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June 2020                                                      Viewpointe, Page 7

      Therapy Dogs Eagerly Await Return

      To Boca Raton Regional Hospital

      By Arthur Dermer,                                  Multiple studies have shown that interaction with gentle
      Therapy Dog Volunteer                              and friendly pets can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety,
                                                         lift spirits and lessen depression.
         It is with much sadness                            Tom DeCicco, the founder of Therapy Dogs of South
      that I inform you of the                           Florida, the organization which operates the therapy
      temporary stoppage of the                          dog program at the hospital, is continuing to work to
      Therapy Dog program at                             keep the program in operation when it is safe to do so.
      the Boca Raton Regional                            Over the past few years newly recruited dogs and local
      Hospital. This stoppage was                        residents were brought into service. “Rudy”, a 3 year
      a result of the pandemic                           old Australian labradoodle, is owned and trained by
      affecting our community.                           Judy Larkin. Graham Wellington is the owner-handler of
      Social distancing rules now                        “Honeybear”, a 9 year old golden
      prohibit the operation of the                      retriever and “Captain Parker”
      Therapy Dog Program. That                          a 3 year old golden retriever.
      program had formerly operated with the help of local citizen-  “Meghan” is a 27 pound Australian
      handlers and the assistance of Debbi-Rand hospital volunteers.   Labradoodle trained by Bobbie
      For the past 15 years, volunteers and handlers, lovingly and with   Edlund. “Enzo” is a Cockapoo
      devotion, served the patients and families of the Hospital. The   handled by Sherry Sharp. “Riley”
      interaction with the dogs comforts the patients and puts a smile   is a 97 pound Alaskan Malamute-
      on their face. As an aside, the dogs are often the only visitor the   German Shepard handled by
      patient received during their stay in the hospital.   Nathan Granger. “Riley” is our
         Each week these therapy dogs provided many benefits and   newest therapy dog and comes
      much joy to patients, their families, and staff. The dogs visited   from Michigan where he received
      patients in the main building of the hospital as well as those at the   multiple therapy dog degrees.
      other hospital facilities. They include the Lynn Cancer Institute,   These dogs join “Princess Lola” and
      the Marcus Neuro-Institute, and the Women’s Wellness Institute.   “Lexi”, owned by Carol DeCicco in
                                                         making multiple weekly rounds. (See photo)                                                W
                                                            The  trainer-handlers  and  all  of  the
                                                         volunteers at the hospital eagerly await
                                                         the day when they can return to servicing                                                 O
                                                         patients and staff at the Hospital. These
                                                         trainer-handlers  are  among  the  600
                                                         volunteers at the Hospital. Many of these                                                 O
                                                         volunteers are Boca Pointe residents.
                                                         After the pandemic, if you are interested in                                               F
                                                         volunteering at the hospital, please contact
                                                         the volunteer office at 955-4098. 

      Update On 2020 Florida Legislation

         We are pleased to provide you with an update regarding   rentals. While it is anticipated that similar bills will be brought up   person’s ability to apply for an emotional support animal as
      condominium and homeowners association legislation that was   during the next legislative session, we will continue to monitor   follows:
      considered by the Florida Legislature in the session that recently   same. Almost all community associations require the ability to      • The legislation provides for additional types of documentation
      ended in March.                                    regulate occupancy of homes and condominium units within a   that may be used to verify a disability, including, but not limited
         In general, bills regarding vacation rentals and removing them   community.                       to, proof of disability services being provided by the payment of
      from local control were defeated. The proposed legislation would      HUD implemented new guidelines in 2020 and the Florida   social security disability benefits to that person.
      have restricted the ability of both condominium and homeowners   Legislature approved a bill (this law will take effect on July      • The legislation permits duly qualified teletherapy and other
      associations to promulgate and enforce restrictions on vacation   1, 2020 if the bill is signed by the Governor) that impacted a   providers with actual specific knowledge of the individual’s
                                                                                                           disability to provide documentation and make recommendations.
                                                                                                              • The legislation permits the association to provide a specific
                                                                                                           type of form to be used for an emotional support animal request,
                               COSTA DEL SOL COMMUNITY                                                     but does not mandate the use of that form. If a different type of
                                                                                                           form or letter is provided, then an association must still consider

                                                                                                             • While an applicant may submit other items purchased online
                                                                                                             that form or letter.
                                                   BOCA POINTE                                             as part of the application, such as vests, by themselves they are
                                                                                                           not sufficient to provide verification of a claimed disability.
                                                                                                             raised the limit for condominium units from $100,000.00
                                                                                                             The Florida Insurance Guarantee Association (FIGA)
         HOUSE FOR  ANNUAL RENTAL                                                                          to $200,000.00. (However, this change does not take effect

                                                                                                           until signed into law by the Governor.) In a disaster, where a
                                                                                                           condominium suffers a total destruction due to a hurricane,
                 Most Desirable Lennox Model on Lake                                                       FIGA would provide the association with $200,000.00 times
                                                                                                           the number of units in the condominium. The previous limit was
                        3 Bedrooms, 2-1/2 Bathrooms                                                        $100,000.00 which had remained the same for over fifty (50)

                                                                                                             Additionally, while a new law permits the use of certain
               Open concept • All Stainless Appliances                                                     fireworks on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and the Fourth
                                                                                                           of July, a homeowners association may restrict the use of
                                                                                                           fireworks on such holidays and other dates, through the passage
        Your own Heated Swimming Pool and Spa (newly reconstructed) inside 30’ high enclosure.             of restrictions contained only in the declaration of covenants.
                                                                                                              Associations are encouraged to review their rights and
        All granite countertops in kitchen and bathrooms. Modem white cabinets in kitchen.                 responsibilities under these new laws and proposed laws with
                                                                                                           their legal counsel.
        All real wood flooring throughout house (except bathrooms). Bathrooms all Travertine Marble walls & floors.

        Recently painted throughout inside of house. 2-car garage. Accordion Hurricane Shutters throughout.     Sachs Sax Caplan, P.L., Peter S. Sachs 
        Hurricane Proof front door with Impact Glass. Garage door Hurricane Proof.

        Many other features included. HOA handles all landscaping and sprinklers, outside painting of house, roof cleaning.  Advertise,
        Country Club not mandatory, but many programs available for participation.                                  Check out our Website!

        Available furnished or unfurnished. Availability June or July 2020.                         
                                                               CALL 561-289-3689                                        or call 746-3244
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