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VOL. 30 NO. 7                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                            JULY 2020

      PGA POA Jottings

      By Dawn Levinstein,                                NOTE: As of July 1, the cost of barcodes was increased   Improvement District is overseeing the project and they
      PGA POA                                            to $10 each. Last year when the supplier increased the cost,   anticipate the work will be completed in approximately 30 days.
         I hope everyone is doing                        the POA absorbed it but the price has gone up again so the      STORM SEASON: I can’t use the “H” Word but storm
      well. We are all leaning to                        Board had to increase the purchase price to cover the cost   season started June 1. Remember that only certain types of
      work remotely and the PGA                          of each barcode.                                  window protection can be closed for the whole season. If
      POA staff thanks you for your                         ASSESSMENTS: The annual assessment to PGA POA   you want to change your windows to Impact Glass or install
      patience and understanding. I                      was due July 1. The cost is again $740 per residential lot.   any type of storm protection, POA ARC approval is needed.
      just have a couple important                       Notices were mailed on June 1 so if you did not get the bill,   Call Lori at 561-627-2800 or go to for
      updates this month to share                        please contact the POA at (561) 627-2800 to get a duplicate.   information and procedures to get approval to install shutters,
      with you so I promise to be                        Many of the seasonal residents are still in Florida and the   panels or impact glass.
      brief. (Yes, I know I always                       package was sent to your official mailing address so give      GENERAL INFO: SALES and LEASE APPLICATION
      say that but seriously!):                          us a call if you need a duplicate. The Board of Governors   FORMS; ARC APPROVAL FORMS FOR EXTERIOR
         BARCODES: As most of you know, there is a new   recognizes that many property owners are in a difficult   CHANGES; DIRECTONS FOR GETTING A FISHING
      procedure for getting a barcode for your vehicle. Instructions   situation due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. If there is   LICENSE;  HOW TO  REACH YOUR  HOA/CONDO
      are at but in summary you must drop off   any reason you cannot pay your assessment immediately   MANAGEMENT COMPANY AND OTHER GENERAL
      a COPY of your vehicle registration and the fee payable to   please contact me at (561) 627-2800.    INFORMATION AND  THE ANSWERS  TO  MANY
      PGA POA. Do not give us your original registration; you      PAVING: As you know, Ryder Cup Blvd is presently being   QUESTIONS CAN BE FOUND ON THE PGA POA
      won’t get it back. Also, please remember to put a phone   paved and by the time you receive this, Coventry Lane paving   WEBSITE:
      number on the paperwork when you drop it off so we can   will begin. We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation      See, this article wasn’t too long, was it? Just one more
      call you to come by when we are able to attach the barcode.   with the flagmen and delays. Northern Palm Beach County   thing; and it’s important: Stay Safe!
      Commissioner’s Update

      Emergency Management –                             commissioners, the courts, constitutional officers, the school   response systems, improving outreach for the special needs
      Keeping Our Community Safe                         board, our state and federal legislative delegation, and to the   shelter application process, expanding emergency information
                                                                                                           outlets in multiple languages, increasing shelter staffing and
      And Resilient                                         Emergency Management plans include responses to three   expanding on our recovery plans.
                                                         main categories of hazards: natural – severe weather, floods,      Nearly 5,300 county personnel are enlisted upon activation
      By Commissioner Hal Valeche                        agricultural pests and diseases, fires, communicable diseases;   to man the emergency operations center, provide public
         Most of us likely equate                        technological – transportation, hazardous materials, nuclear   information, work shelters, and inspect and respond to
      emergency management with                          power plant, dike failure; and, human caused – domestic   damages in recovery efforts, and our employees have truly
      our annual hurricane season,                       security, workplace/school violence and mass migration.  stepped up to the plate, while handling responsibilities to
      and that has definitely been                          The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season was above average and   protect their own families.
      a major focus of this county                       2020 is forecast to be similar, with a projected 16 named storms,      This year, the challenge has doubled with addressing hurricane
      division within the Department                     eight hurricanes and four hurricanes greater than a category 3.  season accompanied by a pandemic, and shelter staffing and
      of Public Safety. This year, we                       With oceans warming, the intensity of hurricanes is   facilities may need to increase further due to COVID-19.
      have gained a painful lesson                       increasing. Last year, Hurricane Dorian, a category 5 and the   Emergency Management has analyzed this scenario to develop
      in another natural hazard, the                     fourth named storm of the 2019 season, made landfall on Sept. 1   complementary strategies. This includes evaluating the decision
      pandemic.                                          in Elbow Cay, Bahamas with maximum sustained winds of 185   process for evacuation; developing contingency plans for
         While the event of a                            mph. Dorian impacted the outer islands of the Northern Bahamas   congregate and non-congregate shelter options; providing
      hurricane from advisories, warnings, landfall and recovery   and devastated Grand Bahama Island and its surrounding islands.   additional screening and sanitizing efforts at all shelters;
      may require the activation of our Emergency Operations Center   After two days, it turned north, sparing Palm Beach County of   enhancing spacing and more frequent cleaning of shelters;
      (EOC) for a period of a few weeks, the COVID-19 emergency   its hurricane force winds, with only the outer bands brushing   evaluating staffing levels and available resources; and enhancing
      has spanned months, with ongoing long-term prevention, testing   South Florida.                      shelter capacity for the special needs population and pet shelters.
      and recovery efforts that will take us into an unknown future with      In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, 900 evacuees arrived      The Board of County Commissioners plays an important
      this new virus.                                    in Palm Beach County via the Paradise Cruise Line, needing   role to reinforce the EOC actions and priorities. We assist
         Palm Beach County’s Executive Policy Group (EPG)   housing and services. Those who did not have local family or   with federal declarations and work with lawmakers to activate
      leads the EOC Activation Organization through the County   friends were taken to a triage shelter at the PBC Therapeutic   FEMA programs, and advocate for federal assistance and
      Administrator, Verdenia Baker, who also serves as incident   Center in John Prince Park. From there, evacuees transitioned   reimbursement. We also disseminate public information to keep
      commander. The EPG includes the county mayor, county   to temporary shelters. We assisted 155 evacuees.  our residents advised and prepared to take protective actions.
      administration senior staff, public safety director, county      Many Palm Beach County residents and businesses have      As we do each year, we cannot stress enough the importance
      attorney, emergency management director, sheriff, fire rescue   relationships, properties and business partners in the Bahamas,   of planning for disasters and we encourage all businesses and
      administrator, and the Florida Department of Health Palm   and there was a strong push to help our neighbors in the Bahamas   residents to make this a priority. It may surprise you to know
      Beach County director. They also serve as liaisons to the county   recover. Many citizens, businesses, churches, municipalities   that 60 percent of households lack disaster readiness. Everyone
                                                                                 and nonprofit organizations   has a duty to be prepared. You need to know if you live in an
                                                                                 mobilized in response. County   evacuation area, and if so, where you will evacuate to within the
                                                                                 departments and agencies   county. If you are not in an evacuation area, you are encouraged
                                                                                 participated by conducting   to shutter and shelter in place. Make a kit, and keep it stocked.
                                                                                 a relief donation drive   Consider what arrangements you need to make for your pets or
                                                                                 contributing 14 truckloads   loved ones with special needs. You can find a wealth of helpful
                                                                                 and 500 pallets of supplies to   information at
                                                                                 the effort.                  As always, if there is any way I can assist you, please contact
                                                                                   Emergency Management    me at (561) 355-2201 or by email at
                                                                                 has continued to plan and   Remember, wash your hands, physically distance, and be safe
                                                                                 improve its emergency     and prepared.
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