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      Tax Talk

      Dear Friends,                                      • Paper applications in English, Spanish and Creole are   Local Business Tax Collection Begins
         As I write this message                         available at all FedEx office locations.
      our nation is experiencing                         • Get help finding a job through CareerSource West Palm      Business owners must pay
      one  of  the  most  difficult                      Beach.                                            local business tax at www.
      chapters in its history. More                      Senior Citizens                          July 1 through
      than 110,000 people in the                         • Area Agency on Aging Helpline at (866) 684-5885 for   Sept.  30.  Property  owners
      United States have died from                       assistance with food, electricity bills, Medicare and caregiver   offering short term rentals
      COVID-19 including over                            resources                                         are required to obtain a local
      400 in Palm Beach County.                          • 211’s Sunshine is a free program that provides a daily   business tax receipt for each
      As  we  continue  to  face                         phone call with a friendly hello and well-being check for   rental unit. Check with your local municipality for additional
      record  unemployment  and                          seniors who are feeling isolated and alone. Call 211 or visit   business tax payment information requirements.
      businesses struggle to reopen,                     the website at
      I have put together a comprehensive list of resources that   Mental Health Resources                 Important Dates And Deadlines
      can help. Please share this information with your friends and   • Palm Beach County Youth Services provides free telemental
      neighbors – anyone who needs a hand during this difficult   health services for children and families by calling (561)   July 1  Local business tax collection begins
      time.                                              242-5714.                                         July 3   Independence Day Holiday, offices closed
         On a brighter note, I am excited to let you know we   • Anyone  experiencing  stress,  anxiety  and  fear  due  to   July 4   Independence Day
      launched an entirely redesigned website for the agency at   COVID-19 may call the Catholic Charities Counseling   July 20  Deadline to register or change party The new design is ADA compliant and   Program hotline at (844) 848-6777.             Aug. 18 2020 Primary election: Election Day
      mobile responsive, making it easier for everyone to use.
         A friendly reminder our offices will be closed Friday, July
      3 for the holiday. Have a safe and fun July 4th!  Sincerely, Town Of Jupiter News

                                       Anne M. Gannon,
       Constitutional Tax Collector, Serving Palm Beach County  By Ilan Kaufer, Town Of                       While with everything going on in our nation, local
                                                           Jupiter Councilman                              municipal activities do not seem as important, I did
      Tax Collector’s Office Helps Business Owners         Community Members,                              want to share some recent town activity with you and
      Apply For County Business Grants                        The last few weeks                           as always, I am available to discuss any matters you
                                                           have  been  challenging                         need updates on. Please find below a few recent Town
         From  May  22  to                                 for our community, our                          updates.
      June  12,  our  agency                               state, and our nation. The                      Veterans Memorial
      was proud to help local                              images of George Floyd,                            The  Town  has  begun  construction  on  the  new
      business owners apply                                Ahmaud  Arbery  and                             Veterans Memorial, and it is expected to be completed
      for financial assistance                             Breonna Taylor and the                          in the fall of 2020. I am excited that construction has
      through  the  Palm                                   subsequent protests have                        started and remain so grateful to many of you who
      Beach County CARES                                   placed the issue of racism                      supported  my  idea  and  have  helped  get  us  to  this
      Restart Business Grants                              at the forefront. I am committed to work with everyone   point. I look forward to visiting the memorial with
      Program. The program                                 in our community to fight racism, anti-Semitism, social   our community when it is completed.
      dedicated $60 million in                             injustice, and all forms of hate. Whether it be improving   Local Business Financial Relief
      federal dollars to local                             education, health resources, police practices, community      The Town Council approved a program to provide
      businesses  impacted                                 engagement, political policies, access to elected officials,   financial relief to local businesses through a reduction
      by  the  pandemic.                                   or any other matters, to remove racism, anti-Semitism, and   in  water  utility  rates  in  response  to  the  COVID-19
      Most of the funding is                               all forms of hate from our society. I am also committed to   pandemic.
      earmarked  for  small                                supporting our law enforcement community. I believe that   Fire Rescue
      businesses with 25 or fewer employees.               fighting racism and hate in our country and supporting law      The Town Council approved an amendment to the
         Applicants were required to provide a copy of their local   enforcement are not mutually exclusive. We must all work   Palm Beach County Fire Rescue contract to increase
      business tax receipt, a document that many business owners   together to achieve the goals we all seek. I am committed   staffing levels at Station 18. This follows our previous
      had misplaced. On May 22, the first day of the application   to listening to everyone in our community and to all ideas   approval of staffing level increases at Station 16 and
      period, clients came to our administrative office in the   that are brought forward. My efforts will not be perfect,   19 and is an important step to maintaining a high level
      Governmental Center seeking help.                    nor will I likely solve all the problems that exist, but I am   of public safety for our community.
         At  the  time,  our  office  was  still  closed  due  to  the   committed to being part of the solutions. I am grateful      As always please contact me with any comments
      pandemic. Tax  Collector  Gannon  worked  with  county   to be able to continue to serve our community and want   or questions at and follow me on
      officials and building security to safely admit clients. Once   to thank all of you for everything you do as community   Facebook at or
      inside, our team went to work helping numerous business   members to make our Town a great place to live and work.  on twitter @Councilorkaufer.
      owners get their business tax receipt so they could apply
      for this important grant.
         The  county  may  reopen  applications  depending  on
      how  much  money  it  disburses.  For  more  information,
      please visit Palm Beach County’s Housing and Economic
      Sustainability webpage.

      Comprehensive List Of Resources For Those
      Affected By Pandemic

      COVID-19 Testing
      • Palm Beach County Public Health Information at (561)
      712-6400 or
      • FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches, call (561) 642-1000.
      • South County Civic Center, call (800) 209-7919
      • Belle Glade: Primary Care Clinic, call (561) 642-1000
      • List of over 60 local testing sites at http://discover.pbcgov.
      • Homebound residents may call the Palm Beach County
      Emergency Information Center (EIC) at (561) 712-6400 for
      a prequalifying assessment for in-home testing.
      Hunger Relief
      • School District of Palm Beach County summer feeding
      program at 50+ school feeding sites
      • Food assistance through the Department of Children and
      • Veterans with COVID-19 symptoms should call the VA
      Medical Center, (561) 422-8262.
      • Veterans in distress should call the VA 24-hour hotline at
      (800) 273-8255 or text 838255.
      • List of smartphone apps for self-help and coping strategies
      • VA-specific information at the U.S. Department of Veterans
      Affairs COVID-19 web page
      Unemployment Assistance
      •  Florida’s  Reemployment Assistance  Program  or  call
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