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Page 6, Viewpointe                                                    April 2020
       The Photo Corner: On Assignment

       - Some Beautiful Orchids

      By George Steinman                                                                                                  A Closer Look
                                                                                                                          And next I looked a lot closer to find a
         So here we are just                                                                                            best selection of some of the orchids. This
      three days after the Vernal                                                                                       was not an easy task with dealing with all
      Equinox,  marking  the                                                                                            the beautiful orchids in full bloom. This
      beginning  of  spring  time.                                                                                      was a pure judgment call. And as you see
      The  northern  hemisphere                                                                                         here I found a subset that just ‘pop off the
      of  our  planet  tilts  toward                                                                                    page’. I really like this shot.
      the sun giving us longer                                                                                            Yellow Beauties
      and sunnier days. And with                                                                                          Yes,  these  are  knock-outs.  Just  for
      what is currently happening                                                                                       the  record  for  those  people  interested
      all around us, obviously                                                                                          and after a lot of searching on the
      now is certainly not the time for me to go out on a major                                                         Internet, I found out that these are called
      photo  shoot. With  this  I  had  absolutely  no  idea  as  to                                                    phalaenopsis  orchids.  They’re  a  little
      what to submit for the April issue of ViewPointe and also                                                         special and absolutely gorgeous.
      what photographs to enter for the upcoming Palm Beach                                                               That’s it for this month.  Always
      Photographic  Center’s  annual  members  juried  photo                                                            remember to have your camera with you
      contest by mid-May. And then out of the blue I get a call                                                         all the time as you may see something
      from my friend Martie Katari from across the street telling                                                       that you have never seen before and might
      me about his really good looking orchids in bloom on the                                                          never see again. And always remember to
      side of his house. In almost no time, my camera’s battery                                                         be careful where you stand for your safety
      was charged, the disc was formatted, the image sensor                                                             and photo composition. Also don’t forget
      was cleaned, and off we went. And true to his word, the                                                           the Peter Lik philosophy “It’s not what
      orchids surrounding a tree were all in full bloom.                                                                you see. It’s how you see it.” Follow the
         The Katari Orchids                                                                                             light and photograph everything that light
         Here  we  see  the  many  assorted  orchids  in  various                                                       makes beautiful. May the light be with
      locations surrounding the tree. It was an interesting                                                             you always. And most important, always
      grouping of numerous varieties. In trying to find the best                                                        make photography fun.
      view for photographing the orchids, I felt like an orchid
      judge whereby the first assessment is made by standing                                                              George  Steinman  is  a  resident  of
      away from all the orchids and getting an impression of                                                            The Palms and can be contacted at
      the entire scene. I think I captured the overall view of the                                             
      orchids pretty well. I believe I made the right choice.  A Closer Look

      The Katari Orchids                                                            Yellow Beauties

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