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Page 10, Viewpointe                                                  March 2020

      Enjoy Great Times And Contribute

      To Your Community With The Jewish Federation

         Many thanks to all the Boca Pointe Jewish Federation      This time of year, there are so many opportunities   first to find out our Jewish Women’s Foundation’s 2020
      of South Palm Beach County supporters who made “A   to celebrate, learn, contribute and volunteer with your   grant recipients to empower Jewish women and children
      Night of Music & Laughter” on January 27 a night to   Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County! Here   to achieve social and economic equality. Hear from master
      remember! They joined peers from across the community   are just a few coming up soon:               storyteller, former publisher of Savvy Women Magazine
      to celebrate all the good we do together and enjoy great      Women’s Spring Finale Comedy Night – March 19  and accomplished author, Talia Carner, a 7th generation
      entertainment with Lenny Dave. Special thanks to Jane &      Pomegranate  and  Lion  of  Judah  donors  to  the   Sabra,  feminist  and  humanitarian  who  gives  voice  to
      Dan Fishkoff for representing Boca Pointe on the Event   Federation will celebrate their generosity and this season’s   those without one. $100 couvert. RSVP online at www.
      Committee.                                         many wonderful accomplishments with a comedy night or contact 561.852.3188
                                                                                 exclusively for them at   or
                                                                                 7:00 pm on March 19, at      Learn How Much Good We Do Together – NEW
                                                                                 Delaire Country Club.     TOUR Opportunities!
                                                                                 In  the  best  of  company,      DON’T BE A STRANGER! Now you can spend a
                                                                                 they’ll be laughing with   morning from 9:00 am to noon both on and off the 100-
                                                                                 acclaimed,  “hysterical,   acre Federation campus in West Boca learning about our
                                                                                 unique  and  memorable”   funded services for concerns you care about most. There’s
                                                                                 comedian  Cory  Kahaney,   no charge for any of our tours! Sign up for one or more of
                                                                                 and enjoying lite bites   this Federation season’s remaining new Impact Tours:
                                                                                 &  cocktails.  Couvert    March 27 - Safety Net Services; and April 20 – Jewish
                                                                                 is  $72, and a minimum    Life at FAU. Sign up at or
                                                                                 Women’s  Gift  of  $1,800   contact 561.852.3142 or
                                                                                 to  the  JFSPBC  2020        Many Boca Pointe residents have been discovering all
                                                                                 Annual Campaign is        the good that happens right on the Federation campus. The
                                                                                 required  to  attend.  RSVP   next regular Campus Tours are on April 7 and May 13
                                                                                 online at  jewishboca.    from 9:30 to 11:30 am. BUT if those dates don’t fit your
                                                                                 org/spring, or contact    calendar, just get in touch for a private tour. Register at
                                                                            561.852.6014 or
                                                                                 or 561.852.5031              Deepest  thanks to  Boca  Pointe  Federation
                                                                                   Jewish Women’ s         Campaign Chairs:  Jane  and  Dan  Fishkoff,  and  to
                                                                                 Foundation Granting       Committee Members: Rhoda Berkow, Allen Brayer, Si
                                                                                 W ishes Cocktail          Farber, Daniel Fischer, Richard Glazer & Elaine Kaplan,
                                                                                 Reception – March 31      Bea  Gold,  Harold  Katz,  Joel  Meisner, Arlene  Penner,
                                                                                   Enjoy an evening with   Murray  Pitkowsky,  Mel  Schoen,  Mickie  Schulman,
                                                                                 like-minded  women  who   Doris  &  Stuart  Zeuner,  for  their  continued  dedication
                                                                                 believe in the collective   and leadership.
                                                                                 power of women to change      Find out about upcoming events, how the Federation
                                                                                 the world, with a great   is helping the community and how you can help from
                                                                                 speaker and terrific food   our Federation professional Shirley Gross at shirleyg@
                                                                                 and drinks (dietary laws  or  561.852.3182.  Learn  more  about  the
                                                                                 observed) at  5:30 pm on   Federation and the many ways to get involved at www.
                                                                                 March 31 at Temple Beth 
       Boca Pointe residents enjoyed “A Night of Music & Laughter” on January 27  El of Boca Raton. Be the

        Lease Renewals                                                                  Attention Dog Owners

                                                                            It is your responsibility to pick up after your dog. It’s the law.
           Renters- If you plan to renew your lease at Boca                         Some of you have been negligent in doing so.
        Pointe, please provide the BPCA Management office                       Please keep our Boca Pointe Community beautiful!
        a copy of your renewal lease and vehicle registration
        prior to your lease expiration date. Both items are
        needed to ensure that your transponder does not get
        deactivated when the lease ends. Our office is located
        at  6909  SW  18th  St.  Suite A120  in  the  Boardwalk
        shopping plaza.
           Thank you! 

          On behalf of The Club at Boca Pointe                                                                                      happy hour
        we would like to remind our residents that            Stylish Modern Atmosphere     Make Reservations
        NO walking, running, bicycle                                                                                               every Day 3 - 6 pm
        riding  or  dog  walking  is                                                                                                and Mon. - Thurs.
        permitted on the golf course                                                                                               all Day at Bar Only
        or golf cart paths. For safety
        reasons, the paths are for                                                                                                Lunch SpeciaLS
        golf carts only.                                                                                                              every Day
                                                                                                                                       starting at  9
          Thank you for cooperating with The
        Club's policy. 

           Your All Around HAndYmAn

                   BoB Howard

      Boca Raton, FloRida
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