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      Book Review from page 12                           sex appeal, though without the hot flashes and other   women continue to define themselves and seek out
                                                         disturbing biological results. Missing from her argument   men, revive the embers of sexual passion, or recluse
      the mid-nineteenth century, but her argument has little   is recognition of the role of spouses, married men, who   themselves. Over the years, women exploited herbal
      in common with the “Grandmother Hypothesis.” Though   often do provide a support system for their wives, and are   concoctions, leeches, extreme surgery, divorce, madness,
      she foreshadows  Professor Mattern’s anthropological   not insensitive to the despair of their life-partners. She   suicide, hypnotism, voodoo, transplanting of animal
      identification of the role of the older woman in primitive   prefers to insist on a woman’s autonomy and necessary   glands, tucks and Botox, bombardment with electrons.
      societies like the Tiwi of Melville Islands, as well as in   independence till the end.              She argues that the association of older women with
      traditional African  and Afghan  societies  where  older      She quotes from the Diary of Countess Tolstoy married   witchcraft derives from both insensitivity and fear men
      women enjoy elevated status as mentors.            and spurned by the aged genius author, who lamented:   have regarding the hormonal changes that a woman is
         Professor Greer rehearses the desperation plea, the   “something is broken inside me--I ache inside and cannot   undergoing.
      affective fallacy, enunciated by Shakespeare’s Cleopatra   control myself,” the novelist Iris Murdoch describing      She celebrates such authors as George Eliot and
      cited in the epigraph of this piece, in which the woman   “an august and terrible pain,” the psychologist Helene   Colette who conspicuously took young lovers. She
      despondent by her own ageing assumes that her lover   Deutsch noting “everything that was granted the female   recalls  the  sixteenth  century  great  Beauty,  Diane De
      (Antony) will necessarily be disappointed. She is prone   being at puberty is taken back.” And she offers her own   Poitiers, who in her youth enjoyed physical relations
      to the opinion put forth by many feminists in books with   summary: “The misery of the middle aged woman is   with Henry II of France and, following menopause, went
      titles like The Dangerous Age and The Summer Before   a gray and hopeless thing born of nothing to live for,   on to counsel him and even take charge of the children
      the Dark. Menopause has a deservedly unappealing   disappointment . . .”                             born to his new wife, Catherine de Medici; for which she
      reputation. No one would welcome the biological       She rehearses the efforts over the millennia for women   was richly rewarded with wealth and estates. She also
      changes that occur, though in all fairness it should be   in history  and  literature  to deal  with  their  situation,   cites one of my most beloved novels, Garbriel Garcia
      noted that men also lose their vigor, youth looks and   drawing as well upon her particular experiences. Some   Marquez’ Love in the Time of Cholera, but fails to note
                                                                                                           that it is indeed a romantic celebration of the menopausal
                                                                                                           interlude. Florentino Ariza fell in love with Fermina Daza
                                                                                                           when they were teen-agers. After she rejected him and
                                                                                                           married Dr. Juvenal Urbino, he waited and waited and
                                                                                                           waited. Some fifty one years later, widowed, Fermina
                                                                                                           now accepts his proposal, and together they embark on
                                                                                                           the steamship New Fidelity on the river Magdalena for
                                                                                                           their belated honeymoon, perhaps not Professor Greer’s
                                                                                                           “myth of geriatric love” but rather, for Marquez and me,
                                                                                                           a novel journey of mature love and companionship.

                                                                                                              Dr. Ronald J. Meyers, Emeritus Professor of English,
                                                                                                           resides in La Paz. 

                                                                                                            Rainbow After

                                                                                                            The Storm

                                                                                                               After an hour of heavy rain, wind, lightning, & thunder
                                                                                                            the sun came out and an amazing rainbow emerged. 

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