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Page 14, Viewpointe                                                   July 2020

      From The Desk Of Commissioner Robert S. Weinroth

         Over the past few                               the future. Being jammed into a bus or train is going to be a   maintaining a germ free environment.
      months, we’ve come to                              disquieting prospect for many after the rampant transmission      Likewise, airlines, which have been notorious for
      realize  how our  lives  can                       of the virus linked to those modes of transpiration.   squeezing as many seats as possible into the flight cabin will
      be impacted by what occurs                            Attendance at venues with a large number of people (e.g.,   now be confronted with the need to ensure adequate spacing
      half way around the world.                         theatres, stadiums, amusement parks and convention halls)   between passengers.
      The heretofore little known                        will need to be reengineered to address people’s desire for      Even cruise lines will have a Herculean task of attracting
      city of Wuhan China (capital                       greater social distancing.                        passengers back to their decks. The prospect of being denied
      city of Hubei Province), will                         Shopping is also an activity that was already seeing a   permission to disembark due to an onboard virus outbreak
      be forever linked with the                         migration from in store to online purchases. The pandemic   will cause many to avoid cruising until they can demonstrate
      misery caused by the global                        has only accelerated this move. The recent announced demise   a record of safety.
      COVID-19 pandemic.                                 of several national retailers will likely be but the beginning      Much has been written about the disruptive force
         With our daily routines                         of a continuing line of store closings and consolidations.  autonomous vehicles will be when they predominate the
      shattered by multiple orders to self-isolate and suspend      Another industry that will need to address health and   roadways. However, the disruptive power of the experience
      non-essential activities, we have adjusted to what can only   safety is hospitality. From the recreational amenities to   we have endured during the current pandemic will likely
      be termed the “new normal” as we slowly resume activities   the rooms, hotels will need to address concerns about   have far greater long-term impacts on our society. 
      while incorporating new safeguards to protect our health.
         The real question is what impacts this episode will have
      on our lives.
         Near term, the economic disruptions caused by putting the              Want Results Now?
      economy on pause will continue to reverberate as people who
      had been living on the edge (paying their bills but lacking a          • Drug Free • Surgery Free • Pain Free
      financial cushion to protect themselves from an unforeseen
      emergency) have been forced to seek a lifeline to maintain
      basic necessities of food and shelter.                                     Cold laseR TheRapy
         Notwithstanding the infusion of trillions on dollars into
      the economy by the federal government to forestall economic
      gridlock, employment, income and spending peaked in                                                      Experience this non-surgical
      February and then went into freefall as the pandemic shut                                                drug free treatment option
      down businesses across the country, marking the start of the
      first US recession after a record breaking eleven years of                                                   Receive A FREE Gift
      economic growth.
         Our social services network has been pressed to the                                                     with first appointment
      breaking point. Hospitals were unprepared for the onslaught
      of patients (lacking adequate personal protection equipment,   Medicare, auto, workMan’s coMp  and Most Major insurance accepted
      respirators, staff and rooms). The state unemployment
      compensation program was ill equipped to deal with          AdvAnced PhysicAl TherAPy AssociATes
      the unprecedented influx of new claims even with the
      supplemental funding provided by the federal government.
         Food insecurity, already an issue within our county, has
      become more critical. Were it not for the helping hands of our
      nonprofit agencies, the urgent needs of our residents could
      not be answered.
         A future tsunami of mortgage foreclosures and evictions
      for tenants who have been protected by the Governor’s                Nobody is Better at Helping You Get Better ...
      executive orders is likely to become a grim reality before
      the end of the year.                                                               *FREE Transportation Provided
         But evidence of the rebound from the pandemic is already                                For Qualified Patients
      apparent. Businesses are beginning to reopen, albeit under a   delray Beach                                                Boca raton
      new set of guidelines being implemented to avoid creating a   561-499-7099                                              561-417-3866
      new surge of infections impacting people vulnerable to the
                                                                                                                             5994 SW 18th St., D-7
      complications associated with the virus.                     5046 W. Atlantic Ave.                                  Between Powerline & Military Tr.
         The question is how the pandemic will change our lives.   SW Corner Atlantic and Military
      Some changes (wearing face coverings and eschewing                                                                                   Est. since 1997
      handshakes and hugs) will likely disappear, as people become
      more comfortable emerging from the government-imposed
         Other changes (Plexiglas dividers, heightened attention to
      the need to sanitize common surfaces and “social distancing”)              COSTA DEL SOL COMMUNITY
      are likely to remain a part of our environment -- at least until a
      large portion of our residents develop “herd immunity” (after
      recuperating from the disease) or receive a vaccination, once
      developed.                                                                                     BOCA POINTE
         The disruption COVID-19 has caused to our lives is likely
      to have long-term consequences. Distance learning, virtual
      meetings and working remotely have been embraced for their   HOUSE FOR  ANNUAL RENTAL
         Schools and universities will be challenged to develop a
      hybrid of distance learning to use facilities more effectively   Most Desirable Lennox Model on Lake
      while reintroducing personal contact between student and
         Employers and employees, having recognized the benefits           3 Bedrooms, 2-1/2 Bathrooms
      (and shortfalls) of allowing employees greater freedom to
      work remotely, are more apt to embrace the continuation
      of this practice as it reduces the stress of commuting while   Open concept • All Stainless Appliances
      prompting greater efficiencies in the allocation of business
      resources (e.g., space, equipment and real estate).   Your own Heated Swimming Pool and Spa (newly reconstructed) inside 30’ high enclosure.
         People will be less willing to accept crowded cityscapes in
                                                          All granite countertops in kitchen and bathrooms. Modem white cabinets in kitchen.
                                                          All real wood flooring throughout house (except bathrooms). Bathrooms all Travertine Marble walls & floors.

                                                          Recently painted throughout inside of house. 2-car garage. Accordion Hurricane Shutters throughout.
                                                          Hurricane Proof front door with Impact Glass. Garage door Hurricane Proof.
                    * ALL WORK WARRANTIED                 Many other features included. HOA handles all landscaping and sprinklers, outside painting of house, roof cleaning.
         FOR A PROMPT FREE ESTIMATE, CALL                 Country Club not mandatory, but many programs available for participation.
                       561 852 2664                       Available furnished or unfurnished. Availability June or July 2020.
                   REFERRALS UPON REQUEST
                   WE KEEP OUR APPOINTMENTS                                                                      CALL 561-289-3689
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