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VOL. 28 NO. 4                                                                                 APRIL 2020

                                                           Southern Spotlight

                             Life-Changing Stories Inspire Guests At

                  The 2020 Chef Event Benefiting Seagull Services

        Guests attending the 2020 chef event benefiting                                                      The event held at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa in
      Seagull Services had the privilege of hearing                                                        Manalapan raised more than $50,000 for the vocational
      firsthand how the agency had changed the lives                                                       and educational programs of Seagull Services. Gardens
      of its program participants.                                                                         Wealth Management was presenting sponsor for the event.
        Several of the students and adults with
      developmental disabilities in Seagull’s programs                                                     Southern Spotlight on page 5
      and their family members shared personal stories
      during the gourmet luncheon event held on Feb. 13.
        “Seagull was a Godsend,” said Jim Weber,
      whose son Zachary graduated from Seagull’s                                                                   Charity event
      charter school, Seagull Academy for Independent
      Living. “They challenge the kids, but they love
      the kids. If you ever have an opportunity to spend
      time and go see the kids at the school, they would                                                             BallenIsles
      open your eyes. Some people just look the other  From left seated: Bonnie Cullen, Jeanne Painter, John Behrens, James
      way. They don’t know how to deal with it. But if  Kibble; Back: John Rinaldi, Olivia Morris, Judy Dynia, Kyle Hauser,
      you open your eyes, you’ll open your heart.”   and Martin Zipern                                                 Charities

                                    FundraiSing event
                                                                                                               Raises $720,000

         Oscar-Winning Actress Geena Davis                                                                    BallenIsles Country Club’s Charities Foundation

                                                                                                            announced yesterday that it will donate $720,000 to 42
                 Headlined Cancer Alliance Of                                                               local charities and organizations in the civic, health and
                                                                                                            human services, environmental and educational spheres.
             Help And Hope’s 2020 Luncheon                                                                  The $720,000 charity donation includes $665,000 in grants,
                                                                                                            plus the final payment of $55,000 for the Feed the Hungry
                                                                                                            Pantry refrigerated truck.
                                                                                                              Funds were raised over the past year by 140-plus
        Over 500 attended one of the most                                                                   dedicated volunteers and BallenIsles Country Club members
      exciting luncheons of the philanthropic                                                               through various fundraising events, including the Serena
      season. Cancer Alliance of Help and                                                                   Williams Tennis Charity Event that took place on Monday,
      Hope’s 2020  Shop  The Day Away                                                                       Dec. 23, 2019. Williams and tennis professionals such as
      Luncheon  took place on Feb. 26,                                                                      Brenda Schultz-McCarthy, Johan Kriek and Ann Grossman
      at  The Breakers, Palm Beach with                                                                     donated their time so that all proceeds could be distributed
      celebrity speaker Oscar-winning actress                                                               to The BallenIsles Charities Foundation.
      Geena Davis.
        Guests enjoyed Palm Beach’s most                                                                    Charity Event on page 2
      fabulous silent auction featuring more
      than  500  new luxury  designer  items
      from the world’s finest designers and
      luxury brands, followed by lunch, and                                      Barbara Zand and Sheila
      the first live auction that raised $34,000  Jeff Fowler, Abigail Beebe, Geena Davis, Amie Swan  Buchbinder

                                                                                 with the one exclusive item
                                                                                 for bid – a private chef’s
                                                                                 ultimate dinner party for 12
                                                                                 courtesy of Creative Edge
                                                                                 Parties. The excitement of
                                                                                 the day continued when
                                                                                 Geena Davis took the
                                                                                 stage and shared with the   Chere Goldstein, BICF; Division Chief of EMS Corey Bessette;
                                                                                                            Fire Chief Keith Bryer; Mark Freeman, president BICF
                                                                                 Fundraising Event on page 3
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