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VOL. 30 NO. 8                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                        AUGUST 2020

      PGA/POA Jottings

      By Dawn Levinstein,                                   Assessments: The PGA POA annual assessment was   and  you  can  call  Lori  at  the  POA,  (561)  627-2800,  if
      PGA POA                                            due on July 1st. A grace period was extended until the   you have questions or need assistance. The ARC meets
      Hi Everyone,                                       end of July but if you have not paid by now, interest has   monthly so be sure to submit your request well before
         I can’t believe it’s been                       been posted and you will need to call the POA office to   you are ready to begin work. Also, the ARC is reviewing
      five months since the POA                          get the updated balance due. Anyone who cannot pay the   in excess of 100 applications each month so if you apply,
      office doors were locked                           assessment in full is urged to call the POA office to avoid   please don’t call right after the meeting to get the results:
      – it’s lonely in here! The                         eventual collection costs.                        It just slows us down and delays your receipt of the letter
      office functions were                                                                                advising of any conditions on the approval.
      never stopped (except for                             Parks: You’ve been very patient and understanding.      Storm season is upon us so trim your trees now;
      a one month postponement                           Until the County directives change, the POA parks will   don’t wait for a storm warning to be issued. Per the POA
      on new barcodes).  All                             remain closed. The Executive Orders changed for golf   Rules, contractors are required to remove any materials
      correspondence and                                 courses and public parks but the PGA POA parks are   they generate at the end of each work day. This is very
      application packages should still be delivered through   private. The playground equipment, gazebos, fitness trail   important with respect to landscaping debris since the
      the mail slot in the bottom of the office door. Please be   equipment and other areas of all PGA POA parks must   waste management trucks have limited room and no one
      sure to put it in the correct mail slot; a couple of owners   remain completely closed and use is prohibited; however,   wants to see a pile of vegetation sitting outside for days
      have tried to force open the sealed mail slot in the door   anyone wishing to walk in the parks is permitted to do so   and encroaching into the roadway. We know that rules
      immediately beside Hurricane Wings. The door to the POA   as long as no equipment or gazebos are used. Pets must,   are great – as long as they don’t impact what we want to
      lobby is clearly marked and we have placed “mail slot”   as always, remain on a leash and owners must clean up   do – but you purchased in a deed restricted community
      signs with arrows on the door to help (yes, sad but true).  after them.                              so your community is always looking good and we
         Last month I included information regarding the new                                               appreciate your help with that!
      barcode procedure and other changes that have been      Project time! This is a good time to get those ‘fix up’      In closing, please follow the County and City
      implemented due to the strange new world in which we   jobs done. Remember, if you are doing any exterior work,   requirements for safe distancing and masks. Remember
      find ourselves. All information is on the POA website,   POA ARC approval is required. The ARC application   to try to be patient and kind and please stay safe!                                   forms and directions can be found at
       Commissioner’s Update

      Yard Sense                                         allowable at the curb, and that major land clearing or   authority offers hurricane information to help residents
                                                         tree removal debris is not eligible for collection at the   understand best practices, addressing priorities after
      By Commissioner                                    curb and must be taken to a SWA facility for disposal. If   a storm passes, and other valuable tips at: https://swa.
      Hal Valeche                                        you hire a lawn care or tree trimming service, consider   org/408/For-Residents.
         Hurricane season signals                        contracting with them to haul away the debris. If you live     Additionally, Palm Beach County’s Cooperative
      a time for planning and                            within a municipality, check with your city officials to   Extension Service provides guidance on trimming and
      preparation. Staying vigilant                      confirm what their collection policies require.   pruning techniques, restoring trees after a hurricane and
      can help us minimize                                  When you have the vegetation squared away, clean   designing a more wind-resistant landscape. Links to
      property damage and make                           your yard of any items that could pose a danger in   this information, as well as phone numbers for asking
      our neighborhoods safer in                         hurricane force winds such as old lumber or broken lawn   hurricane-related and other landscaping questions, are
      the event of a storm.                              furniture and place it at the curb on your bulk waste   available at
         If you have not already                         collection day.                                   horticulture/Pages/Hurricanes-and-Your-Landscape.aspx.
      done  so,  now  is  the  time                         In 2017, Hurricane Irma left almost 3 million cubic      I hope that these tips will help you stay prepared. For
      to complete your major                             yards of vegetative debris on the ground, which took   overall hurricane preparedness recommendations, visit
      vegetation and tree trimming. Once a storm threatens, it   three months and cost more than $30 million to collect
      is too late. Haulers cannot guarantee debris pickup when   and dispose. If we can keep up with regular yard and      As always, if there is any way I can assist you, please
      a storm is approaching because there is not enough staff,   tree maintenance, it will help lessen the amount of debris   contact me at (561) 355-2201 or by email at hvaleche@
      equipment or time to collect and dispose of large amounts   that must be collected and deposited following a storm Remember, stay safe and be prepared.
      of debris; and, as wind speeds increase, trucks cannot   and shorten the time of
      safely travel the roads.                           recovery efforts.
         Palm Beach County’s Solid Waste Authority (SWA)      SWA coordinates with                                           Sales and Lease
      recommends that your trimming include cutting back trees   the Emergency Operations
      and weak branches that could contact buildings. Also, thin   Center to monitor a storm’s                             Application forms;
      your foliage so that the wind can flow freely through the   potential path to decide if                             ARC Approval forms
      branches, decreasing the chance that trees or plants will   facilities have to close or
      uproot. Keep in mind that in the unincorporated areas,   if they have to suspend                                    for exterior changes;
      six cubic yards is the maximum amount of yard waste   collection  services. The                                     Directions for getting
                                                                                                                            a Fishing License;

                                                                                                                            how to reach your
                                                                                        HOA/Condo Management Company and other
                                                                                         general information and the answers to many
                                                                                                   questions can be found on the
                                                                                              PGA POA website:
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