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      It’s Time To Learn, Know, And Understand, Part II

       By Harold Katz, R.Ph.                             protest. There were six days and nights of protest, with marches,      PFLAG (Parents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
                                                         speeches in nearby Christopher Park; property was damaged,      KESHET (Working for equality for Jewish LGBT people)
          The LGBT community                             cars were defaced, a few people were hurt, but thankfully, no      In 2016, President Obama designated the site of the riots,
       (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and                      one died as a result of this uprising. It ended after the Police   The Stonewall Inn, Christopher Park, and surrounding streets
       Trans-sexual) is well organized                   hierarchy apologized and promised better in-house training of   and sidewalks to be a National Monument in recognition of the
       today, but this was not always the                their personnel going forward.                    area’s contribution to gay rights. Today, the LGBT community
       case. The “touchstone” moment                        The Stonewall incident served as a catalyst for the LGBT   is a visible and audible force seeking for its members the same
       for this minority organization                    community to organize and to speak as one person. In unity   rights and privileges granted to all citizens in this country. These
       dates back to the late ‘60s. This                 there was strength. In the months to follow, Stonewall chapters   include free speech, equal protection, laws against anti-gay
       is their history:                                 were organized in several U.S cities, and distant countries,   initiatives, lodging discrimination, and many others.
          During that decade, and even                   including England, France, Japan, and Australia. Stonewall was      The more familiar we are with the problems of minorities, the
       before, the New York Police Department was tough on gays and   a galvanizing force for LGBT political activism; it was key to   easier it is to understand their needs. The time is now to learn, to
       lesbians. If a person wore three or more non-gender-conforming   the founding or strengthening of other gay rights organizations.   know and to understand this very diverse but cooperative group
       articles of clothing in public, he/she was subject to arrest. The   These included:                 amongst us, the LGBT community. More in the next issue of
       Greenwich Village area was a popular gathering place for      The Gay Liberation Front              ViewPointe. This writer invites your comments.
       LGBTs. They were comfortable amongst their own, just as,      The Human Rights Coalition
       for instance, Asians were more comfortable in the Chinatown      GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)     Harold Katz R.Ph., Edgewater Estates 
       area of New York. On June 28, 1969, New York City’s “finest”
       conducted a raid on the Stonewall Inn and Bar in Greenwich
       Village, a popular gathering place for LGBT people. The reason
       for the raid was legitimate. It seems that the bar was serving
       illegal (untaxed) liquor. Later substantiated was the fact that the
       bar and others were owned by mafia people, who ran this illegal
       operation. However, in the process of their gathering evidence
       and arresting management, they intentionally roughed up several
       of the customers, dragged them outside and arrested them. Other
       patrons objected verbally to this uncalled for savagery. Word
       got around quickly, and the whole neighborhood erupted in

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