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VOL. 22  NO. 7                                                                                JULY 2020

      ‘Wear The Bear. Show You Care.’ Campaign Extended

      Initiative Has Raised $150K For COVID-19 Relief                               For every $100 you donate, the Nicklaus Children’s
                                                                                  Health Care Foundation will match your donation, sending
        Helping children is not seasonal, and efforts to                          $200 to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. As a gesture of
      bring pediatric care to families in need certainly                          heartfelt thanks, you will receive the special hat.
      does not end after a holiday. So, after successfully                          “This pandemic has reminded us of the things we hold
      launching the “Wear the Bear. Show You Care.”                               dear, our families and our health,” said Barbara Nicklaus,
      campaign just prior to Father’s Day, Jack and                               founder and chair of the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care
      Barbara  Nicklaus  and  the  Nicklaus  Children’s                           Foundation. “As the threat continues, we want to make sure
      Health Care Foundation will extend the program to                           the professionals who risk their health to care for us have   Wear the Bear Hat (Photo
      continue raising money for the COVID-19 Relief                              the protective equipment they need to stay safe. We have to   courtesy of  Nicklaus
      Fund at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.                                       pull together to get through this challenge.”    Children’s Health Care
        The campaign has already raised $150,000 for                                Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is currently spending   Foundation)
      the COVID-19 Relief Fund at Nicklaus Children’s                             $20,000 a week to provide PPE for the staff. This expense is
      Hospital. As more states, including Florida, report                         expected to increase as the hospital implements a universal mask policy to protect patients,
      record-setting daily numbers of COVID-19 cases,                             workers and visitors. Funding from the “Wear the Bear. Show You Care.” campaign will
      the “first family of golf” and their foundation have                        help the hospital to continue its critical work, while safeguarding patients, their families and
      renewed their commitment to help protect health  Jack and Barbara Nicklaus (Photo by   health care workers.
      care workers, while sharing a message of hope  Tracey Benson Photography)     The “Wear the Bear. Show You Care.” campaign will continue through the crisis and as
      and healing.                                                                long as the need for PPE exists. Donations can be made on the Nicklaus Children’s Health
        The Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation and their headwear partners at AHEAD   Care Foundation website at
      USA created a limited-edition hat embroidered with the iconic Golden Bear wearing a     Jack and Barbara Nicklaus founded the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation in
      protective face mask and the words “Wear the Bear. Show You Care.” The popular hat is   2004 to provide world-class, pediatric care to children in Palm Beach County and beyond
      part of an initiative to fund the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other   – raising more than $125 million to date. The foundation supports Nicklaus Children’s
      needs for front-line health care workers.                                   Hospital, which has helped children from every state in the union and 119 countries.
      2020 Bigs And Littles Of                                                    25 United Cleans Up

      The Year For BBBS Of Palm                                                   Hobe Heights After Flooding

      Beach And Martin Counties                                                   By Jackie Holfelder

                                                                                    25 United is a nonprofit organization that was born out of the Treasure Coast Relief effort
      By Jackie Holfelder                                                         in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian wreaked its havoc.
        Every year, Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) honors two                      Under the leadership of Stephen Leighton, 25 United is dedicated to providing worldwide
      outstanding matches: Big Brother/Little Brother and Big Sister/             relief to areas impacted by a disaster, whether natural or man-made.
      Little Sister of The Year. The pairs are nominated to illustrate              Within the last several weeks, they didn’t have to travel far, as the Hobe Heights
      how mentoring relationships help Littles achieve their biggest              neighborhood was basically devastated by heavy rainfall and flooding in early June. Between
      possible futures and makes a long lasting affects the Big, too.             11 to 12 inches of rain fell in the area.
        After nominees are selected by local staff, their names                     Just a few days later – on June 11 – 25 United volunteers showed up in response to a
      and stories are submitted to a state association chair, who                 shoutout issued by Leighton.
      ultimately selects the state’s winning pair in each category.                 More than 300 people took only nine hours to clean up nine affected homes, removing
      These designees then go on to the national conference, where                waterlogged furniture, taking out ruined appliances and cabinets, stripping drywall and
      the annual winners are chosen.                                              baseboards, pulling up carpeting and padding and getting each house down to essentially
        In addition to these two important selections, BBBS of Palm               pad and studs.
      Beach & Martin Counties also nominates a Volunteer of the
      Year and Teen Big of the Year.                                              25 United Cleans Up on page 3
        In the local BBBS of Palm Beach & Martin Counties
      chapter, the 2020 winners are:
      • Big Brother of the Year: Lawrence Howell
      • Little Brothers: Zakai and Zamir
      • Big Sister of the Year: Jessica Grassi
                                                      Lawrence Howell with Zakai
      2020 Bigs And Littles on page 2                 and Zamir

                                                                                  Some of the 300 25 United volunteers who responded to the call to action in Hobe Heights
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