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VOL. 28 NO. 7                                                                                  JULY 2020

      Security Update

      By Justin Mocha, Director of Security                                          Criminal activity, particularly vehicle theft and burglary, has been reported in the surrounding
                                                                                  area. Boca Pointe has had only three crimes reported (unsecured vehicle break-ins), which
         As of Thursday June 25, there is a new emergency order in effect for Palm Beach County   is a small number relative to outside our borders. As some of us return to work, return to
      regarding COVID-19 and, specifically, guidance for facial coverings. The county is requiring   outside activities, and otherwise leave our homes unattended for longer periods of time- please
      facial coverings be worn with limited exceptions. I highly encourage all Boca Pointe residents   remember to follow best security practices. This includes keeping your vehicles locked with
      read and become familiar with the EO here:  valuables out of plain sight, and arming your alarm system whenever you leave your home.
      Orders.aspx. Additionally, any superseding guidance or EO’s that may be issued by the   Home burglaries can be conducted quickly- in less than 15 minutes, so please use your alarm
      county between the time of writing and your reading this article can be found on that page.   no matter how long you expect to be out.
         Security cannot actively enforce any county or Boca Pointe village rules regarding mask      On the topic of alarms, if you are not using Alarm Partners to monitor your home alarm
      wearing or social distancing. The Sheriff can enforce the parameter of county EO’s. Please   please consider giving them a call to begin or resume monitoring services. In the 15 years we
      adhere to both any emergency orders from the county as well as any posted guidance at your   have property crime data for Boca Pointe, fewer than 5% of home burglaries were reported
      community’s amenity areas or at the Club. It is for all of our safety.      at homes which had an active and armed alarm system. It makes a difference! Alarm Partners
         Our COVID procedures at the gates and on patrol remain in effect. Traffic through the   can be contacted at (800) 330-5056; they have been operating and active in the community
      gates has been increasing steadily over the past few weeks—please exercise patience with   throughout the COVID pandemic.
      security processing guests and vendors as we are still operating under distancing constraints      As always, if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding security, you can reach
      which can increase processing times.                                        me directly at (561) 672-3309 or via e-mail at Be well and be safe! 
       The Photo Corner:                                                          Boca Pointe Magen David

       On Assignment -                                                            Adom Ambulances

       Cancer Survivor Month                                                      Delivers 3 Babies

       By George Steinman                                                         By Elaine S. Rubinson

                                                                                  MDA In Forefront Of Fight Against COVID-19

                                                                                  In Israel

                                                                                     During the months of
                                                                                  April and May, the Burt
                                                                                  Goodman Chapter of MDA
                                                                                  in Boca Pointe was notified
                                                                                  that Ambulances donated
                                                                                  by Boca Pointe residents,
                                                                                  helped deliver 2 baby boys
                                                                                  in Petah Tikva and a baby
          I was really touched by                                                 girl in Beersheba.
       this month’s designation                                                      In keeping with longtime awareness and gratitude
       to something quite dear to                                                 for Magen David Adom’s vital responses to all
       many of our hearts: - Cancer                                               medical and emergency calls in Israel, it is no surprise
       Survivor  Month. What                                                      to learn they have also been leading the national effort
       a meaningful action! In                                                    to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and maintain
       reality, one has to consider                                               public health.
       the meaning of the word                                                       While the numbers grew throughout the world,
       survivor to appreciate the                                                 Israel managed to keep new infections to a minimum
       depth of its meaning. It’s                                                 by deploying teams of paramedics and EMTs to
       simply defined as one who                                                  make remote visits to people suspected of having
       has remained alive due to                                                  the virus and who are at in home-quarantine. Orders
                                                                                  of home quarantine for 14 days were made to more than 60,000 Israelis who had traveled abroad
       The Photo Corner on page 3 For Cancer Survivor Month                       to at-risk-countries. MDA created additional Call Centers and phone-answering work stations to
                                                                                  respond to the increased volume. Record number tests and swab samplings were administered at
                                                                                  MDA drive-through sites at homes and at senior care facilities. MDA teams carried out evacuation
                                                                                  of verified patients to hospitals and inpatient hotels. Simultaneously, MDA’s Blood Services are
                                                                                  responsible for all plasma collection (the blood component containing the coronavirus antibodies)
                                                                                  from those recovered from the virus to help treat patients in moderate and severe condition.
                                                                                     MDA kept the coronavirus from spreading and saved thousands of Israelis.
                                                                                  NONE OF IT WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT.
                                                                                  AFMDA Saving Lives. It’s in our blood.

                                                                                     For further information about MDA, contact Chris Snyder, Chief Development Executive,
                                                                                  561-835-0510. 
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