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      Halli’s Comments

      Welcome Back To The                                                                                    in the area. When Lou began working for the Chamber of
                                                                                                             Beside the shows, I was writing for several newspapers
      Viewpointe Of Boca Pointe                                                                            Commerce of South Florida, he had a business meeting
                                                                                                           with Mindi Rudan, publisher of Boca, Delray Life
      By Halli Moore                                                                                       Publications Magazine when she mentioned that two of
                                                                                                           her writers had quit. Lou said, “My wife is a writer,” and
         Boy am I glad you are                                                                             Mindi asked him to ask me to come there. “I’d like to meet
      back. I, like many others                                                                            her and perhaps she would like to write for us.” I met with
      have missed you. I’ll                                                                                her several days later, brought my portfolio of columns
      explain! From the day I                                                                              and she smiled saying, “Could you do two columns a
      graduated from college, I’ve                                                                         month?” “of course, I can,” I said. That began five years
      been writing for either a                                                                            of one of the most exciting times of my life. I covered the
      newspaper or a magazine.                                                                             Breast Cancer luncheons at Boca West, several other very
      The day I first learned to                         Countess & Halli                                  important shows at Boca Center and the most sad one at
      write, whenever I heard a                                                                            the Marriot Hotel, which was the story of the Armenian
      word I didn’t understand, I                        for a small-town newspaper in Great Neck Long Island.   Genocide, which made me cry at the horror of what the
      would write it down and look it up. My family could not   One day a friend of mine called and said there was a singles   Ottoman Turks did to the Armenian men, women and
      afford to send me to college, but I always knew I would   dance at Maud Craig’s restaurant in Great Neck. Since I   children, killing them in the streets. I met the Countess
      somehow be able to go.                             worked there, I wasn’t anxious to go back at night, but   de Hoernle, Cristine Lynn of Lynn University and many
         My mother was a dance teacher, taught at night and   she convinced me. I lived on the South Shore and Great   other people who give so much for those less fortunate.
      worked another job during the day. How she learned to   Neck is on the North Shore. I felt awkward and walked      Beside tennis for many years, Lou has been involved
      dance I really, never knew, but from the time I could walk,   up to the bar for a glass of wine when a man approached   as President of the Palms Board, Vice President now;
      she taught me. I also like to sing and in high school and   me and asked me to dance. And, that was Lou Moore. We   Vice Chairman of the Boca Pointe Country Club board,
      college, I was in the choral clubs. When I graduated from   spoke for hours and he asked for my telephone number.   an arbitrator (because of his law background) and
      high school, I got a job in the garment center in New York   The next day he called and that started a romance that   Senior Vice-President of the South Florida Chamber of
      modeling knit clothes. I saved money and started taking one   culminated in a wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York   Commerce.
      or two classes a semester at Adelphi University in Garden   and a honeymoon in Paris a year later.      I’ve written for the Boca news, Our Town News, Boca
      City, Long Island.                                    Lou sold his house and I sold a co-op I had bought when   Delray Life Publications Magazine and several out of
         I married a short time later and after my children were   my husband passed. We came to Florida and stayed at the   town papers that I have sent columns.
      born, I continued going to college on a part time basis.   Marriot Hotel for over a week looking for a house. I loved      Lou and I traveled the world. Every year we went to
      Once  my  children  finished  their  educations,  I  went  to   the model of our house in the Palms in Boca Pointe and   a different country usually visiting three cities in that
      school full time and graduated in 1982 with a degree in   the builder was putting up what was supposed to be a spec   country. Australia was my favorite. I would go on about
      English and journalism. I’ll skip to the future by telling   house. It was the last house on the lot facing the Hillsboro   our travels, which I miss, but that would have to be
      you how I wound up in Boca Pointe.                 River which separated Boca from Deerfield. There were no   another column.
         After my first husband passed away, I got a job writing   homes next to us or across the street. Of course, in a short
                                                         time people started buying and the Palms was completed.     Halli Moore is a resident of The Palms. 
                                                            Lou and I became tennis members, met a lot of people
                                                         and life was good. Arnold Steinberg, President of the Boca
                                                         Pointe Country Club at the time and a very accomplished
                                                         musician also played his one-man band at the main pool at
                                                         the club on weekends and I sang with him a few times. When
                                                         Arnold decided to do a show at the club, I auditioned and
                                                         he asked me what I wanted to sing. I said I wanted to dance
                                                         and was in several numbers, one solo and two with others.
                                                            That first show was Mash; we even had a helicopter fly
                                                         overhead. I didn’t know that Seymour Wolfe, a businessman
                                                         and also a dancer was in the audience the first night we
                                                         did the show and called the office asking for my telephone
                                                         number. They took his number and gave it to me. I was
                                                         curious and called him. He told me he would like to dance
                                                         with me in future shows and we agreed to meet. That began
                                                         a wonderful friendship between two dancers who became
                                                         friends including my husband and Seymour’s wife.  Dance number in Mash

      Seymour and Halli

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