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      JICYMI from page 2                                 for Religious Relations with the Jews, said, “Whenever      In Europe the presence of a large Muslim immigrant
                                                         there has been guilt on the part of the Christians, this burden   population that was deeply concerned with events in the
       religion and exonerated Jews for the murder of Jesus Christ   should be a call to repentance.”      Middle East was believed to have intensified anti-Semitism.
       by universalizing responsibility for his Crucifixion. Nostra      Although it might have seemed likely that anti-Semitism   Often the targets of anti-Semitic actions were the most
       aetate, arguably the most important document in Christian-  would have been dealt a decisive blow by the collapse of the   vulnerable of Jews living in immigrant neighborhoods. It
       Jewish relations in the 20th century also changed the Good   communist bloc in the early 1990s and by the transformation   was argued that the large number of Muslim immigrants and
       Friday liturgy to make it less inflammatory with regard to   of the Roman Catholic Church’s and other Christian   the absence of hate-crime legislation led some European
       Jews and altered the Roman Catholic catechism. In 2007,   denominations’ teaching regarding Jews, that was not the   politicians to ignore or to downplay the significance of
       however, Pope Benedict XVI approved wider use of the old   case. In the 1980s and 1990s, international controversy over   anti-Semitic incidents. Furthermore, anti-Semitic myths that
       Latin mass, which included the Good Friday liturgy and a   the legacies of Nazism in Austria and Switzerland triggered   in the post-Holocaust era had been discarded by western
       prayer that most Jews found offensive. Although the prayer   increased anti-Semitism in those countries. Foreign concern   Europe, such as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of
       was revised in 2008 to address Jewish concerns, some argued   over  Kurt Waldheim’s  Nazi  past  provoked  angry  anti-  Zion and the blood libel, made their way into the Middle
       that it was still prejudicial.                    Semitic reactions among some of his supporters during   East, where they flourished with support from religious
          A centerpiece of the papacy of Pope (later Saint) John   his successful 1986 campaign for the Austrian presidency.   authorities, the media, and some governments. Although
       Paul II, who witnessed the Holocaust directly as a young   During the late 1990s, when it was revealed that Swiss banks   some observers were quick to argue that Islam was not by
       man in Poland, was the fight against anti-Semitism and   had laundered Nazi gold (much of it likely confiscated from   its nature anti-Semitic, currents of fiercely anti-Israel and
       his embrace of Jews. The pope paid a historic visit to a   Jews) during World War II and had failed to return money to   openly anti-Semitic beliefs were abroad in the Muslim
       synagogue in Rome in 1986, and under his leadership the   Jewish depositors after the war, international criticism and   world.
       Vatican established diplomatic relations with the State of   demands for restitution provoked increased anti-Semitism in      For many centuries, Islamic societies had tolerated
       Israel in 1993, shortly after the conclusion of the Oslo peace   Switzerland. In post communist Russia, political opposition   Jews as people of the book and dhimmīs, subordinate yet
       agreement between Israel and the Palestine Liberation   to that country’s ruling regime and to the disproportionate   protected people who were required to pay special taxes,
       Organization. In March 2000 the pontiff visited Israel.   representation of Jews among the powerful oligarchy often   wear identifying clothing, and live in specified areas. Jews
       At Yad Vashem, Israel’s memorial to the Holocaust, he   had anti-Semitic overtones.                 were thus treated much as other nonbelievers were in
       described anti-Semitism as anti-Christian in nature and      Moreover, the founders of Zionism and the leaders of   Muslim societies. But the immigration of large numbers
       apologized for instances of anti-Semitism by Christians. At   the State of Israel had presumed that the normalization of   of Jews to Palestine in the 20th century and the creation of
       the Western Wall, Judaism’s most-sacred site, he inserted a   the Jewish condition—that is, the achievement of statehood   the State of Israel (1948) in a formerly Arab region aroused
       prayer note of apology for past Christian misdeeds into the   and with it a flag and an army—would seriously diminish   new currents of hostility within the Arab world. Because the
       stones.                                           anti-Semitism; however, from the Yom Kippur War of   Arabs are Semites, their hostility to the State of Israel was
          In 1998 the Vatican had published a document titled   1973 onward, the existence of the Israeli state seemed to   primarily political (or anti-Zionist) and religious rather than
       “We Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah,” which called   have the opposite effect, fueling rather than quenching the   racial. Whatever the motivation, however, the result was
       upon the faithful to reflect upon the lessons of the Shoah   long-standing fires of anti-Semitic hatred. Thus, in the first   the adoption of many anti-Jewish measures throughout the
       (the Holocaust). In presenting that document, Edward Idris   decades of the new millennium, there seemed to be a marked   Muslim countries of the Middle East. In response, most of
       Cardinal Cassidy, president of the Holy See’s Commission   rise in anti-Semitism.                   the Jewish residents of those countries immigrated to Israel
                                                                                                           in the decades after its founding.
                                                                                                              The vehemence of the anger and attacks against Israel,
                                     Board Of Directors                                                    however, often appeared not to differentiate between Israelis
                                                                                                           and Jews. Armed attacks were aimed at civilian and military
                   April 2019 – April 2020 Officers/Executive Committee                                    targets alike. Some of those who were alarmed by increasing
                                                                                                           anti-Semitism in the 21st century pointed to examples
                                                                                                           of Muslim leaders’ employing anti-Semitic tropes when
         Chairman and President  Barry J. Haberman      District 5 Dan Gabrielle (La Corniche)             addressing their own populations. At the same time, the
         Vice Chair          Steve Retzer                  Esplanada, Caravelle, Palomar, La Corniche,
         Vice President      Gail Ehrlich                  and El Dorado                                   Internet linked disparate group of anti-Semites and provided
         2nd Vice President      Jim Collins            District 6 Marvin Lazarowitz (Villa Stel)          an online community for previously isolated factions.
         Secretary           Steve  King                   Villa Flora, Montego Bay, Villa Stel, and Palladium     Other factors loomed large in the consideration of what
         Treasurer           Harvey  Kaplan             District 7 Joyce Britt (Villa Sonrisa)             was characterized in the Western media as the “new anti-
                                                           The Plum/Cortina, Villa Sonrisa and Pointe 100  Semitism.” Notably, in many countries a significant part
         District Directors                             District 8 Len Kagan (Costa del Sol)               of the political left had become highly critical of Israel, a
         District 1 Alvaro Fernandez Caballero (Encantada)     Costa del Sol and Costa Brava               development that was disquieting to Jews who were once
            Encantada, Valencia and The Palms           District 9 Robin Gliboff (Edgewater)               comfortable on the left and felt that their erstwhile allies
         District 2 Steve King (Imperial Royale)           Edgewater Pointe Estates and Stratford Court    had turned against Israel or Israeli policies. Some critics of
            Promenade, Imperial Royale, Imperial, Regency                                                  those policies compared them to those of Nazi Germany,
            and Panaché                                 At Large Directors     At Large Directors          and in political cartoons Jewish figures were depicted in
         District 3 Steve Retzer (La Mirada)            Through 2020           Through 2021
            La Mirada and Meridiana                     Carsten Bethge (Valencia)  Howard Davis (La Corniche)  a manner not dissimilar to Nazi propaganda. At the same
         District 4 Bob Greenstein (La Paz)             Jim Collins (Caravelle)  Gail Ehrlich (Villa Flora)
            El Viento, La Paz, and Southwinds           Harvey Kaplan (Meridiana) Barry J. Haberman  (Encantada)  JICYMI on page 4

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