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VOL. 28 NO. 4                                                                                APRIL 2020

        Chairman’s Corner                                                         From The Manager

                                                                                  By Kathleen O’Donovan, General Manager
        Boca Pointe Residents                                                        This year, due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak

           We all live in a caring and well - run community.                      (COVID-19) and to support the health and well-being of
           The Boca Pointe Community Association office is open                   our Residents and Staff, the Boca Pointe Annual Meeting
        (by appointment) and functioning for all essential services.              scheduled  for April  21,  2020  will  be  postponed. The
           The club is offering food-to-go for ALL residents of                   Association will post notification once a new date has
        Boca Pointe.                                                              been selected.
           What a great staff we have with Kathleen O’Donovan                        We continue to encourage Residents to limit or eliminate
        as General Manager and Justin Mocha as Director of                        guests. Essential Personnel such as cleaning services,
        Allied Universal Services at Boca Pointe.                                 nurses, aides, food deliveries are permitted. This policy is
           Please follow all of the guidelines established by the                 subject to change based upon Executive Orders issued by the Governor of Florida.
        CDC. We pray that everyone stays healthy.                                    Boca Pointe Management continues to closely monitor information from the Centers for
           May we all get to enjoy the Easter and Passover holidays.              Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other
                                                                                  credible sources of information, both locally and nationally, and will continue to keep our
                                     Barry J. Haberman                            residents updated through emails, the website and Channel 63.
                                     President/Chairman                              The  Boca  Pointe  Master Association  offices  are  open  to  issue  transponders  (by
                       Boca Pointe Community Association                         appointment), please do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions or concerns
                                                                                  (561) 395-7551.
       Security And COVID-19                                                 
                                                                                    I encourage you to avoid rumor and speculation and rely on information from credible
                                                                                  sources, like the CDC at and the WHO at Continue to take precautions,
      By Justin Mocha, Director of Security                                       practice social distance and self-quarantine if necessary.
                                                                                     I look forward to seeing you all again once this crisis has passed. Be safe and be well. 
         As everyone is adjusting their day-to-day life in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,
         With kids out of school early, a number of residents working from home or out of  To Go Dining
      the following are some security guidelines and advisements.

      work, and perhaps a reluctance for seasonal residents to return to the heavily hit areas up
      As of this writing, patrol has observed a significant increase in pedestrian traffic within  At The Club For The Boca
      north- as a community we must be aware of the changes these conditions may present.

      the community. Drivers on our roads must exercise particular caution during these times,
      fully stopping for stop signs, checking for pedestrian traffic before proceeding through an   Pointe Community
      intersection, etc.
         We urge everyone to limit your guests to essential guests and vendors, only. Gate
      operations will function normally with some distancing and contact modifications. Patrol   By Mark Nelles,
      activity will function normally, but patrol officers will not enter homes. Our gates and   Chairman, Board of Governors,
      patrols are adequately supplied with any necessary personal protective equipment to safely   The Club at Boca Pointe,
      perform their duties.                                                       561-864-8500
         Some law enforcement agencies are anticipating a rise in criminal activity. High
      unemployment, kids out of school, general unrest and economic recession conditions are
      seen as contributory factors. Although, hopefully, we are all practicing social distancing      During this period of so much uncertainty and disruption in all our lives, The Club at
      and are out and about less often, do not become complacent securing your property. Keep   Boca Pointe has had to curtail most services to our members. However, we are allowed
      your car doors locked with valuables out of sight, and arm your home alarm system when   to operate our food service on a To-Go basis. We changed our operations from one
      your house is unattended.                                                   day to the next. The Club went from being a full-service restaurant to solely being a
         Finally, there is the possibility that scammers will seek to take advantage of the COVID-19   take-out restaurant.
      pandemic. Be vigilant. If you receive a call from someone claiming to represent a government      The Board of Governors of the Club, since there was capacity, met and unanimously
      institution (e.g. CDC) asking for personal details, do not share any information. Legitimate   decided to offer this To-Go dining as a service to the entire Boca Pointe Community.
      institutions will have methods of validating who they are and represent.    Our General Manager, Helen Karpel, immediately  called Kathleen O’Donovan, the
         As usual, if you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 and security’s   Community General Manager, and informed her of our offer of service.
                                                                                    Club Chairman, Mark Nelles, Helen Karpel, and Executive Chef Terry Daniels met
      role, please feel free to contact me directly at (561) 672-3309.             and developed smooth guideline instructions for residents to place orders and arrange
       STAY HOME • STAY SAFE • SAVE LIVES                                         pickup.

                                                                                    “We wanted to provide this service to our Boca Pointe Community as we are all in this

                                                                                  situation together, and our entire Board and Management wanted to share this ability with
                                                                                  all of the Boca Pointe family once we were able to be properly prepared.” said Nelles.
                                                                                     Both Helen and Kathleen have been in constant contact to make sure that residents
                                                                                  receive guideline instructions and updated menu emails along with working out the
                                                                                  logistics of resident access from all quadrants of Boca Pointe to the Club valet pickup.
                                                                                     Our Club members have been overwhelming in their support of this program and
                                                                                  welcome this arrangement. We are also fortunate that many of our Club staff have agreed
                                                                                  to be available to provide this valuable service to all of us. Hopefully this situation will
                                                                                  not be with us too much longer but the Club is here not only for our members but in this
                                                                                  instance for our Boca Pointe community as well.
                                                                                     Our wish is for safety, well-being and health for all of us. 
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