolish
                                                                                                            one who ruminates again and again over what can’t be
                                                                                                            changed. Be the one who reaches for the sunshine of a
                                                                                                            new day by wisely taking the opportunity to move forward,
                                                                                                            unencumbered by useless regrets. Cheer up my friend, you
                                                                                                            did the best you could.

                                                                                                               Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling
                                                                                                            author of  GRANDMOTHER  REMEMBERS which
                                                                                                            has sold over four million copies and the mega best
                                                                                                            seller GRANDFATHER REMEMBERS, published by
                                                                                                            HarperCollins. 

                                                                                                            Lease Renewals

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                                                                                                            a copy of your renewal lease and vehicle registration
                                                                                                            prior to your lease expiration date. Both items are
                                                                                                            needed to ensure that your transponder does not get
                                                                                                            deactivated when the lease ends. Our office is located
                                                                                                            at  6909  SW  18th  St.  Suite A120  in  the  Boardwalk
                                                                                                            shopping plaza.
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