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VOL. 28 NO. 6                                                                                 JUNE 2020

       From The Manager

      By Kathleen O’Donovan,                                Make sure you have adequate coverage, your home has      Stay off the roads so that first responders may address issues
      General Manager                                    most likely increased in value over the past several years, you   unencumbered. Utility service may be interrupted, and we may
                                                         may have made home improvements or purchased expensive   be without water and sewer facilities for many hours or days.
         It is that time of year again,                  items. Review your insurance policy carefully and be aware      Be aware of official announcements from the National
      Hurricane season. The storm                        of your coverage limits. Know what your policy does and   Hurricane Center and local officials. The Emergency Management
      season spans the months of                         does not cover.                                   Center will broadcast via:
      June through November and                             Condominium residents should be aware of the coverage   Radio  WIRK/AM      1290
      we all need to be prepared.                        you have through your COA and know the coverage for             WJNO/AM        1230
      Before hurricane season                            which you are separately responsible.                Television   Channels 5, 12 and 25
      begins make sure to check                             When a storm is threatening our area, securing your home is            (on West Boca Cable 5, 12 and 31)
      your home owner’s insurance                        key. Bring in any objects outside, hurricane winds can transform      If you have any suggestions for our staff at the Community
      to see if coverage is adequate. The following information   the most benign item into a destructive missile, causing damage   Association, please do not hesitate to contact me at Kathleen.
      provides a checklist for reviewing your policy and otherwise   to not only your property but your neighbors as well. 
      preparing yourself for the worst. During hurricane season, pay      Make sure you have adequate amounts of non-perishable
      attention to the National Hurricane Center in Coral Gables or   food, water and medicine on hand to last for several days.
      the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)      If you plan to evacuate, secure your property and prepare   A “Founding
      either on your radio or the internet so that you will be aware of   in advance providing enough time to arrive safely at your
      storms and warned of their approach. After a storm occurs, refer   destination prior to the storm’s arrival.
      to these sources for pertinent information regarding appropriate      During a hurricane watch, the Community Association   Mother” Has
      action to keep yourself and your family safe.      will begin preparations to secure Association property.
         Before the Storm                                   If a warning is issued, gatehouses will be secured and
         Standard home owner’s policies do not cover flood   when the winds are increasing in force, the guards will be   Left Us
      damage caused by rising water. If you live in a flood-prone   dismissed. The gates will not be manned during a hurricane
      area you should contact your insurance agent to discuss   and the gate arms will be removed. Once the storm passes,
      obtaining flood insurance. Normally there is a five-day   gates will be manned by supervisors until we can resume      RO S E A RLEN E
      waiting period between the time flood insurance is issued   normal staffing. Management will return to the property once   RODMAN, the last of
      and the time coverage is in force.                 the “all clear” has been given.                    the original founders
         Check your home owner’s policy for any windstorm      After a storm, adhere to instructions from official sources.   of this newspaper,
      exclusions, if you have any questions contact your agent.   Avoid electric shock, watch for trees that may have fallen on   VIEWPOINTE, passed
      Most companies will not accept new applications when a   powerlines or low hanging wires, etc. Use your phone for   a wa y   su d d e n l y   o n
      “hurricane watch” is posted in your area.          emergencies only                                   March 25th. Her most
                                                                                                            recent article appeared
      COVID-19 And Security, An Update                                                                      in the March issue of
                                                                                                            this paper.
                                                                                                               We mourn the loss of
      By Justin Mocha, Director of Security                 If you check ‘keep me logged in’, the app will not ask   our colleague, a talented
                                                         for these credentials again.                       writer with a legacy of articles in Time/Life magazines,
         Last issue of View Pointe, I shared some insight into      Other updates were made to our front-end and back-end   the New York Times, Palm Beach Post, El Tempo, the
      our processes and what to expect as part of security’s   software. These won’t be outwardly visible to residents,   Spanish print magazine, and others.
      response to COVID. The following is a brief update   but they make it possible to conduct our business far more      Arlene’s life merits recounting. She was part of the
      on our status as well as some updated, security related,   efficiently than before.                   Kinder Transport drama. As war clouds were gathering
      guidance.                                             As businesses and recreation open back up it is crucial for   over Europe just prior to the start of World War II,
         As expected, gate traffic has slowed considerably.   everyone to follow local guidance regarding social distancing   Arlene’s parents shipped her west on special trains out
      We have taken the opportunity to implement some much   and personal protective equipment. Please heed any postings   of danger. Thousands of children were saved by this
      needed updates to our access control software.  This   made by your communities at amenity areas, and at the Club.   wonderful, humanitarian effort. Arlene ended up in
      included an update to the Gate Access mobile application.   Precautions are not just for your safety, but for everyone else in   the Netherlands, taken in by a sympathetic family, and
      The  application  now  has  a  more  streamlined  and  user   the community and whomever you interact with on a daily basis.  eventually to New York, where she was reunited with
      intuitive interface, and should run faster on all devices.      I’m happy to report that although there has been   her father. Her mother’s fate was never determined.
      Users may need to input their Gate Access credentials   some increase in property crime in surrounding areas,   Many Kinder  Transport children never  saw their
      again to log-in, which are as follows:             no property crime has been reported in Boca Pointe over   parents again.
         Community Code: 2722                            the past two months. Although I would like to credit our      Schooled in Barnard College in New York, she married
         Username: Your primary phone number, no dashes or   security staff and procedures for this, it is also a reflection   a South American and moved to Columbia with him,
      parenthesis (e.g. 5613957551)                      of our residents, guests and vendors actively securing   where she became a “stringer” correspondent for Time/
         Password: Your access code                      their property and not presenting criminal opportunity.   Life magazines. After losing her husband, she moved to
                                                                                 I’m hopeful that we can    Washington, D.C. and continued her career with Time/
                                                                                 keep that momentum going   Life. She married a second time to an internist, David
                                                                                 as we return to our normal   Rodman, and moved to New Jersey, where she lived and
                                                                                 routines.                  raised her three children until she was widowed again.
                                                                                   As always, please feel free   At this point, she moved to Boca and lent her talents to
                                                                                 to reach out with any security   ViewPointe, an intriguing history indeed.
                                                                                 related questions or concerns.      The staff and writers of ViewPointe offer sincere wishes
                                                                                 I am available at the office   of condolence to her three children and eight grandchildren.
                                                                                 during the week (561) 395-  She will be missed by us and her many friends at Boca
                                                                                 3392  or  via  e-mail  24/7   Pointe. A “Founding Mother” has left us. 
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