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VOL. 28 NO. 3                                                                              MARCH 2020

      2020 Boca Raton Regional Hospital Town Hall Meeting

         You can’t argue with success. That is what The Club at                                            Sitting at the table with Christine E. Lynn was Barry J.
      Boca Pointe and the Boca Pointe Community Association                                                Haberman, President and Chairman of the Boca Pointe
      has done again with their exclusive Community                                                        Community Association and the very generous and lovely
      Awareness Meeting. This “Insights in Medicine” meeting                                               Marleen Forkas.
      was held on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020. We served                                                      Lincoln then introduced a truly outstanding gentleman,
      wine and cheese starting at 7:00 p.m. followed by the                                                Dr. Brian M. Snelling. Dr. Snelling serves as the Chief
      presentation beginning at 7:30 p.m.                                                                  of Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Neurosurgery.
         Lois  Dermer,  a  Governor  on  the  Club’s  Board  of                                               Dr. Snelling gave us a fabulous picture of what the
      Governors, welcomed the attendees to this year’s                                                     stroke program is and how it operates. He spoke of the
      Town Hall Meeting and introduced Mark Larkin,                                                        absolutely incredible job our hospital is doing in this
      CFRE, President of the Boca Raton Regional Hospital                                                  area. Dr. Snelling showed fantastic slides which displayed
      Foundation.                                                                                          how he and his staff reach, through hair thin strands,
         Our outstanding guest speakers were Lincoln Mendez,                                               to get to and treat clots. Having Dr. Snelling, such an
      MHSA, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boca                                                  ingenious neurosurgeon, and his team, puts the Marcus
      Raton Regional Hospital and the auspicious Dr. Brian   Gail Haberman, Barry J. Haberman, Christine E. Lynn  Neuroscience Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital
      Snelling, MD. Dr. Brian Snelling serves as the Chief of                                              where  it  should  be  “Creating  a  World  Class  Stroke
      Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Neurosurgery and   to the growth of the Hospital. He spoke a lot about his   Program” in the Advancement of Stroke Treatment.
      Medical  Director  of  The  Marilyn  and  Stanley  Barry   expectations for now occurring and future growth – the      Over one hundred and twenty people were in
      Center  for  Cerebrovascular  Disease  and  Stroke  at  the   newly opened garage, individual private rooms (which   attendance and some had the advantage of having their
      Marcus Neuroscience Institute at Boca Raton Regional   thrilled the attendees and those they have spoken to   excellent questions answered by Dr. Brian Snelling.
      Hospital.                                          since), and faster turn around time on testing whenever      All in all, this year’s Town Hall meeting was superb,
         Mark Larkin gave updates and an interesting review   possible. Mr. Mendez also elaborated on the partnership   as usual.
      about the Foundation and its happenings. Mark introduced   with Baptist Health South Florida and the advantages to      Gail E. Haberman 
      Lincoln Mendez our new President and CEO of the Boca   the Boca Raton Regional Hospital.
      Raton Regional Hospital.                              We were extremely honored to have with us the very
         Lincoln spoke about the growth of the hospital and   dedicated and most generous and distinguished Christine   Community Association
      the very generous donations which built and keep adding   E. Lynn. Without her – well – where would we be?    Annual Meeting
      Update Your Information                                                                                    All Village Association Directors Invited

                                                                                                                 Open to residents who would like to attend
      By Justin Mocha, Director of Security                 4. Red Flags. You may have asked security to put a “red
                                                         flag” on your account for one reason or another. Red flags are   Tuesday, April 21st, 2020
         BPCA stores resident information in a secure, centralized   notifications that security officers will see prior to viewing   Edgewater at Boca Pointe Auditorium
      database within the main office. It is this information that   your list at the gate. If you think you might have a red flag   9:30 am Registration and Continental Breakfast
      security and the association accesses when necessary—either   that is outdated or no longer applicable, you can call and   10:00 am Meeting Begins
      for routine matters (e.g. processing a guest or vendor at the gate)   have it removed.
      or for emergencies. In order for our processes to run smoothly,      5. Access Code. Your access code is the number you use   Agenda
      it is vital that this information is kept up to date. Here are a list   to verify your identity when making changes to your resident   Year End BPCA Audit Results
      of items you can update with the Community Association:  file. If you have had the same code for many years and have   Mark Gerstle of Gerstle, Rosen and Goldberg, CPA’s
         1. Contact Information. This includes your own phone   shared it with others, it might be a good idea to change it for   BPCA Board Election
      numbers as well as emergency contacts and key holders.   security purposes.                              Village Presidents will elect BPCA Directors for
      Many residents have out of date emergency contacts, which      You can update any of the above information by calling   Districts 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9 and 3 AT Large Directors
      can cost security and / or local police and fire valuable   Access Control at (561) 395-3392. You may also do it   “State of the Association” Address
      minutes in the event of an emergency.              yourself using or the GateAccess phone   BPCA Chairman/President Barry J. Haberman 
         2. Vehicle Information. Residents should update their   application.
      vehicle information with BPCA whenever they change      In addition to these items, it is a good idea to call
      vehicles or tags.                                  Alarm Partners to update
         3. Authorized guests and vendors. Remember that a guest   any information with them,
      or vendor on your permanent list is authorized by you to   and of course ensure your   Please Help The Very Needy
      enter property. You may have guests or vendors on your list   alarm system is functioning
      that you no longer see or do business with. Vendors on your   properly.      In Our Area
      permanent list can use your address to enter property to do
      work elsewhere.                                                                  We are all so fortunate to live at Boca Pointe. However, there are many who are
                                                                                    struggling to just get by. The homeless in our community have a constant need of
                                                                                    clothing. Please consider donating any used clothing to those less fortunate. The only
                                                                                    requirement is that the clothes are clean. All clothing collected will be donated to local
                                                                                    homeless shelters and programs. All clothing can be dropped off at the Boca Pointe
                                                                                    Community Association 0ffice at 6909 SW 18th Street, suite A120. If you are unable
                                                                                    to go there please email Paul Hart at and I will arrange to have
                                                                                    the clothing picked up at your residence. Thank you for your generosity and care for
                                                                                    those in need.

                                                                                       Paul Hart, Esplanada at Boca Pointe. 
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