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      Caring For Yourself

      With The Right Estate Planning Prescription

      Submitted by Anné                                  can customize it so that you will have the assistance you need,      We understand that you are busy and your time is valuable.
      Desormier-Cartwright,                              when you need it, based on your individual situation and wishes.  To better assist our clients, we are available to meet by telephone
      Esq.                                                  As you are probably well aware, a medical power of attorney   or video conference. We may also be able to use remote
         To all frontline and                            allows you to name a trusted individual to communicate your   procedures for the signing and executing of your documents,
      “essential” workers: Thank                         medical wishes in the event you are unable to do so. It is   eliminating the need for you to come into our office at all. Your
      you for all of your hard work                      important that you choose someone you trust because you   estate planning should not have to wait until you have a day off.
      – day in and day out (and                          will not be able to oversee your agent’s decisions. It is equally   Give us a call so we can get started caring for you right away.
      often evenings, nights, and                        important that you convey your wishes to this individual clearly.      If you have questions about this article or your estate plan
      weekends). You tirelessly give                     This can be accomplished through the use of a living will or   and what documents are necessary schedule a consultation
      of yourself to care for some of                    advanced directive.                               today by calling our office at (561) 694-7827, Anné Desormier-
      the most vulnerable people                            Additionally, you can execute a HIPAA authorization in the   Cartwright, Esq., Elder & Estate Planning Attorneys PA, 480
      in our society. Whether you                        event you would like other trusted individuals to have access   Maplewood Drive, Suite 3, Jupiter, FL 33458.
      are caring for them in a hospital, therapy room, or patient’s   to your medical information (i.e., to get a status update on your      The content of this article is general and should not be relied
      home, you are there to protect and help the patient gain a better   condition or obtain test results for you) but do not want them   upon without review of your specific circumstances by competent
      tomorrow.                                          to have the ability to make decisions. In a stressful situation,   legal counsel. Reliance on the information herein is at your
         However, one important question remains. What have you   the dissemination of reliable information straight from the   own risk, as it expresses no opinion by the firm on your specific
      done to prepare for your own care? Working together, we can   healthcare provider can be a way to ease tensions and allow   circumstances or legal needs. An attorney client relationship is
      craft the best possible estate planning prescription that will   everyone to process what is going on with a level head.  not created through the information provided herein.
      protect you today, tomorrow and well into the future using the
      best legal tools available.
         A revocable living trust is an excellent way to manage and                            Louis Vuitton Wine?
      protect your money and property. Contrary to what some may
      think, you don’t have to have lots of money and property to
      benefit from a trust. The two major players involved in a trust                          ‘Where Fashion And
      are the trustee and the beneficiary. During your lifetime, as
      long as you are able and choose to do so, you can act as the
      trustee and can control all money and property in the trust.                                    Wine Merge ...’
      However, when you are managing the money and property,
      you are now doing so as the trustee and not as the individual
      owner. In addition to serving as the initial trustee, you are also   By Laura Berrio,               subsidiaries, including Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot,
      the beneficiary. This means that although you have transferred   Freelance Writer/                  and Belvedere Vodka, along with many other “luxury
      your money and property into the trust, you are still the one   Blogger                             brands.”
      receiving the benefits of that money and property.      When I think of                                Other fashion companies have followed the same
         In the event you are unable to act (i.e., you become   Dom  Perignon,  Veuve                     path. Ferragamo and Bulgari have vineyards and estates
      incapacitated) or pass away, the individual you have named   Clicquot,  and  French                 in Southern Tuscany. One of the Guess brothers, who
      as your successor trustee will step in and manage the money   wine, I picture a small               cofounded the company, has a 55-acre Napa vineyard and
      and property according to the instructions you have included   family-owned business                winery. Chanel bought St. Supery vineyard and winery in
      in the written trust agreement. Even if you are still alive when   with fields of old vine          Napa.
      the successor takes over, it will be the successor trustee’s   grapes.  In  reality  you               With all of these “luxury” brand companies lending
      responsibility to manage and use the money and property for   have to look to the                   their  name  and  efforts  to  making  great  wine  and
      your benefit. Then, upon your passing, the successor trustee   fashion industry to find             Champagne, it has me thinking of other fun potential
      is required to hold or distribute the money and property in   the owner.                            ventures. …
      the trust according to the instructions in the trust instrument.      Wine and fashion are two of life’s greatest pleasures!      • AVEDA could make an organic wine
      This transition of trusteeship between you and your successor   What goes better than a glass of wine and a fashion      • Rolex could make Champagne to rival Dom Perignon
      trustee happens without court involvement, making it quick   magazine? You don’t have to look far to find brands like      • YSL could make a wine that has anti-aging beauty
      and private.                                         Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Ferragamo and Diesel in the wine   properties
         A financial power of attorney allows the trusted person   business!                                 The list is endless, but one thing is for sure, more and
      you choose (your “agent”) to handle your financial matters on      In the past you could buy a Louis Vuitton wine carrier   more companies are entering the world of “wine” and
      your behalf. The agent can handle a wide variety of transactions   … but now you can buy their wine and Champagne to   changing our perception of our everyday glass of wine
      from signing checks to opening a bank account to filing your   go in them. In 1987 Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy   to that of a “lifestyle” choice.
      taxes, depending upon the authority you grant that individual   merged and formed LVMH. LVMH now owns over 60      ~Cheers!
      in the power of attorney. This can be a helpful tool if you are
      incapacitated, bedridden, or just unavailable to engage in the
      necessary transaction. The beauty of this document is that you
                                                                     ASSET ADVISORY SERVICES
       Editorial copy appearing herewith is not necessarily the viewpoint of
       Seabreeze Publications of Central Florida. Most editorial copy is created by
       the homeowners and is edited by their appointed editor.      Crafting Financial Solutions with Insight and Integrity since 1980

                                                             Financial planning encompasses many areas,
                                                             one of which is proactive tax planning. There is
                                                             no question that time and lower tax rates builds
                                                             wealth. Please let us be a part of your team as
         Seabreeze Publications                              you evaluate how you can reduce your taxes

                                                             while simultaneously saving for retirement. We
                          Publisher                          believe our clients benefit significantly when
                          M. Sean Reid                       we work in conjunction with their tax preparer.
                          Jackie Reid
                                                             We are all about being proactive not reactive.     The team that has the knowledge and credentials to deliver
                                                                                                                everything you need to plan for your future. Left to right
                            Sales                                                                               Andrew J Francisco, M. Ed., Associate Advisor; Joseph C.
              Tom English, Laura Berrio, Bret McCormick      Don’t you think that your financial future         Francisco, AIF®,  Vice President; Curtis S. Francisco, CFP®,
                                                                                                                AIF®, President; Lori M. Colclasure, CFP®, CPA, RICP, CDFA,
                                                                                                                Wealth Advisor.
                                                             deserves a second opinion or a one hour
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