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Page 6, Viewpointe                                                    June 2020

       The Photo Corner: We’re Back In Business

       By George Steinman                                Laboratories in Cold Spring Harbor. It’s also
                                                         one of the oldest churches on Long Island.
          Yes, I’m happy to be back                      There’s a large lake by the church with
       in business. I was concerned                      gorgeous surrounding trees and, if you time
       when we were notified that                        it right, you’d be lucky enough to see a small
       there would not be a May issue                    family of white swans in the lake. Yes it’s a
       of ViewPointe due to the non-                     beautiful scene. But what attracted me that day
       printing by SeaBreeze. I had                      was the cloud formation and with the proper
       been writing for ViewPointe                       perspective, it looked as though the cloud were
       since 2004. It is part of the                     descending toward the church spire. It did a
       culture of Boca Pointe and I                      bit of editing to this photograph so it wouldn’t
       thoroughly enjoyed writing                        look like a post card. I made the white walls
       every article. When I first started I was told that our club is   really bright stand out and darkened part of
       the only local country club that has it’s own newspaper and   the sky a little bit to increase the contrast. This
       not one that is shared with several other clubs. And I realized   photograph is one of my favorites.
       that I was honored in being included with a volunteer group      An Old Ford
       of amazing and brilliant number of writers. So SeaBreeze is      And here it is - an old Ford which I
       printing again and it’s fun time for me. With the corona-virus   photographed at a local car show. Yes it’s
       affecting all of us, I certainly haven’t gone on any recent major   a gorgeous black beauty and would I love
       photo shoots. However I’ve spent a lot of time going through   to drive this stock car around Boca. From
       many of my photographic files and cleaning them up. And as   a photographic perspective, it would be
       luck would have it, I found some photographs I had taken in   an interesting submission for a homework
       the past that I still really liked and had never published them   assignment entitled ‘black on black’. Here
       or entered that in any photo contest. All three photographs   we have the black enamel body as shiny black
       were taken on the north shore of Long Island.     versus the matte black tires as two different
          Artist in the Gardens                          ‘blacks’. My toast to the artistic owner.
          The first photograph is that of an artist painting at the Old      That’s it for this month. Always remember
       Westbury Gardens on Long Island. The gardens are about   to have your camera with you all the time as
       120 acres and is the museum converted home of heirs to US   you may see something that you have never
       Steel. I was indeed fortunate to capture this scene with an artist   seen before and might never see again. And
       actually painting a section of the lily ponds (not shown in the   always remember to be careful where you
       photograph). The artist sitting under the multi-striped umbrella   stand for your safety and photo composition.
       with her straw hat, white blouse, and easel together were certainly   Also don’t forget the Peter Lik philosophy
       an interesting contrast to the unique century old amazing   “It’s not what you see. It’s how you see it”.
       surrounding architecture. In retrospect I think I would have liked   Follow the light and photograph everything
       to have gotten a bit closer to the artist to show a slightly different   that light makes beautiful. May the light
       scenic perspective. Conversely I probably could have disturbed   be with you always. And most important,
       the artist and ruined the scene. More important I loved this shot   always make photography fun.
       and it will be hanging in my home shortly.
          Clouds by the Church Spire                        George Steinman is a resident of
          The church shown here is St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church   The Palms and can be contacted at
       located directly opposite the world famous Cold Spring       Clouds by the Church Spire

      Artist in the Gardens                                                      An Old Ford

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