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      Go Ahead, Make Mistakes

      By Judith Levy                                           You’ll never know what might have been,     but he loved music. His friends told him it’s a mistake,
                                                                  Unless you give it your best shot,       forget about music and get a good job as a waiter. Irving
         Oops! You made a mistake.                           Sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose,  took his chances and ended up writing songs that America
      Well, grandfathers want to                                  But give it everything you’ve got.       will always sing, like Easter Parade, White Christmas and
      impart to their grandchildren                         “Take a chance, my child,” he would smile and say.   God Bless America.
      the necessity of making                            “You can see from here to there, but if you want to get      The refusal to be discouraged is something grandfathers
      mistakes. They know that                           somewhere you have to reach beyond where you can see.   want to inculcate. The very successful ones point to
      every plus begins with a                           And if you fall down, pick yourself up, and keep going.   themselves as role models but even the grandfathers who
      minus, so it’s important to take                   When you finally get to your goal, you’ll know it was worth   gave up their ambitions and took jobs that paid a wage they
      risks and learn from the times                     the journey.”                                     could count on to support their family, they too want their
      you fall on your face. What is                        In history we have lots of people who were told,   grandchildren to reach and grab onto the American dream.
      it they say, “Don’t worry about mistakes, that’s why we have   don’t do it, it will never work. Suppose they had   And it’s not just their grandsons that they encourage; they
      erasers on pencils.”                               listened? Suppose they were discouraged when they   want their granddaughters to aspire as well. They don’t
         I’m one of ten children and in a group like that you can get   made mistakes? The Wright brothers would have kept on   want them to just marry the doctor, they want them to be
      lost, but I was fortunate to have my dear grandfather Jacob who   riding bicycles, Jonas Salk would have given up finding   the doctor. As far as they’re concerned, forget about glass
      loved and guided me. Grandpa had no money to give me but he   the vaccine to eradicate polio, David Sarnoff would not   ceilings, Grandpa says you can do anything.
      gave me a precious gift when he encouraged me not to be afraid   have taken a chance to convince people that a music box      We’ve even had a grandfather and a grandson as
      to try. This poem summarizes what he tried to impart to me and   could bring news, sports events, and symphonies into   presidents of our country. There was William Henry
      it always made me willing to stick my neck out just a little.  every home, followed by television, which became a huge   Harrison elected in 1841 and then half a century later
                                                         part of our lives.                                Benjamin Harrison was elected to the highest office in our
                                                            When grandfathers were growing up comic books   land. I guess his grandfather gave him good advice. The
                                                         talked about going to the moon, but who really believed   advice many of today’s grandfathers want to impart, is to
                                                         that? Well, people who weren’t afraid to make mistakes,   take reasonable risks, make some mistakes, but learn and
                                                         who ignored each naysayer, succeeded in rocketing Neil   don’t make the same mistake twice.
                                                         Armstrong to the moon on July 20, 1969. Every American      I think grandmothers would agree.
                                                         was thrilled to hear Armstrong say, “That’s one small step
                                                         for man, one giant leap for mankind.”                Judith Levy is the New York Times best selling author of
                                                            Irving Berlin started out as a busker, that’s someone who   GRANDMOTHER REMEMBERS which has sold over 4
                                                         sings on street corners for money. He didn’t speak English   million copies and the mega best seller GRANDFATHER
                                                         very well and could play the piano only on the black keys,   REMEMBERS, published by HarperCollins. 

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                                                                              Reflections on What Really Matters:

                                                                                 for Estate Planning and for Life

                                                           By Martin Zevin, Attorney                          My mother-in-law was a sweet, loving woman.  But
                                                              As I sit home writing this,                  her son, whom she loved dearly, married a woman who
                                                           with my wife of 44 years in                     she couldn’t stand. Her son was caught in the middle, but,
                                                           the kitchen and our only son                    as is usually the case, sided with his wife.  And because of
                                                           working from his apartment                      that, my mother-in-law lost her relationship with not only
                                                           in California, I’m reflecting                   her son, but her granddaughter as well.
                                                           on what really matters.  This                      I’m sounding more like a preacher than a lawyer.  But
                                                           world crisis has given me time                  here’s the legal advice: as long as you’re alive, there’s an
                                                           to see things in perspective.                   opportunity to forgive.  To heal.  To bring peace to yourself.
                                                           I’ve been waking every                          If you’ve cut out a son or a daughter from your will or trust,
                                                           morning saying “Thank You,                      consider putting them back in.  If you can reconcile with
                                                           God” and repeating it constantly all day and night.  I have   them, on any level, it would be beautiful.  But even if you
                                                           such deep gratitude for the roof over our heads, food to   can’t, the mere act of making him or her an heir again is
                                                           eat, each other to hug and our son safe, healthy and still   a great act of forgiveness and love.
                                                           working.                                           These days, I (and many other lawyers) are working
                                                              Through all my years of assisting clients with Estate   remotely.  So I can talk to you on the phone and we
                                                           Planning, I have seen so many parents who are alienated   can amend trusts, make new wills or change any other
                                                           from one or more children.  I hear things like: “I haven’t   documents without physically being in the room together.
                                                           talked to my son in 20 years.”  Or: “My daughter has said   Once we have prepared the new documents, we e-mail
                                                           things to me that I can never forgive.  I want her out of the   or regular mail them to you with detailed instructions for
                                                           will.”  It always makes me sad.  But as a lawyer, I do what   signing.
                                                           the client asks.  The Estate ends up going to a charity, or a      And if you are lucky enough to have a wonderful
                                                           sibling or a friend. And charities and siblings and friends   relationship with your children, count your blessings---and
                                                           are certainly all worthy.                       give them a call.
                                                              And yes, children can be mean or selfish or inconsiderate.       Please feel free to call me for a free personal or phone
                                                           But in this moment, writing this as a man and a father and   consultation regarding any issues pertaining to wills,
                                                           a son to two parents who were far from the greatest, but   trusts, estates and probate.  I am also available for free
                                                           who gave me life, I say to any one reading: This is a time   consultation regarding personal injury claims or car
                                                           to forgive.  Forgiveness is healing.  If you can, leave this   insurance coverage.  Call me at 954-569-4878.  My address
                                                           Earth having forgiven everyone, especially those closest   is 3275 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Suite 204, Deerfield Beach,
                                                           to you.  And forgive yourself, too.  Forgiveness brings   Florida 33442.  My website is
                                                           peace.                                          and my e-mail address is
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