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VOL. 28 NO. 8                                                                              AUGUST 2020

                                                           Southern Spotlight

                                        Wounded Veterans Relief Fund

                      Fourth Annual Dive For Freedom Shark Dive

        Wounded Veterans Relief Fund is a
      nonprofit organization which exists to
      provide emergency financial support
      to qualified disabled veterans living
      in Florida. Saving lives and keeping
      families together is our mission.
      On Independence Day,  Wounded
      Veterans Relief Fund took combat
      and purple heart veterans out for the
      fourth annual “Dive for Freedom”
      shark dive with the “shark addicts”
      located  in  Jupiter,  Fla.  The  Palm
      Beach Sheriff’s Department did a fly
      by  with their helicopter to  kick  off
      the dive prior to the veterans getting
      in the water. Here are photos from the

      Southern Spotlight on page 2     Mike under water with the American flag

                                    loggerhead newS                                                                 Charity newS

      Loggerhead Marinelife Center Invests In  Susan G. Komen

         Its Leadership To Support Long-Term                                                                Florida Recruiting

           Planning For The Expanded Campus                                                                 BigWigs Campaign

        Center Appoints Jack E. Lighton As Senior Advisor And Promotes Caitlin

                         Farmer And Tim Hannon As Co-Interim CEOs                                             It’s all about having
                                                                                                            fun and raising funds
        As Loggerhead Marinelife Center (LMC) prepares to   class sea turtle and ocean                      and Susan G. Komen
      open its newly expanded facility in early 2021, the center has   conservation institution,”           F lorida’s  BigWigs
      announced investing in its leadership to enhance operations   said Lynne L. Wells, LMC                campaign does both
      and focus on the institution’s strategy and vision. Effective   Board chairman. “Jack is              while  helping  in  the
      July 1, Jack E. Lighton will be appointed as senior advisor   methodical and passionate               fight against breast
      and Caitlin Farmer and Tim Hannon will be promoted as   about our future and I look                   cancer. The organization
      co-interim CEOs.                                   forward to working with                            is proud to once again
        “We entrusted Jack with our center’s mission nearly eight   him to deploy his proven                host their BigWigs
      years ago, and in that time, he has completely transformed   expertise for our long-term              fundraising campaign
      LMC. Thanks to Jack’s leadership, LMC is now a world-  success.                                       and invites area business
                                                                                                            and community leaders
                                                                                                            t o  j o i n  i n  r a i si ng  Chief Michael Gregory
                                                                                                            awareness and funds
                                                                                 Jack E. Lighton            during a friendly competition that runs from
                                                                                                            September 21 through Oct. 31.
                                                                                   Und e r L i g ht on’ s     Throughout  the  competition,  BigWigs  will  work
                                                                                 leadership, the nonprofit has   to encourage friends and colleagues to support
                                                                                 experienced catalytic growth   their efforts of raising funds for lifesaving breast
                                                                                 and has become the world’s
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                                                                                 Loggerhead News on page 2
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