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         Go Virtual With                                 Anger

                                                                                                             It’s also unfair if you are arguing, to bring in someone’s
         Your Workout                                    By Judith Levy                                      family members, or incidents from the past that have never
                                                                                                           been, nor ever will be resolved. Stick to the matter at hand
                                                           Let’s start out by saying

                                                         I’m not talking about angry                       and don’t muddy the waters with situations that are so old
        By Oris Martin                                   situations that escalate in                       that the statute of limitations should have set in by now.
                                                         physical  violence.  If  that                        My mother used to tell us that if one person was right
           If you’re like millions of Americans who workout   is happening in your house,                  and one person was wrong, we could figure it out. But, if
        regularly at a gym, your schedule went out the window   seek help, go to a shelter or              two people were right, there was going to be a war. That
        with the closure of gyms in your community during the   do anything that gets you                  goes for people and countries as well.
        health epidemic. If you’re hunkered down at home and   out of harm’s way.                             Over the years I’ve learned that it’s important to ask
        not able to go to the gym, this is no time to skip workouts      I’m  talking  about               yourself, do you want to be right, or do you want to
        because exercise helps combat stress and indeed, this is   everyday  situations. The               have a relationship? Being right is cold comfort if the
        a very stressful time. It is a great time to get creative and   one where all of a sudden, out of nowhere someone is   relationship is ruptured and you can’t find a way back
        consider other options for exercise.             hollering, and by sheer force of volume they mean to   to one another. I say, if you think you’re right you can
           In recent years exercise has been going virtual as fitness   prevail. Oh, I know everyone gets angry from time to   afford to be more generous. The person who is wrong
        professionals have increasingly sought to broaden their   time, but some people are constantly angry. Their fuse is   will back themselves into a corner and not know how to
        audience by using YouTube, Facebook or live streaming.   short and in short order they’ve exploded. If you have a   get out. The person who is right needs to stretch out their
        Advocates have long purported that the convenience,   nature that reaches for anger only as a last resort, all this   hand and help the other person out of the corner they’ve
        variety and cost all make this the obvious choice. However,   anger is unsettling at best and frightening at worst.  boxed themselves into.
        there is so much out there that it can be confusing to a      Here’s how it goes. At first the conversation may seem      It’s also a good thing to remember to pick someone up
        consumer. How do you choose what’s best for you?  quite harmless, then someone, knowingly or unknowingly   before you drop them down. For example you might say,
           Workouts on Facebook and YouTube are free, so if cost   pushes someone’s “Poko Moko.” What’s Poko Moko?   “For a smart person like you that was a foolish thing to
        is a concern, then this is the obvious choice for you. The      Do you remember the film with Abbot and Costello,   do.” You’ll get your point across and still leave room for
        only drawback with these workouts is that they do not tell   where Abbot tells Costello that the big fellow over there   the other person to save face.
        you what level of fitness participant it is recommended   looks dangerous, but he’s a harmless guy, unless you say      Anger is a malady that affects both sexes. Is there a
        for. They often demonstrate complex choreography and   “Poko Moko.” So, Costello goes up to the guy, looks right   hollerer in your house? Are you that person? Well, there’s
        high impact moves that may be contraindicated for some.   up in his face and shouts, “Don’t worry, I’ll never say,   still time to change and everyone will be happier, even
        Many gyms and boutique studios have been livestreaming   Poko Moko.” With that the guy rises up and towering over   you, especially in these difficult times.
        their more popular offerings. Check with your local gym   Costello says, “Slowly I turned, step by step,” as he puts
        to see if they are offering this service.        his hands around Costello’s neck to throttle him.     Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling author of
           A few of the more highly recommended streaming      Many times you know what will set your partner off,   GRANDMOTHER REMEMBERS which has sold over 4
        services are available at no cost, they include Nike Training   yet some little imp in you decides to push that button, or   million copies and the mega best seller GRANDFATHER
        Club, C25K and Strava. There are also live streaming   as Costello did, say “Poko Moko.”           REMEMBERS, published by HarperCollins. 
        services that you may purchase at a cost. Probably the most
        well-known and highly recommended of the subscription
        services is Beachbody on Demand which offers free trial       Boca Pointe Community Association, Inc.
        memberships and annual memberships for $99. You can
        choose from a variety of programs from a six-week cardio   6909 SW 18th St., Suite A120  A special Thank You to our monthly volunteer contributing writers
                                                                   Boca Raton, FL 33433
        plan to a one hundred day program that focuses on full   Office (561) 395-7551 Fax (561) 395-5936  Steve Handwerker  Halli Moore  Judy Goldstein
        body cardio and toning work. Other well rated services   Email:    Arlene Rodman    Harold Katz          Frank Weinstock
        include Daily Burn, My Fitness by Gillian Michaels and   Website:   Bob Kronish      Harriet Rubin        Lin Schader
        Grokker which cost from $15 - $20 monthly.         Access Control                      Mort Mazor       Jack Kulick          Justin Mocha
           Many  people  ask  why  pay  for  a  service  when   Operator: (561) 395-3392       Arthur Kravitz   Elaine Rubinson      Barry J. Haberman
                                                                                                                                     Peter Sachs
                                                                                                                Anne Gannon
                                                                                               Judith Levy
        there is so much available for free on YouTube? There   Voice mail system: (561) 395-3369  Dr. Ronald J. Meyers  Elyse Weintraub Brown  Steven L. Abrams
        are several reasons why you may want to invest in a   Website:      Lisa Sileo       Helen Karpel         Rochelle Wilensky
        subscription service. They allow you to choose from a   Staff                          Rayna Becker     Hillary Reynolds     Sheila M. Cooperman
        wide variety of programs based                     Kathleen O’Donovan, General Manager  Lori Deibel     Oris Martin
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        weeks. Doing this allows you                       Justin Mocha, Director of Security  necessarily reflect the views of the Boca Pointe Community Association.
        to slowly and safely increase                        Viewpointe of Boca Pointe is the newspaper   The Association nor the individual writers are not responsible for claims
        intensity and often the duration                   of Boca Pointe Community Association, Inc.   or promises contained in any advertising material appearing in the
        of your exercise as the program                    Please  direct  all  questions,  comments  or   Viewpointe. Such claims and promises are the sole responsibility of the
        progresses.                                        articles for Viewpointe to lisa.cammaleri@  individual advertiser.
           Regardless of which way
        you choose to go, remember
        to look at the entire workout
        before you begin, be realistic                                                                                Norbert Graber, R. Ph.
        as to where you are on your                                                                                  and Lynn Graber, R. Ph.
        fitness journey, and most
        important have fun doing it. 

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